Alahednews Alahednews ‘Israeli’ Ship Targeted Off Oman - Reports The location where the ship was targeted is over 300 kilometers southeast of Oman’s capital, Muscat. Delta, Low Vaccination Rates Drive 4th Pandemic Wave in ME The highly transmissible strain has been recorded in 15 out of the 22 Middle Eastern countries and territories. Data Leak Raises New Questions over Capture of Princess Latifa Listings of phones belonging to royal and her friends coincide with her dramatic escape from Dubai and eventual recapture. Two Ex-officials Sentenced to 15 Years Hard Labor over Jordan’s Sedition Plot The court convicted the pair of ’incitement against the ruling system’ and ’sedition.’ Secret Meeting between “Israel’s” Bennett, Jordan’s King Abdullah The news “embarrassed the king and it will definitely affect the ties” Explosion in Dubai’s Jebel Ali Seaport Caused by Ship Fire Dubai explosion caused by ship fire, authorities report UAE Announces Cooperation Deal with Zionist Airliner Etihad will begin to sell tickets for 14 routes operated by El Al as well as offering benefits to its frequent fliers. Defense in Jordan Trial to Ask Court to Invite Prince Hamza to Testify Hamza was accused of liaising with parties with foreign links to undermine the authority of the king. Pentagon Claims Airstrikes against Iraqi Resistance Groups along Syria Border The correspondent said the attacks had killed one child and wounded three other civilians. UAE Squeezes Italian Armed Forces Out of Gulf Base If verified, the eviction might make Italy’s current withdrawal from Afghanistan much more difficult. Show of Force: Russia Launches Mediterranean Drills amid Tension with UK  The Russian drills that began on Friday in the Eastern Mediterranean come as a British carrier strike group is in the area. US Threatens Arabs: Sanctions vs. Normalizing Ties With Syria   The US presence in Syria was neither requested for, nor approved by the Syrian government. ‘Democracy’ vs. Terrorism: US Government ‘Seizes’ Resistance-affiliated News Websites The Iranian domains for PressTV and Al-Alam, and, have remained accessible. Welcoming the Enemy: Lapid to UAE Abdullah bin Zayed has already spoken to Lapid to discuss ’the bilateral cooperation.’ US Military Withdrawing Troops, Anti-Missile Batteries from Middle East - WSJ The US intensified its military presence in the Middle East region about two years ago amid tensions with Iran. US, Saudi Forces Hold Anti-drone Drill Amid Fear of Resistance Power In 2003, the US invaded Iraq under the later debunked pretext that the regime of Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction. The Washington Post Details US, ‘Israel’, Saudi Role in Coup Plot Against Jordan King “It became a belief of Trump that the king was a hindrance’ to his plan, a former senior CIA official was quoted as saying. Report: Hanyieh to Meet Imam Khamenei, Sayyed Nasrallah in Trip to Iran, Lebanon Hamas chief traveled to Cairo on Tuesday Riyadh, Damascus in Rapprochement Talks In May, Syria dispatched its first ministerial delegation in 10 years to Riyadh, led by the Minister of Tourism Rami Martini. ‘Israelis’ Discuss Investments with Emiratis in Dubai The conversations were laser-focused on business. Jordan to Try Two Plot Suspects, Both Close To Saudi Arabia Prosecutors must now draw up charges and set a date for the trial, according to Jordanian legal procedure. Kuwait Parliament Passes Legislations on Boycott, Banning Normalization with ‘Israel’ Kuwaiti legislators expressed their country’s strong position towards the Palestinian cause. ‘Mysterious’ UAE-linked Airbase Built on Island off Yemen Emirati ships have transported military weapons, equipment, and troops to Mayun Island in recent weeks, according to AP. Imam Khamenei to Hamas and Islamic Jihad Leaders: You’ll Be Victorious ’And you will witness the final victory, God willing, with His power and strength’. 73 Years Since the Nakba The year of the Nakba witnessed more than 70 massacres carried out by the Zionist gangs