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Deal or No Deal: Lapid Claims Needs not Agreement to Start Extraction from Karish

Deal or No Deal: Lapid Claims Needs not Agreement to Start Extraction from Karish
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By Al-Ahed News

In an attempt to flex muscles, the Zionist entity’s Prime Minister, indeed dying to start extracting gas from the disputed Karish Field, claimed that ‘Israel’ will start extraction whether a deal on the maritime border with Lebanon was reached or not.

At the same time, Yair Lapid admitted on Monday that the occupation entity believes it is "possible and necessary" to reach an agreement on its long-standing maritime border dispute with Lebanon "in a way that will serve the interests of the ‘Israelis’ and the Lebanese.”

Lapid made the comments hours after Lebanese President Michel Aoun said that indirect talks with the Zionist occupiers of Palestine to end a maritime border dispute have reached their “final stages.”

However, despite stepping up their rhetoric about beginning the process of extraction, the ‘Israelis’ still refer to unexplained ‘technical failures’ whenever reaching their anticipated deal is delayed.

Amid their attempts to portray their occupying regime as defiant to Lebanon’s Islamic Resistance’s threats, they always seek flimsy excuses that even toddlers are not convinced with.

On the level of extracting gas from Karish, Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has set Lebanon’s redlines several months ago, in which he reiterates in almost every time he appears to the public, that unless Lebanon has access to its rights in the resources in sea, the ‘Israeli’ entity will not be allowed to extract any drop.

Sayyed Nasrallah threatened that this equation has been into effect and that implementing it is the duty of the resistance group even if it required starting a military confrontation with the occupation entity. The ‘Israelis’ are well aware how serious the Hezbollah leader is, and it seems that they tend every now and then to save their face by certain clichéd stances.

Whether a deal has been reached or not, the rational thinking indicates that the Resistance will always have the upper hand in this struggle, it will certainly save Lebanon’s face, and will always defend the country and make the occupiers comply with its rightful and nation-saving equations.