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‘Israeli’ Warplanes Bomb Gaza, Waste Dozens of ‘Iron Dome’ Missiles in Vain

‘Israeli’ Warplanes Bomb Gaza, Waste Dozens of ‘Iron Dome’ Missiles in Vain
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By Staff, Agencies

The ‘Israeli’ occupation warplanes launched air raids on a Palestinian resistance site in the Gaza Strip.

At the same time, an explosion was heard in the central governorate of the Gaza Strip in the early hours of Thursday.

According to al-Mayadeen network, the Zionist regime’s warplanes bombed a resistance site West of Nuseirat Camp in Gaza and launched several air raids on Issa Al-Batran site of Al-Qassam Brigades.

Additionally, an ‘Israeli’ tank fired toward the field observation points east of Bureij camp in the central governorate.

The resistance's air defenses fired a surface-to-air missile toward the hostile ‘Israeli’ warplanes, and sirens blared in the ‘Israeli’ settlements of the ‘Gaza Envelope.’

Zionist media claimed earlier that rockets struck the ‘Israeli’ settlement of Sderot without being intercepted, noting that the projectiles were launched from Gaza, as "Israel's pride" failed to detect them.

However, al-Mayadeen cited a Palestinian resistance source as confirming that the resistance was opening heavy fire in the direction of the Zionist settlements north of the Gaza Strip. The resistance, the source confirmed, did not launch a new salvo of rockets toward ‘Israeli’ settlements. However, the ‘Israeli’ Iron Dome launched dozens of missiles in a bid to intercept the heavy anti-aircraft munition fired from Gaza.

Minutes later, reports from Hebrew media outlets stated that the ‘Israeli’ occupation forces had launched a new wave of air raids on the Gaza strip, which was followed by sirens sounding in the settlements of the ‘Gaza Envelope’, namely the settlements of "Sderot," "Ibim," and "Nir Am."

Zionist media outlets later clarified that the sirens sounded but the resistance didn’t launch any rockets toward the ‘Israeli’ settlements.