Alahednews Alahednews Iranians Passed another Historic Test, Rouhani Tells of Riots The recent developments served to expose both the extent of the enemy’s capability and the level of the nation’s steadfastness, magnanimity, and g IRGC Chief Says US, ‘Israel’ Muslim World’s Common Enemy, Urges Unity to Confront Them Major General Salami’s comments came as he received Pakistani Army Commander Qamar Javed Bajwa. Iranians Hold Massive Anti-rioting Rallies in Several Cities The government raised the prices last week in order to moderate the national consumption rate, which stands at 110 million liters. Zarif: Shameful US Withholds Food, Medicine from Iranians “The regime that bars delivery of food and drugs to the elderly and patients, can never claim that it’s supporting the Iranian nation.’ Imam Khamenei: Iran Successful in Foiling Enemy Plots “Both [our] friends and [our] enemies should know that we pushed the enemy back in the arenas of military, political, and security warfare.’ Iran’s UN Envoy: US, «Israel» Main Obstacles to Nuke-Free ME Iran said US and “Israel” are the main obstacles to the establishment of such a zone. Riot, Insecurity in Iran Will Be Dealt With Decisively: IRGC Statement “Continuation of any measure, which would foment insecurity, and all actions targeting the calm and tranquility in the society will be dealt with de US After Nothing but Unrest in Iran: Larijani Larijani said Pompeo “openly supports immolation of the Iranian people’s properties through foolish shamelessness and opportunism.” Boosting Iran’s Defense Power Sole Way to Counter US Sanctions - Hatami Hatami warned of the US administration’s continued hostilities against the Islamic Republic. Zarif Praises Palestinian Resistance for Imposing Ceasefire Terms on ‘Israel’ Zarif also decried the Tel Aviv apartheid regime’s aggression against Palestinians, specifically in Gaza. Rouhani: Iranians’ Right to Protest Protected, Insecurity Not Tolerated Rouhani stressed the right of Iranians to protest against recent gov’t decision to ration gasoline. Imam Khamenei Supports Gasoline Hike Rise: Iran’s Enemies Continue To Support Sabotage Imam Khamenei supports a decision which has been taken by the three branches of power. Iran Starts Mass Production of Laser Cannons General Qassem Taqizadeh said Iran has obtained the technical know-how to manufacture laser air defense cannons. Iran’s Capacity of Uranium Enrichment Reaches 8,660 SWUs - AEOI Official Iran’s enriched uranium stock has reached over 500 kilograms and this important [capacity] is being increased. Imam Khamenei: Iran to Keep Helping Palestinians against ‘Israel’, It Is the Duty of the Muslim World The elimination of ‘Israel’ does not mean the elimination of the Jewish people, because we have nothing to do with them Iranian Army Chief: False Coalitions Cannot Keep Hormuz Strait Secure The military chief emphasized that defending the country’s ’vital and sensitive facilities’ enjoys ’strategic’ priority. Imam Khamenei Grants Clemency to over 3,500 Iranian Prisoners on Prophet Mohammad’s [PBUH] Birth Anniversary The pardon was granted at the request of the country’s Judiciary Chief Hojatoleslam Sayyed Ebrahim Raeisi. Tehran Hosts 33rd Int’l Islamic Unity Conference to Defend Al-Aqsa Mosque The 33rd International Islamic Unity Conference kicks off in Tehran in support of al-Aqsa Mosque. Rouhani: US Stirs Up Tension, Conflicts in Middle East Rouhani slammed the US and said it stirs up tension and conflicts in the Mideast. Iran Using All Its Power to Create Space for Regional Dialogue Mousavi reiterated the country’s policy to resolve problems facing the Middle East through political means. Iran FM Challenges European Claim of Upholding JCPOA Commitments Zarif has challenged a claim by the European signatories to the JCPOA that they are upholding their end of the bargain. Top Cmdr.: Iran Biggest Missile Power in Middle East Maj. Gen Baqeri said Iran has reached “sustainable power” in various military areas. The Land Defends Itself: Iran Discovers Oil Field Containing 53bn Barrels of Crude Rouhani disclosed that his country has discovered a new oil field containing 53 billion barrels of crude in southwestern Khuzestan Province. For Iran, Neighbors Always Come First – Zarif Zarif, who is in Turkey to attend the 24th meeting of the Economic Cooperation Organization [ECO], stressed that for Tehran “neighbors always come f Drone Shot Down by Iranian Army in Mahshahr Port is ‘Israeli’ – Report The drone sends data to the ‘Israeli’ Mossad, and maybe the goal from sending it is to check the Iranian readiness.