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Over 1,200 ‘Israeli’ Soldiers Examined After WSJ Leak on Anti-Iran Naval Ops

Over 1,200 ‘Israeli’ Soldiers Examined After WSJ Leak on Anti-Iran Naval Ops
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By Staff, Agencies

The communications of about 1,200 ‘Israeli’ occupation soldiers were examined and 10 officials were questioned after information about ‘Israeli’ strikes on Iranian ships was leaked to The Wall Street Journal last year.

The WSJ reported at the time that, since 2019, that the Zionist military had targeted at least 12 vessels headed to Syria that were mostly carrying Iranian oil, citing US and regional officials.

According to the report, the Tel Aviv regime used a variety of weapons, including water mines to strike Iranian vessels and vessels carrying Iranian cargo.

The Movement for Quality Government in ‘Israel’ had petitioned the government to conduct a criminal investigation into how the information about the strikes was leaked, but the attorney had decided not to open an investigation into the incident.

The WSJ report did not cite ‘Israeli’ officials and no claims were made after it was published that the report was based on leaks by ‘Israeli’ sources. The document and statement published by the Movement for Quality Government in the occupied territories were the first indications that the report was connected to leaks from within the ‘Israeli’ establishment.

The movement additionally stated that it is estimated that the leak was by an ‘Israeli’ source and that the report harmed ‘Israel's’ naval campaign against Iran.

The Zionist military told the attorney that over 1,200 soldiers were exposed to the secrets about the operations, while only about 450 of them had signed a confidentiality agreement, and an unknown amount of other people from other agencies and organizations had been exposed to the information as well. The Mossad stated that it did not have information or even an estimate on how many people were exposed to the information.

The attorney additionally noted that the Zionist military conducted an internal investigation which aimed to judge the behavior of military officials on the subject of confidential information. The investigation examined the communications of about 1,200 soldiers and surveyed 10 relevant ‘Israeli’ military officials.