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After Sayyed Nasrallah’s Interview, Zionist Experts Declare: We Must Prepare for the Worst

After Sayyed Nasrallah’s Interview, Zionist Experts Declare: We Must Prepare for the Worst
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By Al-Ahed News

“Israeli” military experts and correspondents are assessing and commenting on the latest threats from Hezbollah’s Secretary-General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah. The Hezbollah leader gave a televized interview to the Beirut-based Al-Mayadeen channel on Monday.

And now “Israeli” media personalities are asking their government to consider the worst-case scenario, ignoring forecasts from the “Israeli” intelligence apparatus, which claim that there is no military confrontation on the horizon over disputed gas reserves. 

They also voiced their fears over preparations by the resistance in Lebanon for a military operation despite the bad economic situation in that country.

Amir Bohbot, a military correspondent for the Walla! News, wrote on his Twitter account, "Nasrallah continues to threaten ‘Israel’ on the issue of gas and maritime borders. He has moved up the ladder and is preparing a military operation."

For his part, Ynet news’ Yossi Yehoshua tweeted the following:

"The assessments of the intelligence services in ‘Israel’ are that Nasrallah will not reach a round of fighting over the gas rig in the end." 

Yehoshua added:

1 – He climbed a very tall tree.
2 – Intelligence estimates are not always accurate.
3 – Hezbollah is not Hamas, and we must prepare for the worst case scenario.

Elior Levy, a correspondent with “Israel’s” Kan 11 television channel, said, “I am hopeful that ‘Israel’ will get rid of the concept of 'Nasrallah will not allow himself to open a military front with ‘Israel’ when Lebanon is economically broken.”

“I have no idea if he will carry out his threats, but one thing is certain, he keeps signaling that he is ready to go far regarding the Karish issue. I do not recommend underestimating his signals or dismissing them considering the situation in the land of cedars,” Levy wrote in a Twitter post.