Alahednews Alahednews Yemeni Coastguard Seizes Saudi Ship, Two Others in Yemen’s Regional Waters – Statement The crews of the seized ships didn’t respond to the patrol after they were called via the international channel 16. With Collapse of Health System, Yemen Struggles to Contain Disease Outbreaks WHO warned that Yemen’s economy is in tatters and its health care system in a state of near total collapse. US, UK and France Supported 72 Saudi War Crimes on Yemen - NYT Report The Yemen Archive said that the Saudi-led coalition was responsible for 72 attacks, a report published by the New York Times reported. Yemen’s Ansarullah Condemns «Israeli» Assassination of Islamic Jihad Cmdr. The Yemeni Ansarullah slams “Israel” for the assassination of Palestinian Islamic Jihad commander. Yemen’s Health Minister Declares Internal State of Emergency to Combat Vectors of Dengue, Malaria The dengue cases in the country hit around 116,000 cases in 2019 alone. Ansarullah Leader Warns ‘Israelis’ about Yemenis’ Determination to Respond to Attacks against Yemen Sayyed al-Houthi stressed that the Yemeni people will not hesitate to deal a stinging blow to ‘Israel’ in case the Tel Aviv regime commits the fol Trump Administration Could Bring Yemen War to End - The American Conservative ’There is, however, one war that Trump can still help end. The war in Yemen may seem distant to most Americans, but its humanitarian and strategic Yemeni Air Force Shoots Down Saudi-led Spy Drone off Najran The Yemeni air force and allies shot down the drone over al-Sawh area of the region, situated 844 kilometers south of the capital Riyadh, on Tuesday m Military, Economic Options Won’t Bring Yemen Peace - Ansarullah Leader Al-Houthi warned Saudi Arabia about the consequences of its ongoing aggression, military and economic siege. UNICEF: Over 5,000 Children Killed, Injured in Yemen War More than 5,000 children have been killed or injured in the conflict in Yemen. 15m in Yemen at Risk of Deadly Diseases As Fuel Crisis Sees Water Supplies Cut Fifteen million people in Yemen are at risk of deadly diseases such as cholera after water supplies cut. Saudi Arabia Bombed Yemen’s Saada, Hajjah 50 Times in 48 Hours Saree said fighter jets of the Saudi-led coalition pounded various areas of the Arabian Peninsula country 50 times in two days. 92% of Babies in Yemen Are Born Underweight – UNICEF Warns Almost all babies in Yemen are born underweight, according to data on childhood nutrition released by UNICEF. Yemen War: US-Saudi Forces Prevent UN Relief Convoy of Entering Ad-Durayhimi City US-Saudi aggression prevented the entry of a UN relief convoy from entering Yemen’s ad-Durayhimi besieged city in al-Hudaydah governorate, as the co Yemenis Warn About Retaliatory Attacks on Saudi Arabia Saree said Saudi Arabia has conducted over 350 airstrikes killing over 25 civilians recently since Yemen declared the peace initiative. Yemen to Become World’s Poorest Country If War Continues – UN Warns Yemen is on course to become the world’s poorest country if the conflict persists. Yemeni Armed Forces’ Might Growing, Ready to Fight Back Any Act of Aggression - Spokesman Saree Said Yemeni Army troops and allied fighters from Popular Committees are fully prepared to retaliate against any act of animosity. Yemeni Foreign Minister Warns of Imminent Humanitarian Disaster Yemeni Foreign Minister warned of the tendency of some to foil the good efforts to end the aggression on Yemen and its people. US-Saudi Aggression Ought to Take up Yemeni Peace Initiative - Ansarullah Leader to UN Envoy Sayyed al-Houthi stressed to Martin Griffiths that the peace initiative demonstrates the Yemenis’ keenness to stability and comprehensive political Yemeni Armed Forces Reveal Details of 2nd Phase of Operation ‘Victory from Allah’ Brigadier General Yehya Saree revealed in a press conference on Tuesday the details of the 2nd phase of operation ‘Victory from Allah’. Griffiths Welcomes Ansarullah Prisoner Release Initiative Griffiths, welcomed the initiative by Ansarullah to unilaterally release detainees. Prisoners Committee in Yemen to Release 350 Prisoners, Including Three Saudis Yemen’s Ansarullah revolutionary movement said will release 350 prisoners, including three Saudis, on Monday under the supervision of the United Nat “Victory from Allah” Operation: Defeated Brigade Left Behind Documents that Expose Ties to Daesh Yemen’s Military Media published documents that expose links between members of “Al-Fateh Brigade’ and the al-Qaeda-linked Daesh group. Video-graphic: Yemen’s Heroic Operation ’Victory from Allah’ Video-graphic prepared by the Union Center for Researches and Development [U-Feed]: Yemen’s Heroic Operation ’Victory from Allah’ Yemen’s Armed Forces “Victory from Allah” Op: Three Brigades Collapse, Scores of Spoils, Thousands Detained, Kille Yemen’s Armed Forces issued a statement in which they announced the success of their latest heroic operation dubbed “Victory from Allah”.