Alahednews Alahednews Evo Morales Resigns as Bolivian President Morales resigned shortly after the military urged him to do so. Bolivian Police Joins Opposition As Crisis Mounts Police in three Bolivian cities joined anti-government protests Friday, in one case marching with demonstrators in La Paz. Brazil’s Ex-President Lula da Silva Freed from Prison Former President of Brazil Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was released from prison on Friday after a judge order. Chile: Thousands Protest To Maintain Pressure on Government Around a thousand women on Friday demanded justice for those killed and injured during the last two weeks of social unrest in Chile. Mexico Drug Wars: Fighting Erupts As El Chapo’s Son Goes Free Mexican security forces flee after cartel gunmen launch WAR to release El Chapo’s son at drug lord’s bastion Culiacan. Venezuelan Army to Stay Deployed at Colombian Border after Military Drills Maduro said Venezuelan military would remain deployed along the border with neighboring Colombia. Hurricane Dorian: Death Toll Rises to 43, Expected to Climb “Significantly” The death toll from Hurricane Dorian’s devastating rampage across the Bahamas rose to 43. Maduro Accuses Colombia of Seeking to Provoke Conflict with Venezuela Maduro accused Colombia of using dissident FARC leaders’ rejection of a peace accord to provoke conflict with Venezuela. Bolsonaro Bans Land-clearing Fires in Amazon for 60 Days Bolsonaro banned the use of fire to clear land throughout the country for 60 days. Honduras Recognizes Al-Quds as “Israel’s” Capital Honduran President will travel to “Israel” to inaugurate a ’diplomatic office’ in al-Quds. Venezuela Turns To European Cash after US Sanctions Venezuelans struggling with hyperinflation and a deep economic crisis are turning to a new form of payment: euros in cash. Amazon Wildfires: Brazil, France Clash over Burning Rainforest Brazil’s president has accused other countries of interfering as they express fears for the burning Amazon rainforest. Venezuelan President Maduro Confirms Months of Secret US Talks Maduro confirmed that top Venezuelan officials have been talking to members of US President Donald Trump’s White House. Guatemala Election Winner Hopes to Change Trump Migrant Deal The winner of Guatemala’s presidential election said he hopes to change Trump’s migrant deal. Maduro Has Evidence That Bolton Masterminded His 2018 Murder Attempt Maduro says he has evidence that Bolton masterminded his assassination in 2018. Trump Freezes All Venezuelan Government Assets in Bid to Pressure Maduro Trump imposed a freeze on all Venezuelan government assets in the United States on Monday. Maduro: Venezuela ‘Ready For Battle’ If Trump Imposes Blockade Maduro said his country was “prepared for battle” if the US imposes a quarantine. Trump Considering ’Blockade’ or ‘Quarantine’ Of Venezuela Trump made the off-hand remark, which may mean tons of additional hardship for the people of crisis-hit Venezuela. Brazil Prison Riot: Mass Decapitations as At Least 52 Killed Sixteen prisoners decapitated as dozens killed in mass jail uprising. Venezuela: Massive Power Outage Could Be Caused by Electromagnetic Attack, Minister Says Venezuelan Minister of Popular Power for Communication and Information Jorge Rodriguez confirmed that the country was facing a massive power outage, a Pompeo Lists Every Nation That ’Must Leave’ Venezuela, Except One Pompeo claimed that foreign nations [Russia, China, Iran, and Cuba] must stay clear of Venezuela. Zarif Heads to Caracas: US’ Excessive Demands will Get it Nowhere Zarif stressed that the United States “will get nowhere with its excessive demands” from Tehran. Guaido Says Venezuela Opposition, Gov’t Will Resume Talks in Barbados Dialogue between Venezuela’s opposition and Maduro’s government will resume in Barbados. Maduro Calls for Dialogue on Venezuelan Independence Day Maduro uses Venezuelan Independence Day to call for dialogue. Bolton Hails Sanctions for ‘Severing Ties’ Between Cuba and Venezuela Bolton vowed to “sever ties” between Havana and Caracas with sanctions on oil and other exports.