Alahednews Alahednews Yemeni Army: Strategic Bayda Province Fully Liberated The operation primarily targeted the remnants of al-Qaeda and Daesh terrorist groups which are cooperating with the Saudi-led forces. Recent Saudi Strikes Kill Five Yemeni Civilians Saudi warplanes conducted nearly two dozen airstrikes against residential neighborhoods across Yemen on Tuesday evening. Yemeni Defense Minister: No Invader Will Remain on Yemen’s Soil The defense minister congratulated the great victories against the forces of the US-Saudi aggression and mercenaries. Yemeni Resistance Reveals Details of Operation ’Severe Punishment’ Against Saudi Aggressors In Marib Badr, Nakal, Qassem, Zolfikar, and Quds2-type missiles were used during the series of operations. Yemeni Resistance Targets Saudi Depth in Yet Another Retaliatory Operation The war has left hundreds of thousands of Yemenis dead. Yemeni Resistance Downs Saudi Spy Drone Over Saada The drone was targeted while carrying out hostile acts over the Kitaf wa al-Boqee district of the province. Ansarullah Warns Aggressors of Retribution after Brutal Murder of Yemeni Youth Abdul Malik al-Sanabani had returned to his homeland to visit his family in Sanaa after years of studying in the US. Saudi Raids on Yemen Caused More Than 18k Civilian Casualties Since 2015 The war has deteriorated largely into a stalemate leading to the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. Negotiator: Yemen War Would Have Ended In First Year without US Support The remarks by Abdul Malik al-Ajri came after US Secretary of State claimed that Yemen’s retaliatory attacks were prolonging the war. Yemeni Resistance Deals Heavy Blow To Aggressors: 16 Drones, Ballistic Missiles Target Saudi Depth The spokesman stressed that Yemeni forces successfully hit their targets in both attacks. Ansarullah Leader: Saudi Arabia Working Undoubtedly Hand In Glove with US, ‘Israel’ Against Muslims The Ansarullah chief noted that the US and ’Israel’ are the main beneficiaries of the ongoing Saudi-led military onslaught against Yemen. Yemen Defense Forces Not Far From Recapturing Whole Marib - Report The Yemeni forces “are not far from” reestablishing Sanaa’s sovereignty over the city, Yemeni media sources noted. Ansarullah Urges US, Saudis to Prepare Plan to Retreat from Yemen after Afghanistan The Saudi kingdom is stuck in a costly quagmire, with Yemeni forces conducting retaliatory operations against Saudi targets. Millions in Yemen on Brink of Famine, UN Warns Back in April, the number of Yemenis facing an emergency food shortage was around 3.6 million. Yemen’s Supreme Political Council: War Coalition Plunders Over 85% of Oil, Gas Revenues Mashat said the war coalition countries are seeking to increase the suffering of the Yemeni citizens through their economic war. Ansarullah Leader: US Withdrawal from Afghanistan Indicates Its Failure in Our Region The Yemeni nation strongly supports the Palestinian cause and Palestinians’ legitimate struggle to liberate their territories, Sayyed al-Houthi said Supreme Political Council: Sanaa Waiting for Positive UN Response to New Yemeni Peace Initiative Sanaa is said to be waiting for a positive UN approach to the new peace initiative to end fighting in Yemen. Yemeni Army, Allies to Seize Control over Marib If Pro-Hadi Militants Dismiss Truce The Yemeni army troops and allies are now in control of 85% of the province. US Preventing Political Solution in Yemen – National Delegation Abdul Salam stressed on Wednesday that the United States is preventing a political solution in Yemen from being reached. Yemen Doesn’t Count on New Envoy as UN Bound by Washington’s Agenda – National Delegation UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Friday named Swedish diplomat Hans Grundberg as his new Yemen envoy. Ansarullah Leader Renews Offer to Release Saudi Officers for the Freedom of Palestinians Held in KSA Saudis say they consider helping the Palestinian resistance a punishable crime, Sayyed al-Houthi stated. Yemenis Hold Massive Rally in Protest at US-backed Saudi Blockade, Persisting Economic Hardships Such measures have a crushing impact on the humanitarian situation in the country. Veteran Yemeni General Takes Command in Marib, Al-Bayda Provinces, Dealing Heavy Blow to Saudis The development turned the tide against the Saudi coalition. Yemen Siege Must Be Removed Unconditionally In Order For Peace to Prevail - Ansarullah The war has left hundreds of thousands of Yemenis dead, and displaced millions more. Raisi Receives Ansarullah Delegation: Yemen’s Fate Can’t Be Decided by Outsiders Iran and Yemen are standing up to the world’s arrogant powers on a common axis.