Alahednews Alahednews From Dependents to Allies: America’s Gulf Relations Need Reform During three major crises, each happening under a different administration, the U.S.-Gulf partnership failed to effectively address the security conce “Israeli’, UAE Technology Firms Pen Deal on COVID-19 Research Emirati and “Israeli” firms sign partnership to research ways of combating the coronavirus pandemic. Iran Says ’No Military Solution’ for Syria The Islamic republic believes the only solution to the Syrian crisis is political. It Will Always Be Cozy for UAE Whether It Is Annexation or Normalization! The United Arab Emirates’ impudence is slumping down towards the steepest ranks within the ethical standards. Iranian, Russian Diplomats Voice Readiness to Help Yemen Fight Coronavirus, Urge Lifting Sanctions on Syria The diplomats also discussed the latest political and on-the-ground developments in Syria. Jordan Warns Washington, London of “Unprecedented Threat” of Annexation Jordan warned against the “unprecedented threat” “Israel’s” planned annexation of parts of the West Bank posed to the region. For 1st, UAE flight Lands at Ben Gurion Airport For the first time, a UAE flight has landed at Ben Gurion airport in the “Israeli” entity. Jordan’s King Warns Of Massive Conflict If ‘Israel’ Moves On Annexation He warned that annexation would plunge the region into ’chaos and extremism.’ Zarif Set To Meet Assad in Damascus Iran is a key ally of Syria. OPEC+ Strikes Last-Minute Deal to Cut Almost 10 Mn Barrels a Day of Oil Production Major global oil producers have finally inked an agreement to slash oil output by 9.7 million barrels per day. US Game of Carrot and Stick: Bill would Remove Troops from Saudi Arabia in 30 Days The legislation would remove US troops 30 days after enactment, a full month faster than similar legislation introduced by two other Republican senato Iran Warns US of Military Moves in Iraq In a statement, Mousavi denounced the American military presence and moves in Iraq. Despite Coronavirus, Pentagon May Keep Troops in ME to Counter Iran US War Secretary Mark Esper is looking at extending the deployment of a reaction force sent to the Middle East to face Iran. US Troops Deployed To Deter Iran Stuck in ME due to Coronavirus No coronavirus cases have been identified in the 1st Brigade so far; one soldier was reportedly isolated after displaying symptoms of the disease but US Intends to Support Turkey’s Actions in Idlib by Supplying Ammunition The US would like to support Turkey’s operations in Idlib by supplying ammunition and humanitarian assistance. UAE Issues Nuclear Reactor License The United Arab Emirates became the first Arab nation to issue a license for a reactor at a nuclear power plant, the country announced on Monday. Ex-Qatari PM Talks About Prospective Agreement Between Arab States, «Israel» Former Qatari PM Hamad bin Jassim talks about a prospective agreement between the Gulf states, “Israel” and 3 other Arab countries. Reports Say Oil Tanker Catches Fire off Sharjah Coast Reports on Wednesday suggested that the tanker had caught fire some 40 kilometers off the coast of Sharjah, a port in the UAE. Middle East’s First Case of New Coronavirus Announced in UAE The United Arab Emirates announced Wednesday its first case of the new coronavirus, in a family from Wuhan. Pentagon Admits More US Occupation Troops Are ‘Treated’ After Ain Al-Assad Attack US Central Command announced Tuesday that apart from the 11 previously announced injured, additional troops were ‘being treated.’ Jordan Parliament Passes Draft Law to Ban Gas Imports from «Israel» The Parliament of Jordan has approved a draft law to ban imports of “Israeli” gas. France Will Deploy Aircraft Carrier to the Middle East, Macron Says The deployment includes the aircraft carrier’s battle group, a group of smaller escorts that service the huge ship. Jordan: Hundreds Protest Against Gas Deal with ‘Israel’, Demand Gov’t Resignation Protesters urged all Jordanians nationwide to take part in anti-gas deal protests, push for the abolition of the agreement. NYT: MBZ’s Biggest Concern Was Wahhabism It was revealed that Mohammed bin Zayed’s biggest concern was Wahhabism. National Interest: US Preparing to Leave Iraq without Informing Allies Or Putting A Back up Plan  The US military has been making preparations to comply with a request to leave Iraq by the country’s parliament.