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Iran’s Baqeri Urges Formation of Coalition to Address Palestinian Cause

Iran’s Baqeri Urges Formation of Coalition to Address Palestinian Cause
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By Staff- Agencies

The Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Mohammad Hossein Baqeri condemned the Zionist regime’s new wave of atrocities against the Palestinian people, calling for the formation of a “strategic and genuine” coalition to resolve the Palestinian cause as the Muslim world’s common concern.

In a message released on Thursday, Major General Baqeri strongly condemned the “Israeli” regime’s criminal activities that have killed and injured scores of Palestinian people, including defenseless children and women, in recent days.

He also deplored the muted response from the self-proclaimed advocates of human rights to the “Israeli” aggression.

In parallel, Baqeri decried the US’ support for the “Israeli” crimes, and called on all Muslims, Islamic governments, as well as the regional and international organizations, which are committed to safeguarding the rights of nations, to establish a strategic, genuine and mighty coalition in order to address the issue of Palestine as the Muslim world’s common concern and the factor behind Muslim unity.

The senior Iranian commander also underlined that the despicable Zionist entity’s criminal activities will definitely strengthen the Palestinian nation’s unity and resistance until ultimate victory.

“At such critical juncture, the Muslim nations and the people of Palestine will never forget the treacherous act of certain Arab states in normalizing ties with the usurping and child-murderer Zionist regime”, he noted.

Major General Baqeri warned the Zionist regime and its regional and extra-regional supporters, mainly the terrorist US regime, that the Islamic resistance front has paved the way for the liberation of Palestine and Al-Aqsa Mosque and for the definite elimination of the “Israeli” regime from the region.