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Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech on the Latest Developments on July 13, 2022

Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech on the Latest Developments on July 13, 2022
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Translated by Al-Ahed News

Speech of Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah regarding the latest political developments on 13-7-2022

I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed Satan. In the name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon our Master and Prophet, the Seal of Prophets, Abi al-Qassem Muhammad Bin Abdullah and his good and pure household and his good and chosen companions and all the prophets and messengers.

May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be upon you all.

God Almighty says in His Glorious Book:
In the name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

{Permission [to fight] has been given to those who are being fought, because they were wronged. And indeed, Allah is competent to give them victory. (39) [They are] those who have been evicted from their homes without right - only because they say, "Our Lord is Allah." And were it not that Allah checks the people, some by means of others, there would have been demolished monasteries, churches, synagogues, and mosques in which the name of Allah is much mentioned. And Allah will surely support those who support Him. Indeed, Allah is Powerful and Exalted in Might.} (40)

God Almighty has spoken the truth.

At the beginning of the speech, I congratulate all of you on these dear and blessed days, the days of the blessed Eid al-Adha. I ask God Almighty to bring it back to our people, our nation, our region, and the world in better condition.

I also ask God Almighty to accept the deeds of the pilgrims of the sacred House of God and to grant them safety, a safe, smooth, and peaceful return to their countries, homes, and families.

Before I start with tonight’s address it is also my duty to express my condolences and sympathy on the passing of His Eminence Sheikh Abd al-Salam Abbas al-Wajeeh, the Secretary General of the Association of Yemeni Scholars.

I extend my condolences to his honorable family, to the scholars in the Association of Yemeni Scholars, to all scholars, to the dear Yemeni people, to the leadership of Ansarullah, including dear brother, His Eminence Sayyed Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi – may God protect and support him and all of them.

This mujahid, brave, and steadfast scholar spent his life in the service of Islam and defending the oppressed Yemeni people in all the wars that were waged against them now and in the past.

He also spent his life defending our nation’s causes, foremost of which is the cause of Palestine and Al-Quds. He always stood by the resistance in Lebanon with bravery and strength at all stages as well as by the people of our region against the threats and conspiracies. I ask God to grant him mercy and high ranks.

Brothers and sisters, there are several occurrences that unfolded around this time in past years, including Operation Truthful Promise on July 12, the operation to capture “Israeli” soldiers, and the July 2006 war against Lebanon that lasted for 33 days and ended with the great victory on August 14, 2006.

The anniversary this year coincides with the 40-year anniversary of Hezbollah’s founding –  40 years or forty springs of our march and our movement of faith and jihad.

Regarding the 40 springs, I just want to point out that we do not want to mark here the anniversary of the founding of Hezbollah or to celebrate it every year. No. 40 years or 40 springs has its moral, cultural, intellectual, spiritual, and realistic connotations. I can talk about it later. Whoever stays, God willing, can celebrate every decade in the future, for example, 50 springs, 60 springs, or 70 springs. 

But we do not want to have an annual celebration of the founding because we have not set an exact date for the founding, and we proceed from it on this basis.

It is also customary to celebrate the victory in the July war or the so-called 33-day war. We celebrate on August 14, i.e., at the end of the war and not at its beginning.

We are planning, God willing, for one celebration in the month of August, so we do not trouble people to attend more than one celebration. During that celebration, we will mark the 40 springs, the divine victory during the July war, and the second liberation against the takfiri groups along the eastern chain. 

Therefore, today's address is not a substitute for that celebration and the things that will be said during that memorial will be broader.

Today, through the July war anniversary, I want to delve into some of the most important challenges we are facing in Lebanon and in the region. 

Of course, I will focus on the existing challenge, which all the Lebanese are following. It is linked to the fate of Lebanon as a nation, a state, and a people. This is the issue of maritime borders as well as the issue of oil and gas and their extraction – the entire file concerning the Zionist entity.

I would like to talk about some of the achievements of the resistance then move to the current files.

1-    Among the achievements of the resistance in the July war was the overthrow of the American project in the Middle East, the new Middle East, which the George Bush administration was working on.

Condoleezza Rice spoke about it in the region during the first days of the aggression on Lebanon in July. Here, Condoleezza Rice said, “what we’re seeing is the birth pangs of a new Middle East.”

We all remember. Let us take a quick glance. After September 11, which was as a pretext to invade the region, the US invaded and occupied Afghanistan and later Iraq. There was a direct US military presence. 

There was an American project for taking control of the region through a direct military presence. Large crowds came to the region, including naval fleets and occupation forces. Documents as well as senior politicians and analysts confirm this.

After the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, the second stage was to eliminate the resistance in Palestine and Lebanon as well as to strike and control the state and regime in Syria. Thus, Iran will be left alone, besieged, and isolated. All this was required in 2006.

In 2007, they were supposed to overthrow the Islamic regime in Iran. Then, America via its forces, generals, direct rulers, and tools will control our region, our seas, and our wealth – the vast wealth in this region. 

Then, the temporary usurping Zionist entity will be in the main axis in politics, security, economy, and relationships. It would have a natural existence. This was the new Middle East. Perhaps this project included plans to divide some countries.

In any case, the July war, the steadfastness of the resistance and Lebanon's steadfastness during the July war, and the failure of the war's objectives dealt a severe blow to the new Middle East project. At that time, the crisis had not reached Syria yet. 

The rise of the resistance in Palestine and in Iraq forced the American occupiers to withdraw at that time before returning under the pretext of Daesh. The steadfastness of Syria, Iran, and Lebanon and the growing strength of the resistance in Lebanon ended the new Middle East project – or what we can call a version of the American project because there is always an American project for hegemony in the region.

There are plans and copies. That version was terminated and thwarted. The main blow that was dealt to this project was during the July war in Lebanon.

They later adopted other versions with the advent of the Obama administration; they bet on the Arab Spring and pushed the region in the situation it is in now.

Today, there are also new versions. US President Biden's visit to our region comes in this context.

Here, I will say a few words about the visit of the US President. In recent weeks, analyses and predictions abounded before his arrival. Many talked about the formation of an Arab NATO. Some talked about the formation of a Middle Eastern NATO that includes Arab and Gulf countries with the enemy entity. Some talked about a single Arab-“Israeli” air defense project. 

Some talked about establishing a new alliance under any name; its goal is to stand in the face of Iran, the Islamic Republic. Some pinned a lot of hopes, and in fact a lot of illusions on this visit. Let us not bother ourselves with analyses since the man has arrived today.

In a few days, things will become clearer – will there be a new alliance? Will there be an Arab NATO? Will there be a Middle Eastern NATO? Will there be a joint air defense? It will all be clear. So, let us not trouble ourselves. However, I will say a couple of words in this respect.

I tell the Lebanese people, the people in the region, and all those following that America today is different from the America of 2003 and 2006.

The old American president – when you see him now at his age, the way he walks and moves. The old American president is an image of America that has begun to enter or has already entered the stage of old age.

Today, America's position in the world has changed. Deviating from America's will has become a familiar and natural thing for many countries in the world. Its economy is seeing the highest inflation rate in more than 40 years. 

You follow the news. There is news about poverty and the homeless in the most important American cities. For those who are following. There are people who tell you about one neighborhood, but they do not talk about the other neighborhoods.

The internal social situation, the racist culture and racism, the internal divisions, and the internal security situation. What is being reported are significant internal security developments that are taking place in the United States of America.
I believe, but keep this in mind, that America is not what it was 20 years ago. America is now in a different situation, in a completely different situation. On the other hand, I think that what brought the American president to the region are two things.

The first thing is to persuade the Gulf states to produce and export more oil and gas. This is the first and main issue that comes before "Israel". The second thing is "Israel". Why? The extent of the research will benefit us in the second part when we talk about things related to Lebanon and Lebanon's oil and gas.

Because America today is fighting a major war against Russia. Of course, later it has to face the China problem. It engaged in a war but does not dare to fight a direct confrontation because, in the end, these are nuclear countries. A direct confrontation could lead to a global and nuclear war.

It is fighting using the Ukrainian government, people, and army, and all the European countries that backed it are now beginning to suffer great economic pain that is affecting the euro and the situation for the upcoming winter.

Today, for example, I heard on the news that if Russian gas was cut off to Germany for longer than the maintenance period, millions of jobs in Germany would be lost.

In any case, America along with the European countries and NATO are fighting a real battle in Ukraine, and it cannot allow Russia to win this war.

The most important elements of this battle are closely related to Russian oil and gas, because if they accept the flow of Russian oil and gas to Europe, the sanctions that have been imposed will not succeed. The Russian currency remains strong, and the Russian treasury has plenty of revenue.

So, one of the most important elements of the American-Russian battle is that Europe boycotts Russian oil and gas. This requires an alternative. Who pledged to secure the replacement? The United States of America. Meanwhile, the Europeans made efforts to reach agreements with some countries but did not reach a result.

The main job of the Americans and their primary task, which is decisive and influential with regard to the fate and results of the Russian-Ukrainian war, is to secure alternative oil and gas for Europe, and time is running out because the European countries must stock up on gas and oil they need during summer and start of fall to get through a very harsh winter.

Thus, he is coming primarily for oil and gas in the first place and to tell the Gulf countries – Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait – that they are all responsible for increasing production and ask them to what degree can you raise production and how far can you deliver to Europe.

The second thing is “Israel” – to affirm America's commitment to “Israel's” security, the entity’s security, defense, and being a priority and to underscore the normalization project with some Arab countries and to expand the circle of normalization if possible.

Of course, Iran will be ready; the axis of resistance will be ready. However, this is the main issue now for Biden.

Regarding other matters, for example, the issue of Palestine, he has nothing to say to the Palestinian people. At the airport today, he spoke about the two-state project, just as a formality. He even told them [the “Israelis”] that this issue, based on your literature, is out of the question. But do not take offense, I have to talk about the two-state project.

He has absolutely nothing to offer to the Palestinian people. In any case, since the beginning, from his first appearance, he made it clear to all the peoples of the region that he is a Zionist. He said that you do not have to be a Jew to be a Zionist.

With regard to Yemen, Biden is seeking a truce in Yemen. The statement and article he issued state that he helped with the armistice in Yemen. Yes, when America wanted a truce in Yemen, a truce occurred in Yemen.

Faced with the opportunity of the armistice, the oppressed Yemenis wanted to benefit from it positively for the benefit of their people. But what Biden should be calling for is not an extension to the armistice in Yemen, but an end to the war in Yemen, an end to the war and not just a cease-fire, the complete lifting of the siege on Yemen, and to provide the opportunity and permission for some Yemenis to sit reach a political solution to their internal problem. 

There are people who are waiting for permission from Saudi Arabia and America for the Yemenis to meet. The US administration is capable of that. Yes, it is capable of that.

The war is basically America’s war on the Yemeni people. Saudi Arabia and the rest of the countries participating in the war are tools that got involved in this war. Of course, they have their own projects within the framework of the American project.

We all remember the siege on Qatar that was imposed by many Gulf states and Arab countries. When the Americans willed it, the siege ended out of nowhere without any of the conditions placed on Qatar were even met. The reason is that the Americans have no more interest in milking, attrition, extortion, and exploitation. Now that there is a new stage, they canceled the siege on Qatar.

There is no need for Biden to ask for gratitude from the Yemeni people for contributing to the armistice; he does not even need to make an effort to end the war on Yemen, lift the siege on the Yemeni people, and allow the Yemenis to find a political solution to their internal problem.

These are all files that are, in fact, not his priority. Yes, he is interested in the armistice because he wants the Gulf states to be comfortable exporting more oil and gas. Hence, this is precious time. What is the most important is oil and gas and the battle in Ukraine.

2-    Here, we enter to our main file in tonight’s address. Among the results of the July war, finding deterrence rules in the face of the “Israeli” enemy between Lebanon and the enemy entity – equations and balance. 

Of course, we are not talking about a balance of power in the sense of how many soldiers “Israel” has and how many soldiers we have, how much naval power it has and how much we have, and how much air force it has and how much we have.

We are talking about a balance of deterrence, a balance of terror, a balance of fear, with different kinds of equations.

For 16 years from 2006 until today, Lebanon has enjoyed an excellent security situation, in terms of conflict with the enemy in relation to what was happening in the past. This has led to the enemy's inability to include Lebanon in the strategy of the battle between wars because it calculate any military move towards Lebanon a thousand times. It knows these moves will have reactions.

Therefore, if it is trying to do something of a security nature without leaving a fingerprint or a trace, this achievement still exists.

In this context, after my address on the issue of maritime borders as well as oil and gas and before the drones [were sent], the “Israeli” minister of war and all the “Israelis” spoke, threatened, etc. But there is a sentence Defense Minister Gantz said on the occasion of the July war that I would like to comment on. He said we are ready for war, and if necessary, we will march again to Beirut, Sidon, and Tyre.

I would like to comment on this sentence and move on to the next topic.

Simply put, Gantz is aware of the fact that he is fooling himself and his people, and all “Israelis” know that this is empty talk that has absolutely no value. Yes, everyone in “Israel” can say we will bomb and destroy. I am not saying that this is not possible.

On the contrary, this is what they can do. During the confrontation with Gaza and in all the wars they fought, it was all aerial bombardment, missile shelling, and artillery shelling. When they made an advance in one of the wars, they faced a calamity, and some of the soldiers were captured. Even the latest maneuver, the whole exercise toward Gaza was based on fire work and not ground progress.

You do not dare to walk in Gaza, which has been besieged for more than 15 years, has flat landscape, whose conditions are difficult, and most of its weapons are locally made. Yet, you want to threaten Lebanon with Tyre, Sidon, and Beirut. You are still comparing 20, 30, and 40 years ago. This is a mistake, and you are completely misguided.

In any case, I advise him to conduct a review of the experience during the July war and the final days of the July war, when they [the “Israelis”] made a decision to enter the city of Bint Jbeil, which is a very short distance from the international borders.

He can review the experience of the forces in the elite brigades, the great generals, the tank battalions that participated. Look back at the size of the forces that participated, the size of the fire power, the air force, the artillery and missile bombardment, and the helicopters.

They destroyed most of the city and besieged it, leaving one side open for the fighters to leave from. But the fighters did not flee. On the contrary, fighters were brought into the city of Bint Jbeil.

The situation is completely different. Even if your intention was not to occupy the city of Bint Jbeil, but rather reach the stadium in order to plant a flag where the spider’s web speech was delivered. However, you failed to do so.

In the final days, you assumed that the resistance is supposed to be exhausted, battered, and bombed, and its morale crushed. However, that was not the case. You witnessed the experience of Bint Jbeil, the city closest to the border with occupied Palestine.

Therefore, his talk about Beirut, Sidon, and Tyre is absurd. I also think all the Lebanese people laughed at this talk and threat. This topic is over.

Hence, when we continue with our file, we should not worry about this angle – the “Israeli” threat to return and invade. What will they invade? They stayed 33 days at the gates of Aita al-Sha`b, 33 days at the gates of our villages. They stayed three days in Maroun al-Ras despite all their effort, knowing that there were a small number of resistance fighters fighting in Maroun al-Ras.

3-    We move on to the next point. Here, I would like to emphasize the lessons from the July war, which have to do with the future, especially the south. When the “Israelis” want to calculate any action like a land invasion, they have to take the following into consideration. 

Today, the popular environment is different from that of 1982. The popular environment, in general, or the absolute majority embraces this option. It believes in the resistance, and the formation of the resistance and the resistance fighters is very large and unprecedented.

The capabilities of the resistance, its military capabilities, as well as the will and spirit to fight are very great and unprecedented. This is what is important. They are greater and stronger than ever before.

The same applies to geography. The geography, the people, the capabilities, and the resistance are with the resistance. First and foremost, God, Glory be to Him, is with the resistance. He is the one who helped it in the past, and He is the one who will help it at any time to come. This is the promise of Allah. Allah does not fail in His promise. Allah will surely support those who support Him.

4-    We come to the oil and gas. One of the results of the July war was the emergence of the actual ability of the resistance to protect Lebanon. There’s a new equation, which I talked about in the second point, protecting Lebanon’s land, people, and national security. We did not talk about social security, but the national security in the face of the “Israeli” enemy, and its natural resources. This is the only power that Lebanon possesses to obtain its right to extract and sell oil and gas.

There are a number of main points in this file:

1-    No one among the Lebanese disagrees that the extraction of oil and gas is a golden opportunity to save Lebanon. When I talk about saving Lebanon, I mean saving the state. One of the country's problems is that the entire public sector or the overwhelming majority, is paralyzed. They want to increase salaries and benefits, but the state is helpless. Later, if reserves in the Central Bank are depleted, the state may not be able to pay even the current salaries. The subsidies for medicine, if there are any remaining, will end. Same goes to flour. The country will end, and the state will head towards collapse. The country is going into a very difficult situation. What will save it?

One of the officials sent me a message saying: The three billion dollars from the International Monetary Fund is not important. If the IMF gives it to us and we sign an agreement, this will constitute a factor of confidence in the country. It is also possible to hold an international conference to help Lebanon. 

If the Americans allow the holding of an international conference to help Lebanon, how many loans will come to Lebanon? 10 billion? 11 billion? 12 billion? Like CEDRE, and most of it will be debts and loans on Lebanon and based on difficult terms? Will this solve Lebanon's problem?

Lebanon’s problem is far more complex than that. There is a second option, not 3 billion or 11 billion in debt. There are hundreds of billions in property with which you can pay off your debts, pay public sector salaries, bring back subsidies for medicines and flour, and find financing for the [cash] card. Practically, nothing happened [regarding the card].  The subsidy on gasoline, diesel, and all other things has been lifted, but the card was not activated. The only way to rescue the honorable and dear Lebanese people is through this. So far, it is not clear whether there is anything else.

2-    The golden opportunity is available in these two months. There is even less time now, the rest of July and August and the first week of September. I will mention details. Where is the golden opportunity?

If there was no war between Russia and Ukraine, there would have been no European-American need for gas and oil. Of course, it does not mean that they want to take gas and oil from Lebanon now; exploring, extracting, and selling will take years.

But Lebanon can create a problem for the “Israeli” enemy and the “Israeli” entity. This can lead to a problem in the entire region, and thus hinder the extraction of oil and gas and the sale of oil and gas to Europe.

They are pressed on the issue of time. A little while ago, I said that Biden is coming to the region for this reason. They want oil and gas, and that is why the “Israelis” hastened in Karish. Why am I saying two months? First, this is because during these two months, oil and gas for Europe must be secured. Second, these two months or what is left of the two months is what the company needs to extract oil and gas from the Karish field.

If this period expires and Lebanon does not get its rights, then the issue will be very difficult. It will be very difficult. Therefore, if we take our rights after oil and gas extraction from Karish begins, the cost will be higher. The cost will be higher, so this is the remaining time. In the previous address, I said that time is limited, but I did not specify a certain time.

But the “Israelis” as well as the whole world are saying that they will finish extracting oil and gas from Karish in September. This means that this is the timeframe. 

The Lebanese officials, the Lebanese state, and the entire Lebanese people must take advantage of this golden time and this golden opportunity. Do not allow the Americans to deceive you and cut the time.

I was surprised when I heard some officials say, "God willing, the agreement will happen in September.” It will be too late in September. [His Eminence hits the table.]

If, before September, you do not take your rights and fix the maritime borders and America and the United Nations recognize Lebanon’s rights, things will only be more difficult and costly after this period.

Of course, we will not leave it, but it will be difficult and costly. You may have to pay a high price to get something. Do not let the Americans deceive you. Do not listen to the sweet talk of the Americans.

It will be a year – because Muharram is next month, and on the tenth of Muharram we talked about bringing in diesel ships from Iran – since the US ambassador promised the Lebanese people gas from Egypt and electricity from Jordan and an exception from Caesar's Act and the World Bank, which will provide Lebanon with a loan. This year has passed. What has been achieved? Nothing!

Delegates are coming and leaving. Ministerial meetings were held. The Egyptians, Jordanians, Syrians, and Lebanese signed agreements. But there has been nothing so far. 

A few days ago, the Minister of Energy returned from Egypt and said that the Egyptians are ready and everything is ready – thank God this matter is over – but they are still waiting for the Americans to give them an exception to Caesar's Act. Meanwhile, nothing new came up with the World Bank. It’s been a year, and nothing happened.
The Egyptians had no problem from the start. They never had a problem for years. The Jordanians never had a problem for years.

From the start, the problem was that the Americans didn't make an exception. To this extent the Lebanese people are immersed in darkness. What is their worth to the Americans? Not even an exception to Caesar's Act for Egyptian gas or Jordanian electricity to come through Syria!

The Americans made an exception for Iraq. Iran was under sanctions; its gas was under sanctions, and its oil was under sanctions. However, there is an exception for Iraq to buy gas from Iran for electricity.

When America was occupying Afghanistan, it made an exception for the Afghan government, which was affiliated to it, to buy gas, oil, and oil derivatives from Iran. Come on! Even for one year!

Now more than ever, Lebanon needs an hour of electricity this summer, and winter is coming. The Americans are not prepared to make you an exception for Caesar’s Act. why would they give you maritime borders and the Qana field and allow Total and other companies to start extracting oil and gas from Lebanon? Who would they do that for? Based on what moral values?

You call this American envoy [Amos Hochstein] a mediator, but we do not consider him one. He is a party that works in the interest of “Israel” and to put pressure on the Lebanese.

In the past, the Americans came. Meanwhile, the way this mediator handles the file, in my opinion, is not proper, not in form nor in substance. During the interview he gave, he was laughing and mocking. When it comes to substance, he did not recognize that you have the right and considered the issue impossible because there is no possibility to prove the truth. Rather, the issue was that we want to conduct negotiations and a settlement and see how to please the two parties.

His performance was not good and not promising, both in form and substance. Why, then, did Hochstein come?

The Americans came a few years ago. They set the Hoff Line and turned their back for years. All of Lebanon sat and waited while the “Israelis” excavated. Yet, some are still talking about  excavating in Karish!

Excavation in Karish has been over for a long time. They are coming to extract from Karish. They were excavating, digging, and preparing, while we were waiting for negotiations.

Then, Hochstein came and gave you a second line called the Hochstein Line, which is not negotiable. He then turned his back and left. He told you, ‘When you have an answer, send me a written answer.’ He turned his back and left. What brought Hochstein back in his recent visit? Two things brought him back. Let's be precise.

He did not come for some Lebanese or the Lebanese state, or anyone at all. He came for two things. The first is the United States of America’s need for oil and gas for Europe, which we talked about a while ago.

Now, there is a difficult situation. There is the Russian-Ukrainian war that started several months ago. Hence, this is a development. The urgent need to secure an alternative. 

Now, this is the point that you can put pressure on the American. I do not want to call it a weakness. I will call it a point of urgent American, “Israeli”, and Western need.

The second is the point of strength. He saw the resistance threatening. If there was no threat by the resistance, listen to me carefully,  if there was no resistance and he did not know that the resistance possesses drones, accurate missiles, capabilities in the air, capabilities at sea, and capabilities on land and that it has courage and the boldness to threaten and act, he would not have come.

He would have told you, ‘I gave you a line, and I am still waiting for your answer, and you have not answered me yet.’ Why did he come? Because Karish oil and gas are under threat. I will talk about it. 

In summary, the enemy has a weak point, which is the urgent need for oil and gas that it wants to take from the entity. I said that it will not be in time to take oil and gas from Lebanon, but we can disrupt [their plan]. This is a point of strength. The point of strength is with us, with Lebanon; it has resistance, the ability to disrupt, the ability to prevent.

Today, when Lebanon wants to engage in the negotiations, any country that goes to negotiations needs trump cards. What are Lebanon’s trump cards or strengths? For example, are the League of Arab States, the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation, the United Nations, the UN Security Council, Europe with Lebanon? Who is? Lebanon is left alone; the Palestinian people, the Syrian people, the Yemeni people, these oppressed people are all abandoned. They have to search for their own strengths.

I mentioned the only point of strength. Whoever knows of another point of strength, point us to it. O brothers, we love to learn. We are not opposing. 

Lebanon’s only point of strength is the resistance and the act of resistance. Even the American is not an honest mediator, but rather a party. He is trying to reach a settlement in which he will achieve the greatest gains for the “Israelis” at the expense of the Lebanese. This is his real intention.

I do not care about the personality of the mediator. It is the American policy that Biden came today and announced the moment he arrived at the airport.

Hence, this is our point of strength. Here, we want to build on this talk. I want to tell the Lebanese officials. I do not want to comment on what was said. I want to be positive.

Some Lebanese officials are convinced, whether they express it publicly or not, and talk in internal meetings that they are convinced that the trump card in our hands is the resistance, the resistance’s threat. There are some officials who may not be convinced or are afraid to be clear in public. I will not argue about this. 

I want to tell the Lebanese officials that this is the only point of strength that you can benefit from. I tell you, and I am speaking on behalf of the resistance. The resistance tells you to take advantage of me, take advantage of me. When you sit down with the Americans, the Europeans, the United Nations, and the whole world, insult us but do not disavow us, of course. Insult us, there is no problem. Tell them, these people do not listen to anyone and are out of control, and we do not know where they are dragging the region to and what wall they will hit. Say whatever you want. This is what I want to say in public.
Say this. This is not a psychological warfare. The Americans and the “Israelis” know. With regard to this file, we are not carrying out a psychological warfare. We are very serious – I will talk about some details. The Lebanese negotiator has a real trump card.

When the drones flew over, you should have told them, "Do you see? These people are out of control. We do not know where they are dragging the region to and what wall it will hit.

Therefore, if you would please handle the issue and give Lebanon its natural rights. This is what I wanted to emphasize tonight. Let me talk about the drones incident for a little bit I heard that some officials said that this action took place outside the agreement. What agreement? Who made a deal with whom?

If someone made an agreement without our knowledge regarding this matter, it’s their business. But we in the resistance did not agree with anyone and did not promise anyone that we would not make any move or that we are waiting for negotiations.

And whoever is telling the Americans or anyone in the world and promising them that the resistance will not do anything and will not make any move, not in the past, now, or in the future, is deceiving them and himself and is wasting Lebanon's interests.

Instead of reassuring them, you should frighten them because this is the only point of strength in your hand. When you reassure him, he will turn his backs and waste time. He will toy with you during these two months the way he did for a year with regard to the Egyptian gas and Jordanian electricity. On the contrary, he should shiver and not just be afraid.
The next point is also in this context. Some asked why Hezbollah sent drones while saying that it is behind the state. No, you misunderstood. We said we stand behind the state in demarcation. 

We said that with regards to the issue of the maritime borders, we do not want to interfere with it. This does not mean, however, that if the state accepts this line or that line, we will approve it for the state. No, we have nothing to do with this topic; we are neither for nor against! We do not want to interfere in the demarcation of the maritime borders. I said this previously, and there is no need to go back and waste time for the sake of ideological, cultural, moral, and tactical reasons. This means that we stand behind the state, i.e., the state is the one that draws the borders, and we do not interfere in this matter.

When we say we stand behind the state, that means it is the one that negotiates, not us.

Many have spread rumors that Hezbollah entered the negotiations and opened a negotiating channel. These are all lies and baseless. We are not really concerned in this matter. However, we never said that we will stand behind the state to put pressure on the enemy or take steps that will serve the negotiations. We never said that. On the contrary, we have said that we will not stand idly by.

No one should be mistaken in our understanding of this issue. We did not commit to anyone, and now we have not committed to anyone. We are following the course of events. We have the right to take any step at any time we see fit, in the appropriate size and manner, and put pressure on the enemy in the interest of negotiations and the Lebanese negotiator. Let this, too, be clear.
Based on this, we sent the drones because time was running out.

The Lebanese got an answer and an evaluation. To be fair and realistic, there is no doubt that there is positive progress, but it is not enough. We are not asking for anything. I said that we will not interfere in this matter. The answer was wait for us until September. To wait until September means it will be too late. Here is the American deception.

The next day the drones were launched in response to the answer that was clearly deceitful and wasting time. We do not want to be deceived.

Let's talk a little about the military side of the drones issue. We sent three drones, as the resistance statement said, of different sizes and not armed. Of course, we intended for them not to be armed. During my discussions with the brothers to make a decision on this issue, we agreed that we want to send drones for the “Israelis” to shoot them down. They were confused, and their planes raided at the beginning and was not successful. After that, the naval forces intervened and used Barak missiles. These are all details.

But I will tell you about our intention. It is also good for the “Israelis” to pay attention to this detail because it is useful to them.

The brothers said that we can send a drone to conduct reconnaissance and return, but we unanimously agreed that we want drones to conduct reconnaissance and being shot down by the “Israelis”. Why? Because we want the planes to launch missiles; we want warships to launch sea-to-air missiles; we want fire to go out in the area so that the ship, engineers, employees, and all people take note that they are moving in an unsafe area and that there is a real and serious threat.

If we send a drone to go and come back, we would have had to issue a statement stating that we sent a drone, it returned safely and brought the information we wanted. It is possible that some people would believe, while others wouldn’t.

But our intention was that the drones go, and the “Israelis” shoot them down by hitting them with missiles. Then, the “Israelis” will talk about the incident. “Israel” came out and spoke before us. We waited for it to see what it wanted to say.

Of course, we intended to send three drones in order for there to be an event; otherwise, one drone would not meet the purpose. By the way, you can write down the drones incident in history because, for the first time in the history of the “Israeli” entity, three drones were launched in its direction at the same time.

We previously sent one drone, and Gaza sent one. One or two drones reached the “Israeli” entity from Iran. Drones also came from Syria. Drones were sent once at a time. But to send three drones at the same time at one target happened for the first time. That was the topic. 

Of course, we can send a large number of drones at the same time. We are able to send them unarmed and armed, and we can send them in different sizes. With the help of God Almighty, we are able to do so. This means, we don't have a problem with that.

We sent three drones not because we could not send five drones, but because it was enough to send the message. Three was enough, and we were ready for all possibilities. Whatever the “’Israeli” reaction was, we were ready to face it.

For example, there are tactical military security objectives that I do not want to mention. But the message to the enemy and to the whole world is that if someone is betting. I tell this to the Americans because they have people in Lebanon telling them things. These are stupid advisors. They have stupid advisors. They can tell them that the situation is difficult, the people are in need, and Hezbollah is threatening. But this is talk because they cannot do anything and are unable to do anything.

We have read a lot of statements, articles, and dialogues on this subject, and this is what they talk about on television and at the American embassy. It is possible that they [the Americans] will be deceived.

No, the message is clear. The message of the drones said that we are serious. To us, this is a main file. We are not waging a psychological warfare. We are moving gradually, and we will do anything the situation requires without any hesitation.

The “Israelis” and the Americans understood this message.
Some people in Lebanon commented on this. Whether they understood the message or not is the least of our concerns. 

The important thing is for the enemy to understand the message because it is directed, first and foremost, at it. In the second place, it is directed at our friends for them to know that they are in a strong position and that there is no need to be afraid or tremble. 

This message was received, and the proof was the “Israeli” reaction which was doing nothing on the field. This was the subject of criticism within the entity. Everyone – the Americans, the Europeans, and  the West – was put in a difficult spot. This is with regards to the issue of oil and gas. 

Then there were the communications and the messages that were transmitted to the Lebanese state and to us, too, after the drones. All this confirms that the message was received and was seriously understood.

I would like to talk about something clearly for next time. With regard to our capabilities, the enemy must know, and it knows. We want to reassure our friends. I would like to repeat something regarding this topic. Yes, our capabilities are diverse.

The “Israelis” admitted that they were confused while they confronted these drones. But we have many and different options, including in the air, at sea, and on land. All options are possible and on the table.

Playing with time is not useful, and we will give everything we can that serves the cause – in the right size, time, and way.

I also reiterate and confirm that Lebanon is leaning on a real deterrent and deterrent force, and its presence, the threat it poses, and action should be taken advantage of, if necessary.

There are two matters regarding this file, which is the capabilities and negotiations, that people should not get confused about. 

-    The first matter is Lebanon’s maritime borders that the state is negotiating. We must reach a conclusion in which the Americans and the United Nations recognize them as our borders. This is a file, but this alone is not enough. I want to remind you of the 1978 and 1982 invasions as well as the Lebanon’s undisputed and internationally recognized land borders. It is not enough that we have taken international recognition of our maritime borders and the economic zone. This is not enough.

-    The second matter is permission and not just lifting the ban. Companies, including Total, that were contracted must begin excavations where they should. Otherwise, what have we taken? It is like the following: These are your maritime borders, O Lebanese, you are forbidden to explore, drill, and extract. 

We will remain like so for 10 and 20 years. We have a right on paper, and the oil and gas in the sea are being looted.

Both matters must be resolved. This means that it is not enough for them to tell us that these are our borders, but then companies like Total are forbidden from drilling in or extracting from Lebanon. So, we have not accomplished anything; we are only fooling ourselves. By doing so, the state has only made an achievement on paper; there is practical result. 

Therefore, the option available to Lebanon is to exert pressure. We must put pressure. This is a crucial issue. This is a crucial issue for us.

I would like to tell our enemies and friends that we are not practicing psychological warfare then leave. No, we are serious. In our view, this issue is the only way to save Lebanon, the homeland, the state, state institutions. The state entity, the resent, the future are threatened with collapse. We are talking here about a rescue operation. Some might object to what I’m about to say and tell me that I am destroying the economic season or that I was to drag the country to war.

If we continue this way, Lebanon is going to what is worse than war, to something much worse than war. Let us, for once, try to be brave, have the heart of one man, and have one position. Let the Americans and the “Israelis” see one solid and strong position, without any wrong readings.

One might talk about the Iranian nuclear file or that Iran and Syria have been doing so since 1982. This is all nonsense. The issue has nothing to do with the Iranian nuclear file. Now, it turns out that the Americans are telling them to say this, because the Americans spoke like this.

If we stand as one man, and the Americans saw a state, the people, the army, and the resistance say to the Americans, if you do not give us our rights that the state and not Hezbollah is demanding and if you do not allow companies to come and extract, then all of us – God knows what we will do in the region – can turn the tables on the whole world.

There is someone who wants this people to die of starvation and kill each other over bread and fuel because the Lebanese pound and salaries have no value. There is someone who wants to destroy this country. No, I will speak frankly tonight.

Hence, the choice was not to help Lebanon, and this is the natural way to help it. It was intended for Lebanon to be pushed towards collapse and starvation and for people to kill each other. No, no, war is much more honorable! Threatening war, even going to war is much more honorable!

The first path has no horizon. To leave things like this – collapse and ruin and the people killing each other due to starvation – has no horizon. However, war has a horizon. If we make a decision to go to war, this has a horizon. This can subdue the enemy.

Before the war, maybe at the beginning of the war, during the war, or the end of it, it will be subdued and you impose your conditions. You can bring hundreds of billions of dollars and save your country. Whoever dies in such a war will die as a martyr. He will not die in a fight at a bakery or a gas station or over motorcycles theft, etc.

So, let's talk about this seriously. I know that tonight and tomorrow you will hear a lot of voices, but I'm honestly talking to you tonight, and experience taught us. 

We hope that this will be the position. We hope that the Lebanese national position will be strong and unanimous, but of course, we are not waiting for consensus. From 1982 until 2000, the experience of the resistance, the resistance parties, and the Lebanese resistance factions all say that if we waited for a national consensus, Lebanon would have still been under “Israeli” occupation. The settlements would have been in the south, the western Bekaa, Rashaya, and everywhere. Lebanon would have been swallowed by “Israel”. We will not wait for consensus, and we will not abandon the state. The state cannot be left alone with a difficult file of this kind.

Therefore, I tell the enemy tonight not to make a mistake in calculations, and to the Americans and Hochstein, do not deceive the Lebanese. The Lebanese will not be deceived. The message of the drones is just the beginning. It is a humble beginning of what we can do if things conclude negatively. We will not only stand in the face of Karish – it happens to be the days of the July [war]. Jot down the new equation: Karish and beyond Karish and beyond, beyond Karish.

Today, I took a table from the brothers concerned with the resistance. We are following up on everything across the Palestinian shores – all the fields, wells, and rigs – their names and coordinates, those that work and do not work, who is in the process of excavation, etc. We are following up on the details and are ready. I'm not saying Karish and Qana. It is much bigger than this with me.

If you arrive at an equation that this country is forbidden to save itself using its natural right of gas and oil, then no one will be able to extract gas and oil, and no one will be able to sell gas and oil. Is this understood or should I repeat? Whatever the consequences, O Lebanese people, we have reached the end of the line. Anyone else who will promise you, let them tell you what they are promising you. What? Who is the savior? How will the rescue take place?

They did not accept to even give you an hour of electricity, and all it needs is a stroke of a pen. They are not paying anything from their pockets; they want this country to collapse; they want this country to starve; they want this country to surrender; they want this country to give up its rights; they want this country to become their slave. This is not possible.

Those who want to be slaves, it’s their business. Those who want to be free, it’s their business.  The basis is that people, in any country, state, or homeland must have sovereignty, freedom, and independence. These states must be able to preserve their wealth, satisfy their people, and rescues them from ignorance, Illiteracy, disease, hunger. This is the situation we are in today.

Now, Mr. Biden is in the region. They said that Hochstein is with him. Gantz said somewhere that we do not want war and are ready to go very far in the path of peace and settlement, like what is happening with the issue of the maritime borders between us and Lebanon, which must be agreed upon quickly.

So, go ahead, tell them not to waste time and not to deceive the Lebanese. We will not be laughed at, and we will not accept to be deceived by anyone.

Anyway, I’ve taken up more time than planned. I wanted to talk a little bit about the issue of bread, the government, the public sector strike, and the inadmissibility of turning our back on these issues, especially the issue of the public sector, meaning the state is practically disrupted.

I was going to talk a little about the Salam Ya Mahdi [song], but time is running out. God willing, in the next few days, there will be an opportunity to talk about all these issues. 

God Almighty will defend this country and defend it with the blessing of all believers, truthful, sincere, and those willing to sacrifice for the sake of dignity and honor and a comfortable life. 

Peace, mercy, and Allah’s blessings be upon you.