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Netanyahu to Begin Coalition Talks on ’Israeli’ Cabinet Formation

Netanyahu to Begin Coalition Talks on ’Israeli’ Cabinet Formation
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By Staff, Agencies 

Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is set to begin coalition talks on Wednesday after receiving the mandate to form the entity’s next government from President Reuven Rivlin.

Netanyahu will begin by talks with the parties that recommended him for premiership during consultations with Rivlin earlier this week.

These are the “religious ultra-Orthodox Shas and United Torah Judaism parties, as well as the far-right Religious Zionist movement.”

On Thursday, Netanyahu will hold talks with Naftali Bennett, chair of the right-wing “Yamina” party, which recommended himself for the PM office on Monday.

An alliance with Bennett could give Netanyahu extra seven seats in the Knesset, putting him at 59 mandates -- two short of the 61-seat majority.

Netanyahu's other right-wing rival, Gideon Sa'ar of the New Hope party, who ruled out sitting in a Netanyahu-led government, has not received any invitations from the PM, Ynet reported on Wednesday.

The March 23 election has left both Bibi and his key rivals without a clear pathway to forming a coalition government.

The mandate gives Netanyahu 28 days to build a ruling alliance, with a possible two-week extension, if approved by Rivlin.