Alahednews Alahednews US-led Gulf Naval Coalition Launches Ops in Bahrain The International Maritime Security Construct officially launched its operations allegedly seeking to protect shipping lanes near Iranian territorial Normalization, Next? Bahrain’s King in Secret Meeting with Netanyahu What comes next after disclosing ‘secret’ meetings between Arab leaders and ‘Israeli’ officials? Bahrain Crackdown: Opinion Prisoners Denied Medical Care - HRW Warns Bahrain’s authorities are failing to provide adequate medical care to high-profile prisoners, HRW and BIRD warned. Britain Spent Thousands Teaching Bahrain’s Dictatorship How to Keep Citizens under House Arrest The British government spent thousands of pounds advising a Gulf dictatorship how to keep its citizens under house arrest. Bahrain Crackdown: Health of Hunger-striking Detainee Deteriorating Ebtisam al-Saegh reported that the health condition of detainee Osama al-Saghir has been deteriorating. Bahrain Regime Intensifies Crackdown against Ashura Orators, Summons 8 More Bahrain’s Al Khalifah regime intensified its already in place clampdown on the marking of Ashura. Bahrain Crackdown: Regime Summons, Arrests Shia Clerics over Taking Part in Ashura Procession It has been since the start of Muharram that Bahrain’s Al Khalifah authorities have taken to attacking Ashura displays. AI Urges Bahrain Regime to Lift Travel Ban On Ailing Ex-Lawmaker Amnesty International called on Bahraini officials to put an end to their continued harassment of former legislator Osama Jaber Muhana al-Tamimi. Bahrain Crackdown: Hundreds of Prisoners on Hunger Strike over Rights Abuses More than 600 Bahraini political prisoners are now on hunger strike to protest ill-treatment at Bahrain’s notorious Jaw prison. Bahrain Signs Agreement to Purchase Patriot Air Defense System Bahrain signed an agreement to purchase the Patriot missile system from the US Army, Raytheon said on Tuesday, August 13. Bahraini Dissident Feared Being Thrown Off London Embassy Roof Embassy denies staff used violence to halt rooftop protest against executions in Bahrain. Bahrain Crackdown: After Executions, Regime Oppresses Peaceful Protests Bahrain Crackdown: After Executions, Regime Oppresses Peaceful Protests Bahrainis Hold Funeral for Young Protester Bahraini protesters held a funeral ceremony for a young protester who was martyred after inhaling tear gas fired by Bahraini security forces. UK Sends Extra Forces to Bahrain  British media reported Monday that the UK is sending additional troops to Bahrain under the pretext of helping increase the protection for ship. Martyr Ali Al-Arab’s Last Words: I Didn’t Kill Him, I Don’t Even Know Where the Incident Happened! During the first visit after his arrest, the mother said she saw him on a wheelchair and that he mentioned the names of those who tortured him. This Happened in the Small Room, Martyr Ahmad al-Malali’s Father Describes the Farewell Visit “I wish I were martyred in a different way, but it finally happened.’ Bahrain Wakes Up to Execution of Two Activists on False Accusations! The Bahraini court made its judgement based on such confessions extracted under torture and without any single tangible evidence. Al-Khalifa Brutality: Executions of 2 Bahraini Young Men Imminent Bahraini authorities appear ready to carry out death sentences against Ali al-Arab, 25, and Ahmad al-Malali, 24 Ex-Bahraini Police Who Joined Pro-Democracy Protesters Tortured in Jaw Prison A former Bahraini police officer who joined the 2011 protests has been tortured in Jaw prison. Bahrain King Recruited al-Qaeda to Assassinate Shia Opposition Bahrain also sent officers to Iran to try to recruit members of the Jundallah terrorist group that operates a violent insurgency in southeastern Iran. Bahrain Crackdown: Court Reverses Decision to Strip 92 Citizenships A Bahraini appeals court overturned a decision to strip the citizenship of 92 jailed Shia nationals. Bahrain Warming Relations with «Israel»: FM Speaks to «Israeli» Outlets Bahrain FM gave interviews to “Israeli” outlets in the sideline of the “Deal of the Century” confab. Ayatollah Qassim: Trump Trying to Sell All that Palestinians Have, Including Holy Sites Sheikh Qassim denounced a so-called “peace plan” devised by the US under President Donald Trump. Deal of The Century: Bahrain To Allow “Israeli” Media in Bahrain’s normalization with the apartheid “Israeli” enemy is no more a secret. Former ‘Israeli’ General to Attend Bahrain Conference - Source A former general who served as the Zionist entity’s chief liaison officer to the Palestinians will attend next week’s Manama conference.