Alahednews Alahednews Erdogan: Turkey Will Not Abandon S-400 Erdogan said if the US stance on the F-35 jets persists, Turkey will have to seek other alternatives for its defense needs. Turkey Rejects US Resolution on «Armenian Genocide» Turkey says US House’s decision to call the Armenian killings ’genocide’ has no historical or legal basis. Pence, Pompeo head to Turkey for Ceasefire Talks Pence and Pompeo were scheduled to hold talks on Thursday with Erdogan, although he said he will not meet them. Trump Warns Turkey of ’Devastating’ Sanctions If Talks with US Were Not Successful “If they don’t, the sanctions, tariffs other things that we’re doing - will do and are doing - to Turkey will be devastating to Turkey’s econo Turkey Not to Stop Syria Op despite US «Threats» of Shutting Down Ankara’s Economy Erdogan says Turkey ‘won’t stop’ operation in northern Syria despite ‘threats’ as US warns it can ‘shut down’ Ankara’s economy Russia, US Veto European Statement on Turkey’s Syria Aggression Russia and the US vetoed a European statement against Turkey’s invasion of northern Syria. Ankara Accuses US of Supplying PKK/YPG with «Sophisticated» Weapons Turkey FM Cavusoglu accuses the US of supplying PKK and YPG with “sophisticated” weapons. Turkish Lira Weakens after Turkey’s Military Incursion in Syria Investors fretted about negative international reaction to a military incursion launched by Turkish troops in northeast Syria overnight. Erdogan Aide Vows Turkish Offensive in Syria «Shortly» Erdogan vowed a military operation in northern Syria in the coming days, after US announced it would pull military assets out of the region. Turkish Presidency: Erdogan to Visit US in November at Trump’s Invitation Erdogan has accepted Trump’s invitation to visit the United States as early as next month. Erdogan: Turkey Will Continue Trade with Iran despite US Sanctions Threat Ankara will not stop buying oil and natural gas from Iran despite threats of economic penalties from Washington. Turkey Summons Lebanon’s Envoy to Ankara The Turkish Foreign Ministry summoned Lebanon’s ambassador to Ankara. Turkish Minister: Iranian Tanker Headed To Lebanon, Not Turkey Turkish Foreign Minister said the Iranian oil tanker was headed for Lebanon, and not Turkey. Turkey, Iran Ready for Closer Ties in All Areas Iran and Turkey say both countries are prepared for development of relations. Turkey to Turn Elsewhere If US Will Not Sell F-35s - Erdogan Erdogan said on Friday that Turkey would turn elsewhere for fighter jets if the United States will not sell it the F-35 jets. Turkey Completes First Shipment of Russian S-400s The first shipment of Russian S-400 missile systems to Turkey has been completed. Turkish President Faces New Threat Erdogan now risks losing more voters as former allies stick their head above the parapet. Turkish Defense Firms ‘May Face Temporary Losses But Will Emerge Stronger after F-35 Removal’ Turkish defense companies may face temporary losses after a US decision to remove Ankara from the F-35 fighter jet program. Fifteen Migrants Killed In Southeastern Turkey Bus Crash Fifteen illegal migrants were killed and more than 20 injured in a minibus crash in southeast Turkey on Thursday. Ankara: 8th Aircraft with S-400 Components Arrive in Turkey Eighth aircraft with Russian S-400 air defense system parts arrives in Turkey. Erdogan: US Should Do What Strategic Partnership Entails Erdogan said NATO “should be happy” that a member state was beefing up security. Russia Delivers More Air Defense Equipment to Turkey Russia flew a fresh shipment of advanced air defense equipment to Turkey on Saturday. Turkey Receives First Shipment of S-400 despite US Threats Turkey said it received the first delivery of Russia’s S-400 missile defense system. Erdogan Meets Head of Libya’s UN-Supported Gov’t Erdogan meets Libyan Prime Minister Fayez Sarraj in Tripoli. Turkey Sacks Central Bank Governor Turkey dismissed sacked the governor of its central bank and replaced him with his deputy.