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Some Lebanese Politicians Bow to Foreign Diktats: Will Self-disrespect Solve Any Problem?

Some Lebanese Politicians Bow to Foreign Diktats: Will Self-disrespect Solve Any Problem?
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By Mohammad Youssef

Lebanon is experiencing a surge of Saudi intervention in its internal affairs. A malice intervention that amounts to be not only a violation for its sovereignty; rather a distortion of its identity.

Lebanon has always been and continues to be an oasis of freedom and a beacon of personal and collective liberty that defends and respects the basic principles like freedom of expression and religious diversity. This has made the country traditionally a platform for expressing free opinions and a hub for free press.

Last week Lebanon hosted a human rights conference by Bahraini activists to expose the grave violation of human rights perpetrated by the Bahrain’s government against its people.

The conference did not breach any of the observed protocols or legal measures; yet it has induced a huge campaign by Bahraini dictatorship against Lebanon, calling upon its government to deport the Bahraini individuals that organized the event.

The Lebanese minister of interior quickly responded to the request and has issued a memorandum directing the authorities to deport the organizers.

This Lebanese obedience and submission to the Saudi and Bahraini dictations reflect lack of respect to the country’s dignity, sovereignty and independence.

Earlier this month the Lebanese minister of information Goerge Kordahi has submitted his resignation from the cabinet due to mounting Saudi pressure and persistent request. The reason why Riyadh demanded Kordahi’s resignation was because he commented on the Saudi war against Yemen describing it as absurd and with no reason.

Kordahi’s statement was given during a political interview months before he assumed position at the cabinet, and even before the formation of the government itself.

Unfortunately and unjustifiably, senior leaders in Lebanon bowed down to the Saudi pressure and requested his resignation.

This event holds a very negative connotation from both sides; the Saudi side because it indicates how much Riyadh is sure that it can exercise pressure and dictate orders to our government, and from the Lebanese side because it shows clearly how much some of the Lebanese leaders lack dignity and are ready to sacrifice the country’s national pride to appease foreign Arab and non-Arab powers.

In conclusion, this policy of bowing to foreign pressure by senior officers in Lebanon is not going to do the country any good. Surrendering the national will to foreign diktats will not restore the country nor its interests. It will only degrade Lebanon and its citizens more and more and will induce the appetite for more pressure that will not necessarily boil down to our interest.

It is time to learn a very important lesson that the policy of self-disrespect and making concessions will not deliver and cannot remedy Lebanon’s ailments and crisis whatever.