Alahednews Alahednews US, “Israel” Incite on Lebanon: We’re Working to Change 1701, UNIFIL Mandate! As Republicans and Democrats, we are united in our concern about the continuing, serious violations of UNSCR 1701. Hezbollah Blasts Pompeo’s Comments on ‘Israeli’ Settlements as Illegal, Unacceptable, and Contradict Int’l Law Hezbollah believes that this stance and the previous ones fall in the context of Washington’s permanent attempts to abort the Palestinian cause. What Is A Sovereign Government? Sayyed Nasrallah urged the formation of a sovereign government in Lebanon. Lebanese Bank Staff to Decide about Extending Strike “There is no longer a justification for continuing the strike,” Reuters cited Hajj as saying. Berri: Lebanon is A Sinking Ship, New Gov’t must Be Formed  Berri stressed “the need to form a new government that addresses the current – very dangerous – situation as soon as possible.” UN Votes to Force «Israel» to Pay Lebanon $850 Million Oil spills in the Mediterranean caused by “Israeli” bombardment of storage tanks during “Israel’s” 2006 war on Lebanon. Lebanese Private Hospitals Close Doors for One-Day Strike Over Gov’t Nonpayment Most private hospitals across Lebanon closed their doors in a one-day strike over government nonpayment. Safadi Agrees to Be Lebanon’s New Prime Minister, Foreign Minister Says Bassil stated that former Minister of Finance Mohammad Ahmed Safadi agreed to assume the post of prime minister in a new government. Full Speech of Hezbollah SG Sayyed Nasrallah at Memorial Ceremony of Ayatollah Sayyid Jaafar Murtada Al-Ameli Speech of Hezbollah’s Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah at Ayatollah Sayyid Jaafar Murtada Al-Ameli’s memorial ceremony, al-Mujtaba [PBU France Willing To Help Lebanon: Envoy Tells President Aoun Macron and his government expressed willingness to help Lebanon, in a message delivered to President Michel Aoun Wednesday by a French envoy. Lavrov Says a Technocrat Government in Lebanon Is Unrealistic Lavrov said Moscow supports Hariri’s attempts to form a government, but the idea of a technocrat government is unrealistic. Man Shot Dead in Khalde as Protesters Block Roads across Lebanon A man was shot dead south of Beirut after protesters attempted to block a main highway. Aoun Backs Half Political Gov’t: Technocratic One Couldn’t Define Lebanon’s Policy A technocrat government cannot define the policy of the country ... and I back forming a government that is half political and half technocrat. Hezbollah Hails the Martyrdom of Leader Bahaa Abu Al-Atta: This Will Make Liberation, Final Victory Happen “We believe in the capability of the Palestinian resistance movements to execute the just punishment against the criminal aggressors.’ Sayyed Nasrallah: Meetings Are Ongoing to Form Gov’t, US Preventing Solution... Hezbollah Overloaded with Missiles We have an overload of missiles in Lebanon and we don’t know where to store them. Sayyed Nasrallah to Deliver A Speech on Hezbollah Martyr’s Day at 14:30 Beirut Time Hezbollah Secretary General will deliver a televised speech on the anniversary of Martyr’s Day at 14:30. Lebanon Banking Body Tells Depositors ’No Need to Panic’ Lebanese bank deposits are safe and there is no need to panic, the head of the banking association said on Saturday. Sayyed Nasrallah: Resistance Committed to Defending the Country Regardless of All Internal Developments In his latest speech, Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah reaffirmed the Islamic Resistance’s commitment to defend the Hezbollah Will Follow up with Popular Demands, Make The People’s Voice Heard – Deputy SG Sheikh Naim Qassem stressed that the resistance movement will fulfill its role in following up with the demands of the people. Lebanon Protests: Ex-PM Questioned Over How $11 Billion Was Spent His office, however, issued a statement claiming the spending was entirely legal. Who Stole the Dreams of the Lebanese People? Sayyed Nasrallah asks: Who had stolen the dreams of the Lebanese people? Lebanon Crisis: Hariri-Bassil Meeting Puts All Ideas on Table “All ideas were put on the table for what would be best for Lebanon to come out of the economic crisis.’ World Bank Ready to Support Lebanon, Urges Formation of New Gov’t The World Bank said it is ready to support to a new Lebanese government. Hezbollah Executive Chief Tells BBC “We’ve Been Defending People’s Demands All Along” In an interview with the BBC, Sayyed Safieddine added that Hezbollah will transfer all the demands to any future government. Al-Ahed Becomes First Lebanese Club to Win AFC Cup Lebanon’s Al-Ahed Club football team won the AFC Championship after beating the North Korean April 25 Club 1-0.