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Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech during International Al-Quds Day Festival

Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech during International Al-Quds Day Festival
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Translated by Al-Ahed News

The full speech of Hezbollah’s Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah during the International Quds Day commemoration at the Sayyed al-Shuhada Complex in the southern suburb of Beirut on 29-04-2022:

I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed Satan. In the name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon our Master and Prophet, the Seal of Prophets, Abi al-Qassem Muhammad Bin Abdullah and his good and pure household and his good and chosen companions and all the prophets and messengers.

May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be upon you all.

God Almighty says in His Glorious Book: In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful: {Go forth, whether light or heavy, and strive with your wealth and your lives in the cause of Allah. That is better for you, if you only knew.} God Almighty speaks the truth. 

I welcome you all to this blessed meeting and gathering. This is perhaps the first meeting in the Sayyed al-Shuhada Complex since the coronavirus pandemic. This is one of the blessings of Al-Quds and Al-Quds Day.

We gather on the International Quds Day, which was announced by His Eminence Imam Khomeini, to talk about Al-Quds, its cause, and its battle and the prospects and future of this battle and all our responsibilities in it. But we must first salute the tens of thousands who gathered to perform Friday prayers at Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied Palestine – the last Friday prayer of the blessed month of Ramadan. We must salute our Palestinian brothers and sisters who have not left the Al-Aqsa Mosque since the first day of the blessed month of Ramadan. We must single out those who remained at the mosque and in the mosque’s courtyards day and night. These unarmed people confronted all the settlers’ attempts to desecrate the mosque and attack its sanctity with their bodies and fists as well as their brave and proud spirits.

We must also salute today all those who are marking the International Quds Day under the title “Al-Quds is the focal point”, all those who protested, demonstrated, and held seminars and lectures during these days – not just today but yesterday, today, and tomorrow – under this title to mark the cause of Al-Quds, and those who delivered speeches, issued statements, announced positions, and organized poetry on this occasion with all available means of expression, especially through modern means.

We must also salute the millions and hundreds of thousands of people who are fasting yet took to the streets in Iranian and Yemeni cities. Jihadists and believers in these two great Islamic countries showed a great and distinguished presence today.

Of course, the [Quds Day] commemorations, praise be to God, according to what I’ve learned – in one way or another and within varying sizes – were held in more than 90 countries in the world. After the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Imam Khomeini wanted it to be an occasion to keep the cause of Palestine and Al-Quds alive. Therefore, it is an occasion to highlight this cause, its truthfulness, its legitimacy, and the grievances of the Palestinian people, including that of the thousands of detainees in prisons and their woes. Stories are told about them, their steadfastness, their pain, and their perseverance. It is also to talk about the torments of the families of the prisoners – there are families whose men are all in prison, all their children are in prison, not even one son is outside prison; there are families that have not been able to see their loved ones and dear ones for many years. This is a humanitarian, moral, painful, and sad title and everyone bears the responsibility. The sacrifices of this people – the martyrs, the wounded, their demolished homes, their razed fields, their uprooted olive trees, their besieged villages and cities.

The big title is the siege on Gaza that has been in place for many years, for more than 15 years. All this must be addressed to the human conscience, and it must be addressed to the conscience of every Muslim and every free person in this world, especially Muslims who fast the month of Ramadan and stand in the presence of God Almighty. This affiliation is absolutely incompatible with remining silent regarding these great and enormous injustices – the difficult conditions experienced by the Palestinians inside Palestine, in the diaspora, in the refugee camps, in all the countries of the region, and the countries surrounding Palestine. It is also to shed light on jihad and sacrifices, not only about oppression and pain, on jihad, on patience, on awareness, on insight, on the high readiness for sacrifice, on lofty souls, firm fists, legendary steadfastness, and the amazing operations carried out by the people, including men and women, young men and women.

This occasion is to highlight all these titles, files, and details. Imam Khomeini’s primary concern on Quds Day was: How can Al-Quds remain in the sphere of consciousness, in the sphere of hope, and in the sphere of action? In these three circles, in the circle of awareness, memory, and conscience, in the circle of hope for the possibility of victory, and in the circle of work to achieve this victory and liberate Al-Quds.

Dear brothers and sisters, since the establishment of this entity usurping occupied Palestine, its sponsors, masters, and Zionist movement – that is, America and the West and at that time Britain – and the Zionist movement and all those who cooperated with them in the world have worked to establish, consolidate, and protect this entity and turn it into the pivot and key, as well as the first and main force in this region. 

They have worked on many courses since 1948, including the path of forgetting, which means to make us forget, to make the Palestinian people and the Arab and Islamic peoples forget.  We must always stress that the issue of Palestine and Al-Quds is the issue of all peoples – Arab and Islamic, and not only that of the Palestinian people.

They bet that we’d forget as time passes by – 10 years, 20 years, 50 years, 60 years, eventually people will forget. By marking events this year and in the past years in many countries of the world, we confirm that this path has been thwarted. The path of forgetting has been thwarted. The path where betting on the Palestinians to forget about their land, villages, and sanctities with time and for the Arabs and the Muslims to forget that blessed land and stolen and those usurped holy sanctities has been thwarted.

Today, Palestine and Al-Quds are in our memories, conscience, minds, hearts, culture, consciousness, will, determination, love, hope, and looking forward for the future. 

Among these courses of action is also to spread despair – for the Palestinian people to despair over the prospect of reclaiming Palestine from the sea to the river; for the ummah to reach a point of despair in recovering Al-Quds and the Islamic and Christian sanctities, and eventually, they will accept some crumbs in the state of Gaza and administrative autonomy in some parts of historic Palestine; Al-Quds will become an internationalized city that is open to the world. These are the crumbs in question.

They’ve been working on the path of despair since 1948 – the ongoing horrific massacres since before 1948 until today; the Zionist-“Israeli” massacres against the Palestinian people, the Lebanese, and the peoples of the region; the successive Arab military defeats, from the Nakba to the Naksa; the official Arab betrayal of Palestine and the Palestinian people over decades, with speeches and slogans but no action – complicity behind the scenes, supporting the Zionist entity to becoming superior security and military wise and with no one daring to confront it, let alone remove it; the massive political, diplomatic, international, American, and Western support for “Israel”; the exit of some Arab countries, such as Egypt, from the battle constituted a very huge moral and psychological shock in the Arab and Islamic world; countries engaging in peace agreements with “Israel”, such as Egypt and Jordan; normalization that has been in the works for many years and agreements that have been activated in recent years.

Hence, this is one of the objectives of the despair path – O, the people of Palestine and the region, what are you thinking? What are you waiting for? It's over.

The Arabs used to say that normalization will come after peace. Now, normalization came before peace, before securing the minimum Palestinian rights, and before the Arab peace initiative that was proposed at this Beirut conference. This is over. Take a look at where you are living? In which world are you living in? The goal is to cause despair. 

The inter-Arab conflicts, conflicts between Arab countries and Islamic countries, internal crises in Arab and Islamic countries, all of these serve the path of despair.

What is important is that the goal of the path of despair from the beginning was to make the Palestinian people believe that they have no hope, no horizon, no future; there is no one with you in the Arab and Islamic world; everyone has abandoned you and let you down; they are queuing to normalize [with “Israel”] state after state; "Israel" is a great military power in the region, and you are a defenseless people with limited capabilities. You will not be able to do anything, and you only have to accept the crumbs and surrender.

This bet and this course has been thwarted. It is being thwarted every day when we see demonstrations in and outside of Palestine, when a young Palestinian man or woman carries out a jihad operation inside occupied Palestine, when a missile or a drone is launched, when the Palestinians intensify their preparations for the next confrontation, when the fists of the Palestinians rise at the Al-Amoud Gate or in the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and when guns are locked and loaded in the West Bank, in the Jenin refugee camp, and in Jenin city.

All these bullets, guns, fists, and the blood of the martyrs in Palestine tell the whole world that the path of despair has been thwarted and that the Palestinian people have not and will not despair. Rather, they are more hopeful and more certain about the future victory and liberation, God willing. This path has been in the works.

They’ve been trying to cause despair among and impose this path on the Palestinians and the peoples of the region, on the Lebanese people, the Syrian people, the Jordanian people, and the Egyptian people – the people of the countries surrounding Palestine – the rest of the Islamic and Arab peoples, on those who stand with and support the resistance politically and socially and in the media, on those who provide arms to resistance movements, and on those who bear the burden and consequences of supporting the resistance movements in the region. But these people expressed their trust in the resistance and resistance movements and their confidence on their ability to achieve victories.

Another course of action is to cause exhaustion and the continuous pressure and siege inside Palestine and siege on every resistance movement outside Palestine and on every country in the axis of resistance, including cruel and severe sanctions, economic and financial pressures, and terror lists. The worst is imposing wars on these countries, peoples, and forces – armed wars to drain them, like [the wars] on Syria and Iraq, the eight-year war on Iran, [the war] on Yemen, and [wars on] more than one country in our region.

The path of exhaustion was not able to achieve its goal at all, despite all the difficult circumstances, sanctions, sieges, imposed wars, and unruly terrorist groups in more than one of these countries.

Despite the difficult economic and living conditions, they could not take from these countries, these movements, these peoples, or these resistance forces, they could not take from them a word,  position, or commitment. They could not see weakness from them. What’s the whole purpose, brothers and sisters, of these sanctions, sieges, lists, and measures?

The purpose is for all of us to give up Al-Quds, Palestine, our rights, our water, our oil, our gas; for the Lebanese to give up their solidarity with Palestine – many of whom stand in solidarity with Palestine – as well as their natural rights in Lebanon’s territorial waters and the rest of their occupied lands; for the Syrian people to give up Palestine, Al-Quds, and the Golan; and for the rest of the countries in the region to give up Al-Quds, Palestine and the its peoples, as well as their brothers and sisters in Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria.

But imagine, for example, if instead His Eminence the Leader Sayyid Khamenei delivering a speech today, Iran told America in Vienna or elsewhere: Yes, we will transform the embassy of Palestine into the embassy of “Israel” in Tehran; we will recognize “Israel”; we accept the path of normalization with “Israel”; and we will stop any form of support for the resistance movements, would Iran have suffered? This, of course, is one of the fundamental reasons but not the only one. It is one of the most important and fundamental reasons. Would Iran have suffered from the siege, sanctions, pressures, and conspiracies? Definitely not.

But His Eminence the Leader stated his clear position and serious and unequivocal commitment to support Palestine, the people of Palestine, and the resistance movements in the region. This is not a rhetorical statement like statements most official Arab regimes have been making for decades. No, this is translated in diplomacy, politics, ideological and cultural mobilization, financial support, the provision of weapons, precision missiles, and drones, transfer of manufacturing experience, self-sufficiency, etc.

Imaging the Syrian leadership, for example, saying, “Oh, brother, let us give up the Golan, or let us accept to lease the Golan for 99 years, and we’ll be over the Golan issue and we can establish peace and normalize with “Israel”. What would the situation of the regime in Syria be today had it said or done that? Of course, this is one of the main reasons for what happened in Syria. It is not the only reason. But imagine if it did that.

Today in Yemen, if the leadership of Ansarullah stood contrary to what it said, did, and demonstrated and the dear Yemeni people stood with it and said: “We are ready to recognize “Israel”, to be part of a Yemeni political system that establishes peace and normalizes with “Israel”, and if we have a missile or a drone that worries “Israel”, we are ready to get rid of it, as some Arab regimes did,” what would have been the fate of Yemen today and the level of American and Western intervention to stop the war on these oppressed Yemenis?

In any case, the path of exhaustion did not lead to a result. Yes, our peoples are in pain. They are suffering. We cannot deny it. We are all suffering. There is real suffering at the level of livelihood, the daily life, security, psychological pressure. But this is part of jihad, resistance, steadfastness, and sacrifice for the sake of God – sacrificing lives and money. This is a form of jihad. Rather it is one of the greatest forms of jihad because it is this steadfastness that maintains the incubating environment for the continuation of the resistance that it relies on in the liberation of Palestine and Al-Quds, God willing.

So, these courses of action were all utilized. However, today on Quds Day, we can say realistically, and not just enthusiastically or slogans, that these paths have been thwarted. We will not forget; we will not despair; and we will not falter in the face of pressure.

The path of forgetting, the path of despair, and the path of exhaustion cannot lead to results. Why? Simply because our nation and the peoples of our nation – this is what the Americans, the Westerners, the supporters of the Zionist project, and some of the people in the Arab world who have even abandoned their faith and religion are not aware of – believe that Palestine and Al-Quds are part of our religion, faith, dignity, and honor. We are a nation that cannot give up on its religion, belief, dignity, and honor. Therefore, this cause will always remain alive, and this nation will remain alive. It may be exhausted or occupied by many battles and events, but it returns to the right direction, goal, and field.

Brothers and sisters, when we say that these paths have been thwarted it is only thanks to the continuous work and action since before 1948. 

In the second part of my speech, I will talk about this year. What is happening today is not separate from what happened at the beginning. It is a continuous movement. The resistance did not start in 1978, 1982, 2005, 2006, or a year ago. The resistance began before 1948.

Today, when we talk about actions and deeds, we say that the failure of the paths of forgetting, despair, and exhaustion was thanks to everyone working in the resistance project, whether by saying a word – never underestimate the power of a word – delivering a speech or the issuing of fatwas by Shiite and Sunni [religious] authorities. This is very influential. 

The declared positions, political positions as well as cultural work and everything related to art, including poetry, literature, painting, films, theatrical plays, pictures, and planning, as well as steadfastness and endurance to the hardship of living – all of which led to this result. But at the helm of the reasons that prevented people from forgetting and falling into despair and exhaustion and gave hope was the armed military resistance as well as the jihadist and self-sacrificing martyrdom operations. This comes on top – fighting this enemy, whether in the context of the resistance or the wars that occurred, which I will talk about later.

What we call, today, the axis of resistance has been conducting jihadist operations and fighting this enemy since 1948. The axis of resistance, which in fact could have been called different names in the past, did not just issue political stances and expressed its rejection on pulpits with words, fatwas, or social work. It rather engaged in armed confrontation from the first operations in Palestine before and after 1948 in Palestine, Lebanon, and the region.

These operations, achievements, as well as sacrifices and martyrs – when we say Al-Quds and Palestine are in our awareness, memory, and conscience, Al-Quds is in the circle of hope and the horizon open to victory, Al-Quds is in the circle of steadfastness – are the most important reasons thanks to the blessings of the blood of the martyrs. These results are thanks to the blessings of the blood of the martyrs, tens of thousands of martyrs who died on this path in Palestine, Lebanon, and the countries of the region. Among the martyrs are men, women, children, the elderly, fighters, soldiers, officers and commanders, great leaders of the resistance movements and the resistance axis. The latest leader was the great martyr commander Hajj Qassem Soleimani.

The military jihadist path revived this cause. The military jihad and confrontation proved that “Israel” is being conquered, that “Israel” is not a destiny, and that “Israel” is not an absolutely superior. It excels in some arenas, and we excel in others. We can defeat over and over again. We have defeated it during the past decades. This happened in the October 1973 war at the hands of the Syrian army and the Egyptian army. This was achieved by the resistance movements in Lebanon in 2000 and 2006 and the resistance movements in Palestine in various stages, including the liberation of Gaza and all the wars that were imposed on it.

Military confrontation proved our ability in create victories and defeating the enemy and gave us hope. This is the path that must continue, so should the popular uprisings. This means the armed resistance and the popular uprising. In Lebanon, armed resistance was combined with the popular uprising. This is what happened in Palestine at the beginning – a popular uprising, men and women, fists, stones, fire, oil, and sticks, as well as armed resistance. This is the path that must continue. 

Today, brothers and sisters, Al-Quds Day comes as we are in a strategic position. The strategic environment of this conflict is in a very advanced strategic position. 

I will delve into the current reality. This is the other part of the speech.

Between last year and this year’s Quds Day, our courses of action have evolved. We talked about those of the enemy above. Our courses of action – the resistance movements’ – have evolved. The enemy fears them and is working to end them. In return, we must work to stabilize, strengthen, and develop them.

1- The first course of action is the jihadist operations inside the 1948 territories and the West Bank, especially in the past few weeks with the individual operations. In any case, [the operations] in Gaza are continuing. We are going to talk about a new and strong. These operations, the individual ones, caused a violent shock in the entity. What is meant by the isolate operations is when a person goes out alone. He makes his own decisions, plans, does reconnaissance, and executes the operation on his own. He might be martyred and may not. These are the individual operations.

These single operations that are taking place now on the land of Palestine are among the most dangerous things that the entity has faced. This is a dangerous and very important and very qualitative escalation in the course of action of the resistance in Palestine. Operations took place inside the entity, but they were run by jihadist factions, military minds, and operations leaders. Enormous capabilities are provided operations such as the great martyrdom operation that shook Al-Quds and Tel Aviv in 1996. World leaders had to gather in Sharm el-Sheikh if you remember. Then, there was the Grapes of Wrath [operation] in Lebanon. These operations were run by factions and were given capabilities.

Individual operations are a very dangerous qualitative development. Why? Because these operations do not require an operations command, operations rooms, factions that lead and manage them, and enormous capabilities. Rather, a person on his own buys a pistol or a machine gun or brings a knife from his home and goes to the field. This is what all the enemy’s leaders admitted. After the recent operations, the head of the enemy’s government and the war minister used the same language, why? Because they want to explain to the occupying “Israeli” people – my emphasis on the “Israeli” people. They wanted to provide an explanation for the security failure. The security services failed. Basically, the Zionist entity is a security and intelligence system more than it is an armed army. Why did you fail? They said because when a person – this is what I said earlier that they said – a Palestinian, whether he hails from the 1948 territories or from the West Bank, makes the decision, plans, and determines where to carry out the operation; when he does his own reconnaissance and secures the weapons – i.e., he is the support and the logistics – and when he executes [the operation] is a matter that the security services, the technological and technical advancement in the world, or the surveillance devices can discover. This must be faced with measures and precautions. This is a very important course of action.

In a quick word, what did these individual operations in recent weeks lead to? They revealed the entity’s fragile and weak security and the inability of the “Israeli” security services and the army to identify these mujahideen and their intentions. They strongly shook the confidence of the “Israelis” in their army, security services, and government, as were the results of the military wars, whether in 2006 or in the Al-Quds Sword battle last year.

A shaken security and the lack of confidence of the “Israelis” in their security have very serious repercussions. This affects the immigration project to Palestine – people are told to come to a safe country, yet it is not a safe country. This affects the will of the Zionists who have another nationality and are planning to stay in Palestine. This will make them rethink and leave to a safe country. This reinforces the existential anxiety of these Zionists. This affects the economy and investments. These operations brought Palestine, Al-Quds, and the cause of the Palestinian people back to world public opinion and to the media in the world, even if it is about the dead and wounded Zionists. These operations express the anger of the Palestinian people, whom the “Israelis” were betting on domesticating. These operations pushed the “Israeli” entity to hide and retreat further behind the walls. They wanted to reinforce the walls of the West Bank. However, what could be the future of an entity that hides behind more and more walls? 

What are the repercussions of hiding even on the people’s confidence in its ability, superiority, and security? The danger of what happened in individual operations is that they occured in multiple areas and not in one place. These operations were executed by Palestinians coming from various places – from the West Bank and from the 1948 territory. This is a very dangerous message for the enemy. The most important achievement that has been achieved and is being achieved today is the following: the Zionist project and the future of the enemy entity is based on the equation of combining occupation and security. You can occupy Palestine and have security. This equation has been falling over the years. However, in the past few weeks, it fell strongly and was shaken strongly. The Palestinians told them that they could not have both occupation and security.

Brothers and sisters, “Israel” is a different country because it is an abnormal state, an artificial state, not a natural state, and not a real state. In countries of the world, security may be disrupted, a civil war may occur, but the entity and the state do not fall. The state is not abolished from geography. However, the state of “Israel”, because it is an emergency state, an artificial state, an unreal state, a state brought from all parts of the world, and a state of odd prospects, it cannot remain without security.

So, this is the weak point. The liberation of Palestine may not require very large armies and the most powerful air defenses in the world. It needs the self-sacrificing martyrs and fighters who will take away from the “Israelis” their security, health, and safety for years. These people will gather their belongings and leave. These people came due to a lie related to the land of Palestine. It was a lie. Otherwise, why were they discussing whether they should go to Palestine, Uganda, Argentina, or go to Ukraine? There were several options before them. If it was a matter of was ideology, faith, and religion, the other options would not have been put forward. These people were brought to Palestine with the promise of milk, honey, and security. But you cannot taste milk and honey if there is no security.

Hence, this is the course of action that must continue. This course must be supported; it needs support, political support, moral support, media support, financial support, armament support. We must not just say that this course must continue.

What does it mean when Arab and Islamic countries condemn these operations in occupied Palestine? Or for Arab and Islamic countries to express condolences to the head of the usurping entity for the dead and wounded in these great jihadist operations? This is failure and abandonment. No! These operations require that scholars, political forces, parties, resistance movements, elites, intellectuals, etc., and all peoples issue statements of congratulations and support in the face of the campaign of condemnation that is taking place in the world for these mujahideen and their families. Moral, political, and media support is needed. Material support is needed. Today, these people and their families are facing reprisals – their families are displaced; they lose job opportunities; their homes are destroyed. These people need financial and social support. This course must continue.

2- The second course of action was achieved last year. It still continues to this day. In the current month of Ramadan, it was confirmed and proven. It is the interconnection of the Palestinian arenas. The “Israelis” expressed their fear toward interconnection of the Palestinian arenas.

In the past, they worked to dismantle the arenas – Gaza, the West Bank, the 1948 territories, and Al-Quds. The Al-Quds Sword battle established this interconnection. Today, this interconnection is standing strong. In the Al-Quds Sword battle that took place during the past weeks, Gaza, the West Bank, and the 1948 territories were present. This interconnection between the Palestinian arenas must remain strong. The “Israelis” took it strongly into account. They understood the red lines of the resistance in Gaza and the West Bank. They knew very well that they could not go far. Therefore, they prevented the flag march and many of the activities the settlers take.

3- The third course of action is the interconnection of the arenas of the axis of resistance. Allow me here to reiterate and call again for the idea of a regional equation for the protection of Al-Quds and Al-Aqsa Mosque. These words are not words we said after the Al-Quds Sword battle out of emotion but rather out of responsibility. In the axis of resistance, there is a belief in this equation, expressed by many in the axis of resistance, including leaders, movements, and frameworks.

Today, on Al-Quds Day, we want to reaffirm this important equation. We also call on the rest of the Arab countries and the Arab armies, even those that made peace with "Israel"; we call on Egypt, its leadership, its army, and its people; we call on Jordan, its leadership, its army, and its people; and we call on all the countries and peoples of the region to send a clear message to the Zionists and the “Israeli” government telling them: Plotting against Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Islamic and Christian holy sites in Al-Quds and the demise of Al-Quds and Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Islamic and Christian holy sites means the demise of “Israel”. The entire Arab and Islamic world should tell the Zionists that our peoples, countries, governments, and armies cannot remain silent regarding this matter. 

However, at the very least, on International Al-Quds Day, we say that the axis of resistance, its state, governments, armies, people, or resistance movements can remain silent about it. It cannot.

In this course, we must continue to build capabilities – human, armament, and military capabilities – in all arenas in Palestine, in Lebanon, in all the countries in the region concerned with this axis. The pressures exerted to prevent the increase of this capacity, precision missiles, drones, the development of capabilities and competencies will fail. This is happening, will happen, and it will continue. Hajj Qassem Soleimani started it and is continuing so far. The Islamic Republic strongly supports it, and Syria strongly supports it and facilitates it. The resistance movements in the region, including Palestine, Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq, are developing their competencies and capabilities, waiting for the day when we must all bear the responsibility. These three courses must be consolidated and strengthened. They represent hope and an open horizon for us.

There are two courses that we must confront. The first is the normalization path, which we said is included in the framework of despair. It has failed. Relations between some Arab countries and the temporary entity will not lead us to despair. Neither the Palestinians nor the resistance peoples in the region will despair. Their goal has failed. The path of normalization must be confronted by words and in issuing positions without embarrassment, calculation, and discrimination. Whoever normalizes with the “Israeli” enemy must be condemned. Necessary and proportionate stances must be taken towards such a betrayal.

There are rude, ugly, and hideous people who normalized with “Israel”. One of the ugliest statements that I have heard in the past few weeks are the statements of officials in Bahrain, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bahrain. They are so ugly – throwing themselves in the arms of the “Israelis”. They have no more shame or honor, as they talk about normalizing relations with "Israel". One of the ugliest hypocrisy these days is when Arab and Islamic countries say – listen to this hypocrisy: ‘We are establishing relations with "Israel" in order to serve the Palestinian cause and for the sake of the Palestinian people.’

Can you find more rudeness, hypocrisy, arrogance, and stupidity than this? Why are you establishing relations with "Israel"? They say: ‘This is for the sake of serving the Palestinian people, the Palestinian cause, and Al-Quds.’

These relations of yours have not released thousands of prisoners from prisons, protected the Al-Aqsa Mosque, prevented the demolition of Palestinian homes and the bulldozing of their fields, lifted the siege on Gaza, or brought back the Palestinians from the diaspora – people who live in the most difficult conditions in refugee camps – to their homes and fields. Who do we mean by the Palestinian people and Al-Quds except for this?

This path of normalization must be confronted. Of course, I repeat and say at the top of the confrontation methods are the operations inside occupied Palestine. The biggest response to the treacherous normalization meeting in the Negev was the operations that took place in Tel Aviv and in occupied Palestine – a harsh, sharp, and decisive answer. The message that the operations here send to the Zionists is: Normalizing with these Arab countries will not protect you. The message sent to these Arab countries says: Your relationship with “Israel” will not protect you.

I want to tell you a piece of information, also to the media. After the Mossad attacked the Islamic Republic from Erbil, Iraq, and the Islamic Republic bombed the Mossad headquarters in Erbil with 12 Fateh 110 missiles, whose hits were accurate, Iran sent a clear message. I would like to add an unannounced message. 

I have learned that the Islamic Republic has informed the countries in the region that have established and normalized relations with “Israel” and may open bases for “Israel” there, that any aggression against Iran from these countries, Iran will respond to these countries by targeting the “Israeli” bases in these countries, whatever country the aggression against the Islamic Republic of Iran was launched from. This message reached these normalizing countries and the temporary “Israeli” entity as well.

I also want to tell you that the Islamic Republic is now developing its military position in the field to the extent that, in the event of the continuation of the “Israeli” aggression against Iranian presence in the region, it may proceed to strike “Israel” directly. This position is developing and its premises are getting bigger. The issue depends on the “Israeli” behavior, foolishness, and stupidity. The officials in the Islamic Republic said that the time in which we bring our martyrs and hold funeral ceremonies for them is over. We will avenge our martyrs. This is an important development. 

So, the course of normalization must be confronted with words and with the continuation of operations in Palestine, which tells the Zionists: Normalization will not protect you.

The other path that we must continue on is the path of steadfastness. These words are for the Palestinians, the Lebanese, the Syrians, the Yemenis, the Iraqis, the Iranians, all the peoples of the region, the Bahrainis, and all the sympathizers. There are sympathizers today in North Africa, Africa, Nigeria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and in many regions of the world. The constant pressure to submit to America and to the conditions of America and “Israel”, the economic and living pressures, must be confronted.

With regard to normalization, there is a special responsibility that falls on Iraq. Iraq is a country in which normalization is strongly proposed. Normalization must be confronted decisively. The brothers in Iraq are worthy of this historical responsibility.

Brothers and sisters, the developments taking place in the world are only a sign. They also open up this horizon before us.  Take the American defeat in Afghanistan. Biden is now trying to make the world forget what happened in Afghanistan. But in America, they always remind him of that. The American defeat in Afghanistan worried the “Israeli” entity. And you will remember the words of the “Israeli” officials that worried America’s allies in the region. The Russian-Ukrainian war and its potential outcomes are also troubling to the entity. They may create a new multipolar world order that ends the domination of the unipolar American-led order. This also opens up many horizons before us. We have many open horizons. Our future is the future of progress, development, strength, victory, and liberation. Their future is the future of one defeat after another, one retreat after another, one withdrawal after another, and hiding behind walls and fences.

Here, I must talk about a point related to Lebanon regarding the “Israeli” issue. In May of last year, the enemy was supposed to hold major maneuvers. At the time, we issued a warning. I repeat and say that the elections are going to be held in May, the first week of May. They still haven't announced an official date. Major drills will take place in the “Israeli” entity. The last time they canceled it because of the Al-Quds Sword battle and the Palestinian victory. This year, they seem to want to hold drills in which the navy, air force, ground forces, security services, home front, and reserve forces will take part. The exercise will last for a month. It is a month of maneuvers. I want to tell the Zionists today: 

1- This matter does not frighten us but calls us to be careful. We must always take into consideration during a time of maneuvers this kind of high Zionist readiness. The “Israelis” might commit a certain foolishness – hitting a target, assassinating a person, or bombing. We don't know what they might do. It is assumed that since we know that "Israel" is in a state of readiness and in a state of great maneuver, we will retreat and be frightened. 

I tell the enemy. First, we are awaiting for your maneuvers. And here, the Lebanese will be surprised. During the past few weeks, while our electoral machines were running elections, our jihadist formations were engaged in silent maneuvers. Not many people even felt it. The maneuvers tackled all scenarios and hypotheses and involved all the weapons at our disposal.

I announce today, so no one will be surprised. Of course, no one will see anything with their own eyes, and this is one of the characteristics of the resistance in Lebanon. When the “Israeli” maneuvers begin, whether they start before the elections or after, the resistance in Lebanon, will be at the highest levels of alertness and readiness. This is something that the brothers have been informed of and are preparing for, so we are not blindsided. I tell the “Israeli” enemy: Do not bet on fatigue here or boredom there, on hunger here or poverty there, on fear here or hesitation there. Any mistake, any folly, any act of aggression, small or big, that the “Israeli” enemy may commit will be responded to quickly and directly. You will not hear. We reserve the right to respond in the right place and at the right time. Your great maneuvers do not frighten us and will not prevent us from establishing the deterrence equations that have protected Lebanon so far. Do not think that we are preoccupied with the elections. The elections do not distract us from being ready or responding to aggression and protecting our country, which is the main and fundamental goal.

Brothers, I spoke for a while, and you are fasting. God willing, you will get to where you will be breaking your fast. On the International Quds Day, to Imam Khomeini, the Palestinian people, Al-Quds, the Islamic and Christian holy sites, Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Church of the Resurrection, the Ibrahimi Mosque, and all our holy sites in Palestine, we reiterate our stance, our pledge, our commitment, and our responsibility as part of this nation. We believe in one destiny, one future, and one battle. Everything that is heard or said from here and there are small matters and are incapable of preventing this development, this progress, this escalation, this vigor, this faith, this hope, this great confidence that the axis of resistance possesses to create hope, victory, and liberation. 

God willing, this generation and future generations will pray in Al-Quds. We will all pray in Al-Quds. They see it far away and we see it soon, and very soon. 

Peace, mercy, and blessings of God be upon you.