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Ramadan 2021


Coronavirus Threatening Lives of Political Prisoners in Bahrain

Coronavirus Threatening Lives of Political Prisoners in Bahrain
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By Staff

Bahraini regime sources uncovered information about the spread of the Coronavirus among prisoners, which include thousands of political prisoners cramped behind bars. The alarming report raises several questions, at least regarding the threat the virus outbreak poses to the lives of those prisoners.

Bahrain’s al-Wefaq National Islamic Society voiced alertness over the matter, announcing the urgent need to immediately and unconditionally release the prisoners of opinion in Bahrain before it is too late when a catastrophe takes place.

Al-Wefaq held the Bahraini regime full responsibility for the ongoing calamity behind bars as the Covid-19 disease started claiming the lives of the bodies of prisoners already exhausted from torture and long years of inhumane imprisonment.

Bahraini prisons are cramped with prisoners of opinion and conscience who are still treated as hostages to pressurize the Bahraini people and force them to retreat their peaceful demands of democracy, justice, equality, and freedom.

On Wednesday, it was known that political prisoner Abd Ali [Mohammad] al-Singace contracted the virus inside the notorious Jaw Central Prison.

Former detainee and female activist Ibtisam al-Saegh said that al-Singace suffers chronic diseases that put this life to danger, in addition to the Coronavirus he has now.

Al-Saegh demanded the authorities to provide him with treatment and suitable conditions to treat other infected inmates and to take the needed measure to curb the spread of the virus among prisoners.

Relatively, Bahrain’s Interior Ministry announced the discovery of three positive COVID-19 cases in Jaw Central Prison.