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Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech at the Al-Quds Platform 2022

Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech at the Al-Quds Platform 2022
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Translated by Staff, Hezbollah Media Relations

The full speech of Hezbollah Secretary General his Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah at the al-Quds platform on April 26, 2022.

I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed Satan. In the name of Allah – the Most Gracious, the Merciful. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon our Master and Prophet, the Seal of Prophets, Abi al-Qassem Muhammad Bin Abdullah and his good and pure household and his good and chosen companions and all the prophets and messengers.

May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be upon you all.

Once again, this great occasion, the occasion of faith, jihad, and worship – the International Day of al-Quds or the International Quds Day – is upon us.

Day after day, the great wisdom behind Imam Khomeini declaring the last day of the blessed and holy month of Ramadan as an international day for al-Quds and his call to the peoples of the Ummah and the whole world to mark it and consider it a central day for al-Quds, Palestine, the people of Palestine, and this great historical battle is becoming clearer.

This is becoming clearer day after day when we see that this cause is buzzing with life again. It is garnering more and more supporters, supportive thinkers, and sympathetic theorists. There are also mujahideen who are ready to sacrifice for it. Meanwhile, the enemy’s strategy from the beginning – what I mean by the enemy are those who established this entity, the global arrogance, the Zionist movement, and those who cooperated with them behind the scenes, including governments and regimes in the Arab world – was betting on time, i.e., this cause will be forgotten with time; this cause will be consumed by events. It will be forgotten with time. The peoples of the region, including the Palestinian people, will, in one way or another, abandon this cause, or, at the very least, it will not remain in the top of the priority list as a result of the challenges, trials, and difficulties they are facing.

Their strategy has always been betting on the despair of the Palestinian people, our peoples, and our nation, on despair and frustration, and on the belief that there is no horizon ahead. And all we have to do is surrender and accept the crumbs that are presented to the Palestinians in Palestine and to the rest of the peoples of the region when it comes to issues that are still pending with the usurping entity, whether in Lebanon or Syria, for example.

So, the bet was on forgetting, on becoming weary, on despair, on frustration, and ultimately on surrender and acceptance. What is happening is the exact opposite. With the blessing of faith and jihad as well as the sacrifices and insight expressed by the countries, forces, movements, and peoples of the axis of resistance, this faith, presence, endurance, challenge, and hard work made the results completely different.

Al-Quds is once again the main and basic cause, and it is the focal point of the entire axis of resistance. That is why this year the title or slogan is “al-Quds is the focal point”. Our axis, the growing axis of resistance, should also be called “the true axis of al-Quds” because al-Quds is the central point that unites these countries, peoples, movements, parties, resistance factions, and elites, whether in the resistance axis or at the level of the peoples of the nation.

Al-Quds returns to the mind, awareness, sentiments, feelings, and conscience. But most importantly, it returned with force to the field, to all fields. For the sake of al-Quds, real armies, forces, and fighters with great strength are being built. Their minds, eyes, hearts, and souls are fixed on al-Quds and are tied to it. Today, al-Quds returns with a sword in Gaza, defending it as was the case last year during the al-Quds Sword battle. We’ve witnessed in the past few weeks and days during the month of Ramadan how the Al-Quds battle was strongly present in the conscience of the Palestinian people and in the mind of the enemy, its calculations, channels, and fear.

Al-Quds returns with an axis that comes together to create its strong and solid regional equation in order to protect it, first and foremost, and to liberate it secondly, God willing. We are working to develop all the strong, solid, and integrated elements of this equation today, God willing.

Al-Quds and its people in Palestine, within the 1948 territory, and in Gaza returned, creating epics that shake the entity as was the case a few days. It is proving to this entity and its masters in the world that this proud, oppressed, steadfast, patient Palestinian people cannot forget, stray, despair, or surrender. They will never leave their land no matter the difficulties, the hardship, the great sacrifices. In the end, the occupiers and the usurpers are the ones who have to leave.

Dear brothers and sisters, al-Quds is the responsibility of the entire nation. Hezbollah, as part of this nation, considers itself at the front line, at the confrontation line alongside our dear brothers and honorable mujahideen in the Palestinian resistance factions. From this position, we work and bear all the consequences and pressures. We look forward to the day when al-Quds will return to its people and to the nation.

We know that the most important reason for the siege, sanctions, and restrictions – internally, regionally, and internationally – that we in Lebanon as well as the countries and resistance movements in our region and everyone who belongs to this line, axis, thought, are being subjected is to abandon al-Quds and Palestine as well as the logic and culture of resistance. Its real goals are to push us all to surrender to the American and “Israeli” will in establishing the permanent existence of the usurping entity and to accept normalization in all its forms between all the countries in the region and this entity, as well as accept the crumbs that are given to the Palestinian people and the peoples of the region.

We consider that steadfastness here in the face of these restrictions, siege, terrorism, and threats is an essential part of the battle of resistance and destiny and in creating the future. Just as murder, assassination, and wars have not brought us down, neither will siege, pressure, terrorism, and distortion.

We and all the honorable people in this nation will perform prayers in al-Quds, God willing. This is our pledge to al-Quds. This is our pledge to our proud Palestinian people. This is our pledge to all our dear martyrs who perished on the road to Al-Quds, including men and women, young and old, in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt and all the neighboring countries, who suffered directly from the “Israeli” aggression and the existence of this entity.

This is our pledge to our great martyred leaders in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Yemen. At the forefront is the martyr of al-Quds, the great and inspiring leader, Hajj Qassem Soleimani, who spent his honorable life in the service of this goal, this path, and this axis. This axis witnessed many of his jihad, sacrifices, and victories. He was always eager to witness the great and decisive victory, which is coming, God willing.

With the blessing of this blood and as loyalty to it, we will cry on with our path no matter how great the sacrifices, threats, difficulties, and dangers are. And just as we overcame all the previous harsh stages and moved from victory to victory, we, with the help of God Almighty, are standing on the verge of the great and final victory that we will see very soon, God willing.

God willing, we will continue together hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder with all the resistance factions, all the resistance movements, all the peoples of the resistance, and all the countries of the resistance. We will break all restrictions; we will thwart all conspiracies. All the daggers that are trying to stab us in our backs and chests will fail. Our real battle will create complete freedom for the sanctities, and Al-Quds remains the main title, goal, and central cause.

Peace, mercy, and blessings of God be upon you.