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Hezbollah Expresses Deep Sorrow on the Tragedy of Tripoli, Its Good-hearted People

Hezbollah Expresses Deep Sorrow on the Tragedy of Tripoli, Its Good-hearted People
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Translated by Al-Ahed News

Hezbollah Media Relations issued the following statement:

Hezbollah expresses deep sorrow on the painful tragedy that hit the beloved city of Tripoli and its good-hearted people. We also extend the warmest condolences and sympathizes with the families of the victims and all the people of Tripoli and North Lebanon. We pray that Allah the almighty grants the families patience and solace and the victims the most spacious mercy.

We consider what happened as a very tragic aspect of the economic and social crisis engulfing the nation as a result of the wrong policies and the decades-long negligence which led at the end of the day to the current harsh circumstances our nation and people are passing through.

What happened in the seaway must represent a cry of warning to all the country’s officials on all levels, which also requires a loud cry of consciousness both in the state and the society to seriously handle the outcome of the crisis with wide-scale social and national solidarity to exit this bitter grief our nation is experiencing, which is pushing dozens of families to emigrate and risk their lives for a better living.

This tragedy, as all previous ones, requires a rapid, transparent, fair, and just judicial investigation to uncover the truth of what happened and prosecute those behind this painful calamity, atop of which are the smuggling human traffickers and the concerned officials.

Hezbollah calls on the state’s concerned apparatuses to stand by the parents of the victims and their distressed families, to embrace them and offer all kinds of support. It also calls on everybody to remain patient and nationally responsible, and to refrain from violence, vandalism, as well as from causing internal insecurity and instability.