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Barak: Face Reality, Military Action Won’t Stop A Nuclear Iran

Barak: Face Reality, Military Action Won’t Stop A Nuclear Iran
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By Staff, Agencies 

Former “Israeli” Prime Minister Ehud Barak warned that “Iran is s on the brink of being able to produce nuclear weapons, and military action at that stage will no longer be effective.”

In an article published Monday in Time, Barak underlined that “Both ‘Israel’ and [for sure] the US can operate over the skies of Iran against this or that site or installation and destroy it. But once Iran is a de-facto threshold nuclear state this kind of attack simply cannot delay the Iranians from turning nuclear.”

“Yes, it will still take them from 18 to 24 months to polish their skills treating metal uranium and packing it into a missile warhead,” he claimed. “But these steps can be executed in a small lab or workshop and cannot be easily followed, never mind stopped.”

"It’s time to face reality," Barak argued, proposing to "Start to think and prepare for the real new phase" with Iran as a nuclear state. Then, according to him, regional diplomacy, independent ‘Israeli’ attack plans and awaiting the "collapse" of the Iranian regime would be the desired courses of action.

Last week, “Israel's” military chief Aviv Kochavi said that “preparing a military option against the Iranian nuclear program is a moral necessity and a security imperative.”