Alahednews Alahednews Kuwait Swears in New Gov’t amid Mounting Crises Kuwait’s new Cabinet was sworn in weeks after the government quit. Jordan, PA Accuse “Israeli” Extremists of Storming Haram Al-Sharif “230 Jewish extremists stormed the mosque, conducted tours, and practiced public Talmudic rituals and prayers inside its yards”. Owner of UK Ship Hit in Gulf of Oman Close to Mossad Chief UKMTO did not clarify what caused the explosion. Dubai Princess’s Letter Urges British Police to Investigate Sister’s Cambridge Abduction Case On Sunday, the United Nations asked the United Arab Emirates for proof that Latifa was alive. Egyptian, Qatari Delegations Hold First Meeting since Gulf Row The meeting marks the first since the diplomatic crisis with the GCC country started in 2017. Revealed: 6,500 Migrant Workers Died in Qatar As It Gears Up for World Cup Qatar’s grim death toll is revealed in long spreadsheets of official data listing the causes of death. Dubai Princess Says Held Hostage in Barricaded Villa, Fears for Her Life The UAE princess said she was making the video in the bathroom of the villa, which is the only room she could lock herself into. 13 Mideast Nations Have New Variant Cases - WHO The organization said 6.3 million vaccinations have been administered in 12 countries in the eastern Mediterranean. US Declined Invitation to Attend Astana Talks on Syria  Terrorism fight, refugees and ’illegal acquisition of natural resources by international corporations’ will be on the agenda. UAE Appoints Its 1st Ambassador to “Israeli” Entity The UAE on Sunday appointed its first ever ambassador to “Israel”. UAE Drastically Cut Funding for Palestinian Refugees in 2020 The UAE reduced its funding to UNRWA in 2020 amidst normalization with “Israel”. Emirati Amb. to US: UAE Confident F-35 Jets Sale Will Go Through The UAE’s ambassador to the US said he was confident the sale of F-35 jets to his country would go through. Lebanon Reports 63 Coronavirus Deaths, 2,020 Cases The total number of cases since the virus was detected in Lebanon in late February has risen to 303,072, with 3,145 deaths. Dubai to Roll Out China’s Sinopharm COVID-19 Vaccine On Sunday Dubai will roll out China’s Sinopharm coronavirus vaccine to the general public as infections surged to record levels. Abu Dhabi Will Soon Release Lebanese Detainees Ibrahim confirmed that he had been in contact with Emirati officials for nearly two years to “resolve these files.” Dubai Blamed for Virus Cases Abroad, Questions Swirl At Home Dubai is now being blamed by several countries for spreading the coronavirus abroad. US Flies B-52 Bombers Over Middle East for Third Time This Year The flyover was the first since US President Joe Biden took office on January 20. Biden, Macron Agree to Coordinate on Middle East Peace, Iran Trump unilaterally pulled Washington out of the 2015 nuclear accord with Iran in May 2018. UAE Confirms Trump Approved Sale Of F-35 Jets on Last Day in Office The total price tag of the agreement is an estimated $23 billion, the UAE mission said, with jets valued at $10.4 billion. UAE Inks Last-minute Deal with US to Buy Fighter Jets, Drones Before Biden’s Inauguration One of the sources said the agreement was signed about an hour before the swearing-in ceremony of Biden. Qatar Suspends WTO Dispute with UAE As Gulf Conflict Thaws Qatar has suspended its case at the World Trade Organization against the UAE. UAE, “Israel” Postpone Visa Exemption Deal Over COVID-19 Worries Visa waivers were a centerpiece of a Sept 15 deal formalizing “Israeli”-UAE relations. Emirati Airlines Suspends Tunisian Pilot for Refusing to Fly to “Israeli” Occupied Palestinian Territories UAE’s flag carrier suspends Tunisian pilot for refusing to fly to “Israeli” occupied Palestinian territories. Oman to Get Its First Crown Prince in Constitutional Overhaul Oman will appointment a crown prince for the first time and new rules on how parliament will work Qatar-Saudi Border Reopens after Thaw Saudi shut its side of Qatar’s only land border in June 2017 as part of a package of sanctions.