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‘Israelis’ Worried 2022 Will Be the Year for Tel Aviv Regime to Be Labeled As ‘Apartheid’

‘Israelis’ Worried 2022 Will Be the Year for Tel Aviv Regime to Be Labeled As ‘Apartheid’
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By Staff, Agencies

Zionist officials are seriously concerned that 2022 would be the year when the Tel Aviv regime would be labeled as an apartheid entity due to its measures against Palestinians and occupation of their lands.

“In the coming year, we’re expecting a discourse that is unprecedented in its poison and radioactivity,” ‘Israeli’ foreign minister Yair Lapid said during a Zoom press briefing with ‘Israeli’ journalists earlier this week.

He added, “Calling ‘Israel’ an apartheid regime was a slowly creeping trend for a very long time, and in 2022, it will be a real threat.”

Lapid highlighted that his ministry sees a likely scenario in 2022, according to which international organizations apply apartheid label to ‘Israel’, “with potential for significant damage.”

“There is a real danger that a UN body will say ‘Israel’ is an apartheid regime,” Lapid noted.

In 2018, Palestinians submitted a complaint arguing that ‘Israel’ is an apartheid regime with racist policies.

Finally, there are growing concern among ‘Israeli’ authorities that Palestinians will appeal to the International Court of Justice in The Hague to ask whether the Tel Aviv regime can be defined as an apartheid regime or its policies as racist, or what other countries are obligated to do if ‘Israel’ is declared apartheid by an international body.

Lapid said his ministry is preparing for the worst in the international arena.

The question is now why American politicians continue to give annually more than $4 billion of taxpayer money to support the ‘Israeli’ entity despite the fact that it is an apartheid regime.