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US Sending another $800 Million Military Package for Ukraine

US Sending another $800 Million Military Package for Ukraine
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By Staff, Agencies

US President Joe Biden unveiled a new package of $800 million in military aid for Ukraine, which includes howitzers, armored vehicles, and tactical drones, amid the raging war in the country.

The fresh consignment includes 72 155mm howitzers, 72 armored vehicles to tow them, 144,000 rounds of ammunition, and more than 120 "Phoenix Ghost" tactical drones recently developed by the US Air Force, according to the Pentagon.

Speaking at the White House on Thursday, Biden said he will ask Congress next week for supplemental appropriations to fund more military and economic aid for Ukraine.

“Next week. I’m going to - have to be sending to Congress a supplemental budget request to keep weapons and ammunition flowing without interruption to brave Ukrainian fighters and to continue to deliver economic assistance to the Ukrainian people,” Biden declared.

“My hope is, and my expectation is, that Congress will move and act quickly.”

The new military package will bring the total amount the Biden administration has spent arming the former Soviet republic to $4 billion.

Biden told reporters that Washington has been moving weapons and equipment to Ukraine at “record speed” for helping Ukrainians to repulse Russia’s military advances.

"We're in a critical window now of time where that they're going to set the stage for the next phase of this war. And the United States and our allies and partners are moving as fast as possible to continue to provide Ukraine ... the weapons their forces need to defend their nation,” the US president said.

He said the United States has provided more than 50 million rounds of ammunition to Ukraine and that America alone has sent 10 anti-armor weapons such as Javelin missiles for every Russian tank in Ukraine.

“To modernize Teddy Roosevelt’s famous advice: Sometimes we will speak softly and carry a large Javelin because we’re sending a lot of those in as well,” Biden said. “We’re not sitting on the funding that Congress has provided for Ukraine. We’re sending it directly to the front lines of freedom.”