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Normalization Mode On: ‘Israeli’ Aircraft Lands in Riyadh

Normalization Mode On: ‘Israeli’ Aircraft Lands in Riyadh
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By Staff

After taking off from Tel Aviv, ‘Israeli’ media reported that a private ‘Israeli’ jet of type 9H-JPC landed in Riyadh on Monday.

According to ‘Israeli’ Channel 11 correspondent Itay Blumental, a private executive jet, 9H-JPC, took off from the ‘Israeli’-occupied Palestinian territories and headed to Riyadh, making a diplomatic stop in Amman.

The ‘Israeli’ journalist said normalization is underway between Saudi Arabia and the ‘Israeli’ entity.

This is not the first time an ‘Israeli’ aircraft lands in Saudi Arabia, or ‘Israeli’ planes are allowed to pass in the kingdom’s airspace, especially amid the ongoing normalization between the two sides, though it hasn’t been officially announced yet.

Most recently, visits by Zionist figures to Saudi Arabia intensified, as it has been unveiled that many Saudi figures inside the kingdom are in contacts with ‘Israeli’ individuals.

In 2020, ‘Israeli’ media outlets confirmed that a bilateral meeting was held between former Zionist PM Benjamin Natanyahu and Saudi crown prince Mohammad Bin Salman.