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Hide and Seek? Terrified ‘Israeli’ Soldiers Hiding Behind Apple Boxes!

Hide and Seek? Terrified ‘Israeli’ Soldiers Hiding Behind Apple Boxes!
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By Staff

It would barely happen that a night could pass along the occupied Lebanese-Palestinian border without horror surrounding the ‘Israeli’ occupation forces as they still expect Hezbollah’s anticipated retaliation.

In the latest horror scenes, the Zionist occupation forces threw on Thursday night flare bombs southern of ‘Metula’ settlement, bordering the southern Lebanese village of Kiam, Marjeyoun. Some of the bombs landed inside the Lebanese soil, while the Zionist media claimed that “an incident in which the technical fence was touched required firing the flare bombs.”

In further details, at 18:10 Lebanon time, the enemy’s forces started, suddenly, launching 155-millimeter flare bombs from their spots inside the occupied Syrian Golan, specifically in al-Za’oura.

Meanwhile, Lebanese journalist Ali Shoeib posted on his Twitter account that several flare bombs hit the Lebanese territories in al-Khiam Plain, Kfarkila Plain, and al-Hamames region between the al-Khiam Plain and al-Wazzani River, which overlooks the ‘Metula’ settlement, and is just 500 meters away from it. Hence, this is considered a violation and an attack against the Lebanese soil.

Soon after, the enemy’s vehicles started moving inside the settlement, with two vehicles heading to the apple juice factory along the barbed wires. The vehicles hid behind the apple boxes, then flew a small drone to scan the area above the fence.

Ironically, the enemy’s soldiers didn’t dare approach the fence by themselves although the settlement’s local council claimed that the technical fence has been touched [by somebody or something].