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‘Israeli’ MK Requests Urgent Plenum Session to Vote on Dissolving Knesset

‘Israeli’ MK Requests Urgent Plenum Session to Vote on Dissolving Knesset
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By Staff, Agencies

So-called Religious Zionism ‘Israeli’ party leader Betzalel Smotrich sent a request to the Zionist entity’s Knesset [parliament] speaker Mickey Levy on Monday to hold a special plenum session after the ‘Passover’ holiday next week to vote on dissolving parliament and holding new elections.

The Knesset is currently in recess and is not due to reconvene until May 9.

The far-right opposition lawmaker’s request came after the Ra’am party’s temporary withdrawal from the government and parliament on Sunday, which left the beleaguered coalition in a minority in the Knesset.

Smotrich said that due to the current situation, “there is no escaping dissolving the Knesset and holding elections,” and noted that there are over 61 MKs in the 120-seat House who are not members of the coalition.

According to ‘Israeli’ Channel 12, if Smotrich can muster the necessary 61 signatures calling for the Knesset to reconvene during the recess, the coalition would not seek to prevent a debate on dissolving parliament. It is not clear, however, that the opposition could muster the minimum 61 votes necessary to pass a law dissolving the Knesset and forcing new elections, as the opposition bloc loyal to former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu can only muster some 54 votes, and it is doubtful such a move would be backed by many more MKs.

The Zionist occupation government is already in turmoil after MK Idit Silman, a member of Bennett’s Yamina party, bolted the coalition, erasing its razor-thin majority.

The Likud party, the largest in the opposition, has since been trying to pry more coalition MKs away, in the hope of replacing the government.