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IRG Second-in-command to Al-Ahed: Any Folly against Iran Will Speed up the Zionist Entity’s Eradication

IRG Second-in-command to Al-Ahed: Any Folly against Iran Will Speed up the Zionist Entity’s Eradication
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Mokhtar Haddad

Tehran – Deputy Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guard [IRG], Brigadier General Ali Fadavi, emphasized in an interview with al-Ahed News that “the Islamic Revolution, which is about to turn 43, is carrying the emblem of righteousness; and over the span of its age, the front of injustice didn’t manage even once to achieve whatever small victory against it.”

In an interview marking the second martyrdom anniversary of former IRG Quds Force Commander, Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani, and the Deputy Commander of Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Units, Hajj Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, the IRG second-in-command commented on the latest Zionist threats against Iran as saying: “Indeed, once the mind stops playing its role, such follies from the Zionist officials happen to be.”

When the criminal US, and the world’s biggest murderer, which claims to be a major power, admits that it has conceded the worst defeat against the Islamic Republic, then the Zionist entity’s threats would never be real, as it doesn’t dare to move forward in this reckless adventure,” Brigadier General Fadavi said, underscoring that the “Zionist threats cannot be but propagandistic to make domestic gains.”

Fadavi explained further that this comes as the ‘Israeli’ entity is in a state of deep division from within, adding that “the Muslim nation is eagerly waiting such folly by the Zionist entity, which will hasten the divine promise awaited by all, which is the eradication of the usurper entity from the map.”

As for the Zionist confession of the criminal role in assassinating martyrs Soleimani, al-Muhandis, and their companions, Brigadier General Fadavi told al-Ahed News: “This is not new. We view the front of injustice led by the great Satan, the US, as one front aimed against us. Once any hostile action is carried out from any side in this front, we consider it from all of it. This is why we blame any evil action on the US itself.”

“Given that we hold the US responsible for any action against us, the US will never feel safe and at peace at any spot on Earth after it,” the IRG second-in-command made clear.

IRG Second-in-command to Al-Ahed: Any Folly against Iran Will Speed up the Zionist Entity’s Eradication
Old photo depicting Brigadier General Ali Fadavi and Lieutenant General Martyr Hajj Qassem Soleimani


Fadavi further addressed the peoples of resistance via al-Ahed News on the occasion: “We’ve achieved the Imam Khomeini-led Islamic Revolution, and since 30 years, we’ve been and will always be combatting under the wise leadership of Imam Khamenei.”

“Whatever we did was in accordance with the authentic Islam, following the path of Prophet Mohammad [PBUH], and implementing the rules of the Holy Quran, which clearly addresses us by saying there isn’t in life but two fronts and two parties: The party of Allah, and the party of the Satan. The Quran assures us that Allah wills that the party of Allah emerge victorious against the other party; and the party of Satan won’t emerge victorious in the battle against the party of Allah, not even once. This is a divine promise. Once we believe in it, nothing will make us doubt that this divine promise will be fulfilled.”

Fadavi further added that “The Islamic Revolution, almost 43 years old, carries this emblem of righteousness. And all over this period of time, the other front couldn’t make any single victory against this revolution, no matter how small it is.”

This interview was originally published in Arabic, click for more!