Alahednews Alahednews Ansarullah Official Vows to Support Brothers in Lebanon, Palestine in any Future Confrontation Houthi noted that the enemy is not very interested in normalizing ties with fugitive president Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi. Yemen’s Mud-brick Palace ‘At Risk of Collapse’ The palace is the latest Yemeni heritage site at risk from floods which have killed many local people. Ansarullah Leader: US, France Responsible for The Recent Attack on Islam, Muslims Sayyed al-Houthi made the remarks at a televised speech broadcast live from the Yemeni capital of Sana’a on Monday evening. Ansarullah Ready to Exchange All Prisoners with Ex-Yemeni Government Ansarullah captured al-Subaihi in March 2015. Ansarullah Releases Two US Prisoners in Exchange For 200 Yemeni Detainees The Wednesday swap apparently involved Saudi Arabia and Oman, which frequently plays the role of broker in the region. Head of Supreme Political Council Condemns Continued Seizure of Fuel Ships Destined to Yemen Al-Mashat further called for denouncing the aggression forces’ continued seizure of fuel ships. Yemeni Health Minister: Coalition Preventing Entry of Medical Devices, Exacerbating the Suffering of Thousands of Patien Yemen is witnessing a record increase in cases of brain and nerve deformities due to poisonous weapons. Yemen Army Continues to Make Gains in Marib Scores of the militants were killed and injured during the operations. Yemen’s Ansarullah Slams Awarding 2020 Nobel Peace Prize to WFP Ansarullah movement has censured the WFP over failing to stop famine in the war-ravaged country. Yemeni Ansarullah Praises UN’s Ceasefire Call in Hudaydah despite Saudi Violations Yemen’s Ansarullah lauds UN envoy’s call for ceasefire in Hudaydah despite Saudi violations. Twitter Fears Voice of Truth, Suspends Yemen’s Al-Masirah Network Accounts The Yemeni news outlet called all the free people for the widest campaign of solidarity against the paid targeting it is being subject to. Documents Reveal Former Yemeni Government’s Ties With ‘Israeli’ Regime The ‘Israeli’ official met with military and security leaders and relatives of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh. Hundreds of Sudanese Troops Enter Saudi Arabia Heading to Yemen: Report The first plane held 123 passengers and the second 128, the source said, adding that both planes later departed for Khartoum. Saudi Rulers, Trump Sentenced to Death Over Roles In 2018 Massacre of Yemeni Kids A Yemeni court handed down death penalties to 10 people over their involvement in the massacre of dozens of Yemeni students two years ago. Journos Gather ‘War Crime’ Evidence at Scene of Saudi-led Airstrike in Yemen “There’s already growing controversy over why Britain is still supporting the campaign.” Yemen Prisoner Swap Deal Reached According to Stockholm Agreement Abdulsalam indicated that the Prisoners and Detainees Committee concluded the first phase agreement. Ansarullah Dares Saudi King to Directly Face Iran If He Has Scores to Settle Chairman of Yemen’s Supreme Revolutionary Committee Mohammed-Ali al-Houthi made the remarks in a sarcastic tweet on Friday. UN Slashes Healthcare in Yemen Due To ‘Lack of Funding’ The UN’s humanitarian coordinator for Yemen, said only $1bn of the $3.2bn necessary had been received. Ansarullah Spox: “Israel” Won’t Engage in Regional Confrontation As Long As KSA, UAE Fight on Its Behalf Ansarullah spokesman said that “Israel” won’t engage in any military confrontation in the ME as long as Riyadh and Abu Dhabi act as its proxies. Yemeni Resistance Strikes Abha International Airport in Saudi Arabia’s Asir Region The domestically-developed Sammad-3 attack drones were used during the operation. Famine Threat Returns To Yemen, Amid Upsurge in Fighting This year only 30 per cent of promised donations have come through. Ansarullah Leader: ‘Israel’ Preparing to Operate in Yemen in Cooperation with Coalition of Aggression The Yemeni resistance is ready to continue confronting the Saudi-led aggression on Yemen. Eight Million Yemeni Children Out Of School - UNICEF “Countless childhoods have been lost in this five-year war and we fear we will lose many more as Covid-19 spreads.’ Yemeni Resistance Targets Saudi Capital, Vows More Painful Operations ’This targeting comes in response to the continued escalation by the enemy and its continued blockade against our dear nation.’ Yemen’s Fire to Be Continued: Qasef 2k Drones Strike Sensitive Military Targets in Saudi Abha Airport Yemen has been under a brutal Saudi-led military aggression since March 2015.