Alahednews Alahednews Over 30 Trapped in Eastern German Mine after Explosion Over 30 are believed to be blocked inside a safety area after a blast at a mine in Germany. Germany Warns EU of Refugee Wave Bigger Than 2015 Germany warns EU of refugee wave bigger than 2015 if it fails to take action. German-US Relations Sink to All-time Low Relations between Germany and the United States have sunk to an all-time low over disagreements on political and economic issues. Merkel Says She Can Do the Job of Chancellor amid Health Concerns Angela Merkel says she can do the job of chancellor amid health concerns over shaking episodes. Germany Angered as Austria Moves to Restrict Access to Country Roads Germany’s state of Bavaria and Austria have found themselves at odds about the cross-border transportation issue. Merkel Agrees to Boost German Military Spending Amid Trump’s Pressure Merkel has announced that Berlin will boost its defense spending next year in line with a gradual increase. Report: US Pushes Germany to Remain in Syria for Spy, Training Missions Washington has reportedly tried to persuade Berlin to stay to assist in a safe zone in northern Syria. Germany Tightens Deportation Rules, Attempts to Lure Skilled Migrants The new regulations aiming to make deportations easier were approved by the German Bundestag. German Parliament Snubs Bill To Consider Hezbollah ‘Terrorist’ The German Parliament rejected on Thursday a bill by the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party to ban Hezbollah’s all wings. German Chancellor Denies Coalition Instability despite SPD Crisis Merkel insisted Monday that a crisis strangling her junior coalition partner SPD would not distract the government from its work. Germany Slams US Envoy’s Statement on Gas, Says It is Not Washington’s Colony Head of the Bundestag Committee on Economic Affairs and Energy stated that US sanctions against Russian and German companies are unacceptable. German Gov’t Unveils Reworked Immigration Law, Faces Onslaught of Critics Angela Merkel’s government presented a long-awaited bill related to the immigration of skilled workers. German Media: Germany-US Friendship is «in Shreds» The cancellation of Pompeo’s trip to the US sparked speculations about US-German relations failing apart. Merkel Promises Aid to Fight Takfiris in Burkina Faso Merkel promised aid to strengthen security in jihadist-hit Burkina Faso. German Chancellor Merkel’s CDU Party Slumps in Poll The popularity rating of Merkel’s CDU party has plummeted to below 30 percent. Merkel Favors Giving UK ’Reasonable Amount of Time’ to Resolve Brexit Merkel said the UK should be given a reasonable amount of time to work out its exit from the EU. Germany: 20 Students Injured After Bus Accident A public bus with 28 passengers between the ages of 12 and 57 on board crashed into a tree on Tuesday. German Party Urges Parliament to Order US Envoy’s Expulsion over Interference Trump’s emissary Richard Grenell has evoked discontent in Germany with remarks some considered blatant blackmail. Germany Refuses to Recognize Guaido’s Envoy as Ambassador The German government refuses to recognize Guaido’s envoy as ambassador. Germany Extends Ban on Saudi Arms Sales Germany will retain its ban on the export of weapons to Saudi Arabia at least until October. Merkel Sets Condition for EU to Approve Brexit Extension German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Brussels could approve a short delay to Brexit so long as Britain’s Parliament passes a twice-rejected withdra Germany Extends Arms Sales Ban on Saudi Arabia for additional Month Maas said Germany decided to extend the arms embargo against Saudi Arabia until the end of March. Germany Wants to Expand INF Treaty to China, After US Already Buried It Germany says Russia should get China to join the INF treaty which has already been ditched by the US. German Conservative Leader Takes Aim at SPD over Saudi Arms Embargo The new leader of Germany’s ruling Christian Democrats argued SPD of jeopardizing Germany’s defense industry. German Police: No Sign of Terrorism in Munich Shooting Police said that there were no indications the shooting in Munich was a terrorist attack.