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Zakharova: “Israeli” Mercenaries Fighting in Ukraine

Zakharova: “Israeli” Mercenaries Fighting in Ukraine
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By Staff, Agencies

Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman on Wednesday said “Israeli” mercenaries were fighting alongside the neo-Nazi Azov organization in Ukraine.

“‘Israeli’ mercenaries are practically shoulder to shoulder with Azov militants in Ukraine,” Maria Zakharova told Sputnik radio in an interview.

The spokeswoman went on to say, "I will mention one point, However, politicians who are now exaggerating the information campaign in ‘Israel’ will unlikely want to hear it. Maybe it will be interesting for them.”

“There are ‘Israeli’ mercenaries fighting by the side of the fighters of the Azov terrorist organization,” Zakharova said.

Leaked secret documents published by the Russian Rebar newspaper had revealed a list of mercenaries fighting within the so-called “International Legion” in Ukraine, which included 45 nationalities, most notably from the United States, Britain, France and the “Israeli” entity, in addition to other European countries.

Russia’s foreign ministry on Tuesday accused the “Israeli” entity of backing “the neo-Nazi regime in Kiev.”