Alahednews Alahednews UAE Resistance Group Urges Emiratis To Review Normalization Deals With ‘Israel’ All the steps towards normalization with ‘Israel’ in the future is a crime, the group said. Qatari FM: Gulf States, Iran Need to Agree on Format for Dialogue Qatar’s Foreign Minister underscored the necessity of an agreement on a format for dialogue between the Gulf Arab countries. US-‘Israel’ Working Group to Focus on Iran’s Missile, Drone Power Iranian officials have repeatedly underscored that the Islamic Republic will not hesitate to build up its defense capabilities. Kerry Denies Telling Zarif of ‘Israeli’ Strikes after GOP Demands He Resign Over Leaked Audio “This never happened – either when I was secretary of state or since,” Kerry added. Al-Assad, Putin Discuss Economic Cooperation, Combatting Pandemic Assad discussed on Monday with Putin a number of issues of mutual concern. WSJ: IRG Vessels Harass US Ships in Gulf Officials reportedly said the larger vessel repeatedly crossed in front of the bows of the Monomoy and the Wrangell. Buying from the Thief: UAE Firm to Buy 22% of ‘Israeli’-occupied Natural Gas Field Tamar has proven reserves of some 300 billion cubic meters of gas and 14 million barrels of condensate. Gen McKenzie: Iran One of Most Capable Militaries in ME Iran has time and again stated that its military capabilities are merely defensive and are designed to deter foreign threats. Jordan Releases 16 of Those Arrested in Palace Plot State media said the king made the move after lobbying by a number of key figures from across Jordan. UN Experts Demand Release of Dubai Ruler’s Missing Daughter The experts include the UN investigators on torture and on violence against women. Killing Industry! UAE, “Israel” Establish Military Company The companies said that the joint venture will establish a research and development center in the “Israeli” entity. The War in Water: “Israeli” Ship Targeted Close to UAE The ‘Israeli’ military declined to comment on the reports. Jordan’s King Abdullah, Prince Hamza Make First Joint Appearance since Reconciliation Abdullah said sedition had been quashed and Hamza was “under my care” with his family at his palace. Jordan: King Abdullah Says ‘Sedition’ Quashed “Hamzah today is with his family in his palace under my protection,” King Abdullah said. Jordan: Prince Hamzah Pledges Allegiance to King Abdullah II Prince Hamzah signed the letter after a meeting on Monday with Prince Hassan, the king’s uncle, and other princes. Campaign to Boycott Emirati Products over ‘Israeli’ Normalization Goes Global A boycott campaign targeting the UAE for normalization of relations with the Zionist entity is starting to gather momentum around the world. Jordan’s Prince Hamzah Vows to Disobey Army ‘Keep Silent’ Order Hamzah has emerged as a vocal critic of the monarchy, accusing it of corruption, nepotism and authoritarian rule. Ex-Mossad Agent Offered To Evacuate Jordanian Prince Hamzah’s Family - Report Former Mossad officer called Roy Shaposhnik offered to move the wife of the former crown prince out of Jordan with their children. Jordan’s King Sends a Tough Message on Dissent in the Royal Family after Coup Attempt “The plot is totally contained,’ Jordan’s Foreign Minister said. Kuwait Parl’t Passes COVID-19 Relief Bill After Gov’t Takes Oath In addition to passing draft bills guaranteeing local bank loans, it approved a law deferring loan payments for citizens for six months. Human Rights Watch Calls On Qatar to Dismantle Male Guardianship HRW urged Qatar to eliminate male guardianship rules including on education and social protection. Jordan Cemetery Struggles amid COVID-19 Surge The Jordanian government, which says there are 3,334 COVID-19 patients in hospital, is facing a crisis with some wards at capacity. Jordan Reveals New Defense Deal That Allows Free Entry of US Forces into Kingdom The newly published accord states that the US forces, their aircraft and ships are authorized to “freely enter and exit Jordanian territory”. Qatar Extends Minimum Wage to All As World Cup Looms Previously, there was a temporary minimum wage set at 750 riyals [$206] a month. UAE Suspends Preparations for Abu Dhabi Summit with Netanyahu, Top US Official “The UAE will not be a part of any internal electioneering in ‘Israel,’ now or ever,’ Gargash said.