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Lebanese Elections 2022: Purchasing Votes vs. Coordinated, Clear Program to Handle Lebanon’s Crises

Lebanese Elections 2022: Purchasing Votes vs. Coordinated, Clear Program to Handle Lebanon’s Crises
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By Mohammad Youssef

The electoral process for Lebanon’s parliamentary election has already started for the Lebanese expatriates. This has put an end for all the rumors, speculations and skepticism that it is not going to take place. Meanwhile, the preparations for the elections inside Lebanon on May 15 are lively and vibrant.

The event, of course is very important and comes at a very sensitive juncture of the country’s history. Many international and regional parties, namely the United States and Saudi Arabia, along with their local agents pin hopes that the result of the elections will pave the way for a major transformation in the political scene which could usher in a new era for a new chapter of heightened and more intense presence in the Lebanese politics.

Those countries have given a signal and directives for their local agents to open fire on Hezbollah arms and to raise slogans about disarming the resistance as the only goal of their electoral campaigns.

However, the turnout of the first and preliminary elections outside the country was not up to their expectations.

First, the proportions of those who participated didn’t match their anticipations. The ‘Lebanese Forces’ party and its allies expected 80 percent participation, especially in Saudi Arabia, Australia and other countries where they play their ground. They openly and vulgarly threatened those who do not vote for their electoral list to be kicked out of those countries. Moreover, they used every possible tool to propagate their electoral advertisement.

In Lebanon, the Saudi ambassador and in a very vulgar breach of the diplomatic norms has visited some candidates in different parts of the country and lobbied for their support.

News about bribes and votes purchase are upcoming from every area where the pro-American and pro-Saudi camp is active.

It is noteworthy that regardless of all of this, this front has not been able so far to yield any success in its efforts to present a unified image about its campaigns and goals.

On the other hand, the counter front represented by Hezbollah and its allies, has shown a very coordinated performance and sent images and messages of strength to the public.

The coordinated efforts and organized campaigns, along with the crowded rallies of their supporters have greatly added to Hezbollah and its allies’ already very positive public image.

The electoral program of the party and its domestic priorities in reform, fighting corruption, and remedying economy and financial crisis is doable and promises salvation.

If the results of what happened in the election front so far are to be taken as an indicator to the final results, one can simply predict that Hezbollah and its allies are going to win the elections and the majority again.

Hopefully, this will happen. If so, the Lebanese people will be surely experiencing a new way of approaching and solving their different problems in democratic and peaceful ways, yet with more bold and sovereign decision to discard all foreign pressures and blackmail. Such a handling will prioritize the Lebanese interest and work accordingly.

It is a long way to go, maybe, but it is the method and venue to salvation and rescue that has no replacement.