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"Israel" Hails "Decapitator, Throat Slitter" Meir Dagan

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Source: Al-Manar TV, 30-9-2008
"Israeli" sources, close to intelligence services, have revealed close cooperation and coordination between the Mossad and some Arab intelligence apparatuses which led to the success of the Mossad and its chief Meir Dagan in carrying out a series of operations abroad. The sources said that the mentioned Arab states don't actually have peace ties with "Israel". They added that Dagan's most serious operations were the February assassination of Hizbullah military commander Imad Moghnieh (Hajj Redwan) in the Syrian capital and Syrian army brigadier general Mohammad Suleiman in August.
Hence, what is the connection between "Israel's" focus on the personality of the Mossad Chief and talking about "his major accomplishments" in Lebanon and Syria?
"Israeli" television security analyst, Ronen Bergman, said, "Dagan made three fundamental steps including establishing cooperation with every intelligence apparatus willing to cooperate with us, not just the Americans, but those whom we did not have previous ties with. When the files are opened one day, we'll see that this cooperation may have led, more than anything else, to the latest Mossad achievements."
Perhaps the proof to the Mossad and Dagan's "dirty business" is what "Israeli" Channel 2 revealed, citing former "Israeli" PM Ariel Sharon, about horrific acts.
Yaron London, one of the most significant "Israeli" journalists, said, "Our colleague in Channel 2 disclosed that Meir Dagan used to cut the Arabs' throats with a Japanese knife, and he quoted that from Ariel Sharon who said that Dagan's specialty was decapitating Arabs. Be careful to the details: it is a Japanese knife that spreads a lot of blood on TV screens. For the first time I hear the "Israeli" TV and one of its important Channels say proudly that the Man of the Year (Meir Dagan) is the one who had slaughtered Arabs and not Arab fighters. It quoted from Sharon that his distinguished trait is separating the Arabs' heads from their bodies and I think that this is absolute savagery."
"Israeli" media considered that choosing Dagan as the Man of the Year was for carrying out a three-part task, with each part considered as a great intelligence accomplishment, and they are:
First: working in very difficult environment, which is Syria
Second: Studying a person like (martyr) Imad Moghnieh
Third: placing the bomb in his car.