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Saudi Military Spokesman Admits His Scandal, Claims ’Evidence Was an Error’

Saudi Military Spokesman Admits His Scandal, Claims ’Evidence Was an Error’
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By Staff, Al-Masirah

The Saudi-led military aggression resorted to media fabrications in an attempt to create a media victory within the countries of aggression and in front of the world to cover up its defeats in the military field.

The coalition of aggression continues to tighten the siege and the economic war in an attempt to afflict the Yemeni society.

In this respect, the aggression spreads false facts about the port of al-Hudaydah and Sanaa airport due to the lack of real desire on the part of Riyadh and the US to make peace in Yemen. They know that opening these two ports without hindrances will mitigate the impact of the humanitarian crisis to a very large extent, and give an indication of high confidence in moving towards peace.

Turki Al-Maliki, Saudi-led aggression spokesman, admitted on Tuesday that the video that was published, of what he claimed as a workshop for ballistic missiles and drones in the port of al-Hudaydah was “an error.”

Al-Maliki confirmed, in a press conference held in the city of Ataq, the capital of Shabwa that "the video was passed to him by mistake, and it is an insignificant error."

The coalition spokesman's confessions drew widespread ridicule from the pioneers of social networking sites, describing his allegations as "impudent", as a result of his reliance on fabrication to justify its attacks on civilians.