Alahednews Alahednews N Korea Says US Should Completely Halt – Not Suspend Joint Drills with Seoul North Korea said the US should completely halt joint drills with Seoul instead of suspending them. North Korea Will Not Offer Trump Anything Without Receiving In Return North Korea will not offer US President Donald Trump anything to brag about without receiving anything in return. Koreas: North Censures Planned US-South Military Drills North Korea strongly denounced Washington for plans to conduct a joint military exercise with Seoul next month. N Korea Criticizes «Hostile Policy» As US Diplomat Visits S Korea North Korea accused the US of failing to show flexibility after talks broke down. North Korea Launches Unidentified Projectile toward Sea of Japan South Korean said 2 unidentified objects were fired towards the sea to its east. Koreas: South’s Moon Ups Military Spending, Urges North to Talk Moon said Seoul would increase military spending and urged the North to return to dialogue in a budget speech Tuesday. North Korea ‘May Reconsider Steps to Build Trust with US’ North Korea said on Thursday its patience has limits and it could reverse steps to build trust with the United States. North Korea: ’No Intention’ To Continue Talks If US Hostilities Continue North Korea said Sunday it has ’no intention’ to continue nuclear talks unless the United States takes steps to end hostilities. N Korea Says Missile Test Was «New» Submarine-Based Launch North Korea says its latest weapons test was of a submarine-launched ballistic missile that marked a ’new phase’ in its defense capability. Typhoon Mitag: Six killed in Southern Parts of S Korea Six people were killed when typhoon Mitag passed through South Korea. North Korea Launches ‘Unidentified Projectiles’ Hours after Agreeing To Resume Nuke Talks with US The Japanese coast guard and the South Korean military detected launching several unidentified missiles from North Korea. Stick and Carrot: North Korea Fires 2 Missiles, Calls for Talks with US North Korea fired two ’unidentified projectiles’ toward the sea. S Korea Typhoon Leaves Thousands without Electricity, Suspends Hundreds of Flights Typhoon Lingling leaves thousands of South Korean homes without electricity and suspends hundreds of flights. North Korea Fires 2 More Unidentified Projectiles Seawards North Korea launched two “unidentified projectiles” toward the ocean off its eastern coast. North Korea Calls Pompeo “Diehard Toxin” Says Ready for Dialogue or Standoff with US North Korea’s top diplomat said that Pompeo was a ’diehard toxin’ who only complicates denuclearization talks. South Korea to Terminate Intel-Sharing Pact with Japan South Korea to terminate intel-sharing pact with Japan amid reparations dispute. North Korea’s Kim Oversaw The Test-firing of New Weapon Again North Korean leader Kim Jong Un oversaw the test-firing of a new weapon again on Friday morning. S Korea’s Moon Vows to Seek Reunification with N Korea by 2045 South Korean President Moon Jae-in vowed to reunite with North Korea by 2045. S Korea to Remove Japan from List of Countries with Preferential Trade Treatment The South Korean Ministry of Trade announced plans to remove Japan from its ’white list’. Kim’s Solemn Warning: Two ’Unidentified Projectiles’ into Sea of Japan North Korea conducted the latest in a series of missile launches Saturday to protest US-South Korean war games. North Korea Threatens More Launches after Fourth Test in 12 Days North Korea threatened Tuesday to carry out more weapons tests after it fired its fourth set of projectiles in less than two weeks. Kim Oversees Launch of New Guided Rocket System Pyongyang successfully test-fired a new type of guided missile. North Korea Tests More Missiles despite Efforts at Diplomatic Solutions North Korea fired two short-range ballistic missiles early on Wednesday South Korea to Send Warship to Strait of Hormuz after US Call to Join Anti-Iran Coalition – Reports South Korea is planning to send an advanced warship to the Strait of Hormuz in August in response to a request from the United States. S Korea Asks Japan to Refrain From Putting Country Off Trade Whitelist South Korea urges Japan to refrain from taking country off its whitelist.