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Zarif Meets Lavrov in Tehran, Warns ‘Israel’ of Strong Response If Role in Natanz Attack Proved

Zarif Meets Lavrov in Tehran, Warns ‘Israel’ of Strong Response If Role in Natanz Attack Proved
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By Staff

Iranian and Russian Foreign Ministers Mohamad Javad Zarif and Sergey Lavorv held a joint press conference after talks in Tehran.

Zarif slammed terrorist attacks like the Natanz incident, terming them as complicating the situation of negotiations for Washington.

For his part, Lavrov said Moscow hopes that the United States returns to the full compliance with the nuclear deal with Iran, condemning any attempt to delay the Vienna talks aimed at the inclusive re-implementing of the plan.

The Russian top diplomat further voiced support to establishing joint mechanisms to respond to the threats in the Gulf region, with Iran taking part in, adding the Russia was surprise by the European Union’s decision to impose sanctions against Iranian officials.

“If the decision of anti-Iran sanctions was taken deliberately amid the Vienna talks, then it is worse than a crime,” Lavrov warned, emphasizing that lifting sanctions against Iran will positively affect the oil market.

Meanwhile, Zarif stressed that Iran is looking forward to imposing sanctions against some European members who had role in attacks against Iran.

“We have a limited chance in Vienna to the European and American return to the commitments of the nuclear deal,” Iran’s top diplomat made clear, adding that lifting the US sanctions entirely is a must before any dialogue with Washington.

In comments related to the latest attack at Natanz nuclear facility in the country, Zarif underscored that the Islamic Republic will enrich Uranium in Natanz at speedier rates and with more advanced centrifuges.

Zarif finally warned those behind the attack, telling the ‘Israelis’ that had their role been proved in the Natanz attack, Iran will make a strong response.