Alahednews Alahednews US’ Economic Terrorism Targets Iranian Children with Epidermolysis Bullosa EB patients need special care. Even mild frictions or bumps cause severe blistering of the skin which is very painful. Yemen’s Forgotten War after Five Years: Saudi Attacks on Farmers Are Pushing the Whole Country into Famine Since March 2015, the Coalition launched at least 10,000 airstrikes that struck farms, 800 that struck local food markets, and about 450 airstrikes th Bad News for ’Israel’: Iran Has a New Missile ‘Israel’ must consider the possibility of massive salvoes of guided weapons aimed at strategic targets. Jailed Bahraini Activist ‘Considered Suicide’ After Authorities’ Rape, Abuse The mother-of-four said she still lives in fear of being forced to return to jail at any moment. The Bahrain Gov’t Is Attacking Female Activists – And Trump’s Policies are Emboldening Them Emboldened by Trump’s policies, the Bahrain government is attacking female activists. Death, Bloodshed, and Misery in Yemen How, I wonder, can a weapons manufacturer that causes such death, bloodshed, and misery lay claim to creativity? Gulf Concessions to «Israel» Have Yielded Nothing in Return In the past few years, some Gulf States have warmed relations with “Israel”. UAE’s Secret Mission to Iran The UAE has recently shown more than one sign of pursuing its own path with Iran. It recently announced it was pulling its troops out of Yemen. Strait Of Hormuz Region Can Find Its Own Solution Iran Foreign Minister: we should create task forces to build trust «Now It’s Just Ghosts»: Yemenis Living Under the Shadow of Death by Airstrike Four years of war has not brought Saudi Arabia any closer to victory, but all over Yemen ordinary people are suffering. Congress Is Helping Saudi Arabia Destabilize the Middle East. It Needs to Stop. The attack on Saudi oil facilities demonstrates how close the Middle East is to war. Saudi Arabia Won’t Attack Iran. But It May Pay Someone Else To The Saudis always get others to fight for them. Trump Leans against Striking Iran Trump is reluctant to take military action in the Middle East because he wants to live up to his campaign vows to reduce foreign entanglements. US Defense Failure… Why Washington Has to Blame Iran over Saudi Attacks Washington spectacularly failed to protect its Saudi ally. The US Has Joined Secret Talks With «Israel» and the UAE The Topic? Iran The US is joining secret talks with “Israel” and UAE to counter Iran. How the US Shattered the Middle East The US has irreparably fractured a broad swath of the globe from West Africa to Central Asia. One Minute It Was an Afghan Wedding; the Next, a Funeral for 63 He had spent about $14,000 on wedding expenses, from savings and from loans. My Father Called For Reform in Saudi Arabia, Now He Faces Death If they execute my father it will be state-sanctioned murder and they cannot be allowed to get away with it. President Trump’s Fruitless Trade War The Trump administration continues to escalate its confrontation with China, but there is no clear goal — and no end in sight. We’ve Heard Trump’s Empty Platitudes about Mass Shootings Before – Nothing Will Change While He’s In Power Trump have blamed the mass shootings on video games and mental illness. Saudi Arabia’s ‘Strategic Plan’ To Take Turkey Down In Riyadh in May, orders were given to implement the strategic plan to confront the Turkish government. Six Actions to Help Alleviate the Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen Yemen is back in the news again, amid reported efforts to enforce a ceasefire. WP: Washington and London Should Stop Enabling Bahrain’s Executions of Dissidents Pro-government social media accounts reported that the monarch of Bahrain had signed off on execution orders. Bahrain Follows US Lead on Executions I’ve never met anyone from the US State Department or intelligence agencies who actually think the Bahraini regime is anything but a time bomb. Iran Tanker Crisis: Impending Brexit Leaves UK with No Choice but To Do US Bidding, and Suffer the Consequences What you do to the Iranians they will do to you at a time and place of their own choosing.