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‘Israeli’ Ground Troops Unprepared, Unmotivated, Disregarded in Any War

‘Israeli’ Ground Troops Unprepared, Unmotivated, Disregarded in Any War
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By Staff

Former Zionist Army Major General, Yitzhak Brick, admitted in comments to ‘Israeli’ Channel 12 that the occupation regime’s military, which wants to avoid a total loss in the battlefield, completely lacks deterrence and the ability to triumph in wars.

Brick further warned that such way of thinking and the behavior of the security establishment will lead at the end of the day to losses that are way huger than a multi-fronted war. “This behavior has led to damage the fighting spirit among the soldiers in addition to their motivation to fight. Deterrence has collapsed and readiness to bear risks is strangely deteriorating.

“Today, the ground units are steeply weakening since its fighters feel that the security establishment neither trusts them nor involve them upon need,” Brick said, adding that the soldiers argue that “The ‘Israeli’ army’s supreme command is composed of the Air Force, the Intelligence, and the Cyber Unit; however, the Ground Force is disregarded, namely the reserve units.”

The former ‘Israeli’ military general further lamented that “We’ve lost the multi-winged combat abilities, we turned to a unidimensional army of the Air Force that can’t alone win the war.”

The total disregard of the Ground Force, Brick went on to explain, is one of the reasons that turned many good army commander unready to continue the permanent service in the military, and instead consider their work in the army as a job.

“Military superiority is worthless in a society where it is not understood that soldiers must be ready to sacrifice,” according to Brick, who referred to the soldiers’ lack of trust in their commanders as a dangerous phenomenon that must be on top of the ‘Israeli’ military’s agenda to discuss.

The general recalled that at the end of his job as a commissioner for the soldiers’ complaints that he issued a very critical report on the army’s unpreparedness for the war. “I am responsible for every word I wrote: the ‘Israeli’ army in general, and the ground army in particular are not ready for war.

 “Lacking the spirit for fighting, the value of victory, and the decline in willingness to sacrifice, are things that lead us to losing the value and military unpreparedness, which tackling them would restore the power and deterrence that are necessary for preserving ‘Israel’s’ existence.”

The current repercussions make the establishment of a victorious army impossible, Brick underlined.