Alahednews Alahednews Spain: Socialists Win General Vote, Right-Wing Vox Surges to Third Place Spain’s Socialist party claimed the highest number of votes in Spain’s general election on Sunday, the final results rolled out overnight show. Riots Flare Up in Barcelona as Catalonia’s General Strike Gains Momentum Riots began in one of the streets in the downtown of Barcelona near the National Police building. Barcelona Unrest Continues As Pro-Independence Catalan Leaders Jailed Unrest continues to grip Barcelona after Spain jails pro-independence Catalan leaders. Spanish Court Jails 9 Catalan Separatist Leaders Spanish court jails 9 Catalan separatist leaders for sedition while Puigdemont remains in exile. Spanish Air Force Pilot Killed as Military Plane Crashes in Mediterranean The C-101 was on a training flight near an airbase outside the town of San Javier. Barcelona Authorities Warn of ‘Security Crisis’ as Violence Flares Amid Tourist Season Barcelona police officers admitted that they could no longer guarantee the safety of tourists. Spanish Parliament Suspends Jailed Catalan Leaders’ Rights Spanish parliament suspends jailed Catalan leaders’ rights as lawmakers. Catalonia Protesters Burn Tires, Block Highways over Separatist Trial Catalan protesters burned tires and tried to block highways across northeast Spain over the trial of 12 separatist political leaders. Boat Carrying 300+ Migrants Rescued Off Libya Reaches Spain A charity rescue boat carrying 311 mainly African migrants plucked off Libya entered Spanish waters Friday morning and was set to berth in a southern Police Clash with Catalan Separatists in Barcelona Police clashed with Catalan separatists in downtown Barcelona. Spain Pushes for European Recognition of Palestine Spain will promote a European move to recognize Palestine as an independent state. Money Talks: Spain to ‘Honor’ Arms Sale to Saudi Arabia despite Rights Groups Outcry! The sudden U-turn comes just 10 days after Spain confirmed that it already began to cancel a 2015 contract between the two countries Spain Cancels €9.2mn Arms Deal to Saudis Spain cancels sale of 400 bombs to Saudi Arabia amidst Saudi-led coalition’s recent slaughter of Yemeni children. Spanish, Catalan Leaders Meet To Breach Gap over Secession The new heads of Spain’s central and Catalonia’s regional governments held talks for the first time since yearnings for independence. EU Border Agency Chief: Spain May Be New Migrant Hotspot EU Border Agency Chief warned that Spain might be new migrant hotspot. Spanish City Calls Gov’t to End Arms Trade with ’Israel’, Declare Officials as ’Persona non Grata’ Councilors at the city of Pamplona, the capital of the Navarre province in northern Spain, have called on the Spanish government to stop its arms trad Spain Offers To Take In Stranded Migrant Ship Spain offered to take in the ship stranded in the Mediterranean with 629 migrants aboard after Italy and Malta refused to let the vessel dock. Sanchez to Be Sworn In As New Spanish PM Spanish Socialist leader Pedro Sanchez will be sworn in as prime minister. Spain’s Parliament Ousts PM Over Corruption Charges The Spanish parliament ousted Rajoy and named Socialist leader Sanchez as new PM. Barcelona Endorses Call for a Comprehensive Military Embargo on «Israel» Barcelona has become the largest city yet to endorse the Palestinian call to stop arming ’Israel’. Thousands Demand Release of Independence Leaders in Barcelona Hundreds of thousands demanded the release of independence leaders in Barcelona. Spain to Sell Warships to Saudi Arabia Spain signs $2.2 billion framework deal to sell warships to Saudi Arabia. Former Catalan Leader Released after Paying $91K Bail Former Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont was released from a German prison after paying a bail of $91566 USD. German Court Keeps Former Catalan Leader Puigdemont in Custody A German court has kept former Catalan President Carles Puigdemont in custody pending possible extradition to Spain to face ’rebellion’ charges. Catalonia’s Ex-Leader Puigdemont to Be Brought before Judge in Germany Catalonia’s former president, Carles Puigdemont, was to be brought before a court in Germany.