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Hezbollah Deputy SG to Saudis: We’ll Expose You to the World

Hezbollah Deputy SG to Saudis: We’ll Expose You to the World
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By Staff

Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General His Eminence Sheikh Naim Qassem stated that Saudi King Salman has recently launched an unjust stance against Hezbollah, describing it as “terrorist”, while his kingdom has been blacklisting the resistance movement several years ago; however, this classification at this specific timing from the Saudi king has negative connotations, especially that it targets the resistance men who sacrificed blood to liberate their land, for the sake of Palestine, and preserve the nation’s dignity.

Sheikh Qassem also noted that accusing this large group of the Lebanese society - which represents an influential regional resistance that thwarts suspicious ploys, as well as foiling domestic sedition – is condemned and could not be acceptable. “Lebanese officials who heard such accusations would have better at least defended this respected and influential group of people that majorly contributed to Lebanon’s renaissance and liberation, instead of bootlicking,” Sheikh Qassem went on to say.

“They say Lebanon must be Arab. We say: We believe in Lebanon’s Arabism. Yemen is Arab, and so is Saudi Arabia. When we defend Yemen, it means that we are defending an Arab nation. But how can we defend Saudi Arabia that is attacking another Arab country?” Sheikh Qassem asked, stressing that “We have to defend the one being attacked, the righteous, the one that is sacrificing martyrs, whose country is being destroyed at Arab hands and international tools that are attempting to change the regional equation.”

The Hezbollah under-Secretary General further described the Lebanese resistance movement as bright as the sun, underscoring that “no matter how they tried to describe it the opposite way, they won’t be able to change the reality.”

His Eminence also emphasized that “The terrorist is the one that kills those who have different opinions at home, the one who attacks its neighbors in Yemen, and hides its normalization with ‘Israel’ using different methods.”

The Hezbollah official further made clear that “The freedoms of opinion and expression are legally guaranteed in article 13 of the [Lebanese] Constitution,” asking about the reason behind accusing Hezbollah of distorting ties with the Gulf countries.

“They are the ones who are attacking us and accusing us of unacceptable descriptions,” Sheikh Qassem explained, noting that many of those who supported the attacker wanted to receive cash from it ahead of the parliamentary race.

“Hezbollah’s response to Saudi Arabia will be decisive; you represent terror and we represent resistance, and we won’t accept that you offend us without responding to you using truths and logic. We will expose all of your hostile actions to the world without using unreal or false words,” Sheikh Qassme concluded.