Alahednews Alahednews Trump Says Kuwait May Be Next in Middle East to Normalize Ties With ‘Israel’ “Nobody thought this would happen and not only is it happening, it’s happening rather easily.’ Dissident: UAE Cracking Down Hard On Anti-«Israel» Sentiment A dissident Emirati activist has said that the UAE is cracking down hard on anti-“Israel” sentiment with 10-year prison sentences. Short Circuit Causes Arms Depot Explosion in Jordan Huge orange flames lit the desert night sky and could be seen as far away as the capital Amman, 35 kms to the southwest. A Deepening Normalization: Emirati Sports Investment in the Zionist entity Emirati businessmen are planning to invest in the “Israeli” Beitar Jerusalem Football Club. Kushner: Saudi Arabia, Bahrain to Open Skies to All «Israeli» Flights Kushner said Saudi Arabia and Bahrain will open their skies for all flights heading into or out of the “Israeli” entity. US To Withdraw Additional Troops from Afghanistan, Iraq in Coming Days Trump used to say that he wants to cap the US contingent on the ground in Afghanistan to no more than 4,000 troops. US Navy Searching for Missing Nimitz Sailor in Arabian Sea The Navy said it will provide updates as they become available. ‘Gracious’ Saudis Allowed “Israeli” Plane to Pass into UAE! Normalization Complete Kushner urged Palestinians to stop living in the past! UAE Cancels Meeting With US, ‘Israel’ Over F-35 Sales The three diplomats were supposed to celebrate the agreement to normalize the ties between ‘Israel’ and the UAE. US Confirms Review of Potential F-35 Sale to United Arab Emirates The prospect is something both ‘Israel’ and the US Congress could object to. Kushner: Things are Happening, More Arabs to Follow UAE Kushner dismissed the rejection of the deal by Palestinians, calling it ’a fairly predictable response that we’ve seen time and time again.’ UAE Launches Start-Up Operations at First Nuclear Power Plant The UAE began start-up operations in the initial unit of its first nuclear power plant. Three New Deaths, 141 Virus Cases As Lebanon Prepares for Lockdown Lebanon confirmed 141 new coronavirus cases and three new deaths. US Warplanes Harassed Iran Airliner in Lebanese, Not Syrian Airspace - Report The Mahan Air Flight 1152 had taken off from Tehran and was en route to the Lebanese capital when the incident happened. US Warplanes in Dangerous Maneuvering Near Iranian Airliner in Syrian Airspace The authority specified the airspace over Syria’s hugely-strategic al-Tanf region as the place where the incident had happened. From Dependents to Allies: America’s Gulf Relations Need Reform During three major crises, each happening under a different administration, the U.S.-Gulf partnership failed to effectively address the security conce “Israeli’, UAE Technology Firms Pen Deal on COVID-19 Research Emirati and “Israeli” firms sign partnership to research ways of combating the coronavirus pandemic. Iran Says ’No Military Solution’ for Syria The Islamic republic believes the only solution to the Syrian crisis is political. It Will Always Be Cozy for UAE Whether It Is Annexation or Normalization! The United Arab Emirates’ impudence is slumping down towards the steepest ranks within the ethical standards. Iranian, Russian Diplomats Voice Readiness to Help Yemen Fight Coronavirus, Urge Lifting Sanctions on Syria The diplomats also discussed the latest political and on-the-ground developments in Syria. Jordan Warns Washington, London of “Unprecedented Threat” of Annexation Jordan warned against the “unprecedented threat” “Israel’s” planned annexation of parts of the West Bank posed to the region. For 1st, UAE flight Lands at Ben Gurion Airport For the first time, a UAE flight has landed at Ben Gurion airport in the “Israeli” entity. Jordan’s King Warns Of Massive Conflict If ‘Israel’ Moves On Annexation He warned that annexation would plunge the region into ’chaos and extremism.’ Zarif Set To Meet Assad in Damascus Iran is a key ally of Syria. OPEC+ Strikes Last-Minute Deal to Cut Almost 10 Mn Barrels a Day of Oil Production Major global oil producers have finally inked an agreement to slash oil output by 9.7 million barrels per day.