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Yemen Presidency Won’t Allow the Continued Abuse of Medicines’ Imports

Yemen Presidency Won’t Allow the Continued Abuse of Medicines’ Imports
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By Staff, Agencies

Director of Yemen’s Office of the Presidency Ahmed Hamed emphasized on Tuesday that “terrorist organizations such as al-Qaeda and Daesh [the Arabic acronym for terrorist ‘ISIS/ISIL’ group] have taken Marib Governorate as a base to attack all Yemen by sending booby-traps and assassination squads,” noting that they are being directed by a Saudi officer.

In a speech he made during a medical event in the capital Sanaa, Hamed added: “We are surprised by the noise regarding Marib Governorate, which we have not seen in any other region or in Sanaa, while being threatened by Islah, al-Qaeda and Daesh.”

The Yemeni official further made clear that “providing hospitalization and medicines are two humanitarian services before being a kind of trade,” stressing that “if we behaved otherwise there would be a problem that requires monitoring and punishment.”

“We won’t allow the continued abuse of the importers medicines under this aggression and siege,” he underscored.

Hamed also noted that “the concerned parties, along with the Health Ministry, will revoke the licenses granted to any importer who imports medicines that don’t meet the standards, or use this business for illicit enrichment.”

“The government won’t allow any health facility that fails to rehabilitate within a limited period to remain a source of danger to people,” the Yemeni official said, concluding that “the President ordered setting a unified medical cost that eases some suffering from the Yemeni citizen, and the Presidency hails the Health Ministry’s measures in this regard.”