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Sayyed Nasrallah on al-Quds Day: We Must Arm Our Army, Even Through Black Market

Sayyed Nasrallah on al-Quds Day: We Must Arm Our Army, Even Through Black Market
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Hizbullah marked the "International al-Quds (Jerusalem) Day" (QID) with a ceremony on Friday evening in Sayyed al-Shuhada (pbuh) Hall in Haret Hreik.

It was attended by the President of the Republic General Michel Suleiman represented by the Interior Minister Ziad Baroud, the House Speaker Nabih Berri, represented by MP Ali Hassan Khalil, the Deputy Prime Minister Issam Abu Jamra represented General Michel Aoun. Also attending were a number of figures from political, party, diplomatic, military and trade unions domains, led by the Greek trade union delegation, who came specially to participate in this Day's events.

Events commenced with the national anthem, Hizbullah anthem, a welcoming speech, followed by Al-Wilaya group chants of "al-Quds Prayer" and "al-Quds is ours."

Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah then delivered a speech.

The following is the text of His Eminence's speech:

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful, Thanks and Praise be to God, Cherisher and Sustainer of the Worlds, peace and prayers be to the seal of the prophets, Prophet Muhammad, son of Abdullah, his infallible household, his chosen companions and all the prophets and messengers and messengers

Gentlemen attending, brothers and sisters, peace and God's mercy and blessings to you all;
God says in his glorious book, when speaking about the Pharaoh and the Children of 'Israel' {So he resolved to remove them from the face of the earth: but We did drown him and all who were with him.} <103> {And We said thereafter to the Children of Israel, "Dwell securely in the land (of promise)": but when the second of the warnings came to pass, We gathered you together in a mingled crowd.} <104> Holy Quran 17

Doomsday is not what is intended by the "second of the warnings" but the 'second promise' to the Children of 'Israel' on this earth.

In one of the verses at the beginning of al-Isra'a Sura God Almighty also says: {So when the second of the warnings came to pass, (We permitted your enemies) to disfigure your faces, and to enter your Temple as they had entered it before, and to visit with destruction all that fell into their power.} Holy Quran <17:07>

Almighty God has spoken the truth.

Thank God, he aided our generation to witness with the naked eye the disfigurement of the Zionists' faces, by the mujahideen and the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine.

Dear brothers and sisters, thirty years on the declaration made by Imam Khomeini (May God Honour His Soul) for al-Quds (Jerusalem) International Day (QID), and this Day is still alive, vibrant, present, and strong to this day, with the blessed reaffirmation and constant support by his successor His Eminence Grand Imam Khamenei, who has continued on his path and maintained his probity, and with the commitment, love and faith of the peoples of our Arab and Islamic worlds in al-Quds, in Palestine and in the Palestinian people.

Since its declaration this QID has always aimed to emphasize an array of meanings that are becoming confirmed, repeated, clarified, established, consolidated and focused with the passage of years, with the accumulation of experiences, with the exposure of clear and concrete results in many theaters of this conflict.

At the outset tonight, I wish to focus on some of these meanings. That the main objective of QID was and still is the revivification of this issue, the issue of al-Quds and the question of Palestine; al-Quds, which was and still is vulnerable to liquidation, bargaining and abandonment, a place viewed by many as an uncomfortable issue.

QID comes to confirm that it is a central issue in the nation's present and future, in relation to its fate, place, religion, faith, prophets and generations to come. This event is a question of revivification of the question and not for looking at and crying over ruins or a catastrophe, a setback or a loss here or there, but to revive in the mind, heart and in the conscience and to reaffirm the resolve and determination.

Al-Quds International Day also comes to assure the Muslims, especially at the height of worship in the holy month of Ramadan, at the height of prayer on the last Friday, during the month of fasting, recital, and being focused on God Almighty, the abandonment of the pleasures of this world and its transient attachments, to confirm major meanings for this nation, such as sensing the extent of insults it suffered in the past decades when its sanctities fell in the hands of its enemies.

We must view the occupation of al-Quds, and the occupation of Muslim and Christian sanctities by a racist Zionist group, as the biggest insult directed at this nation in the last century, which continues to be directed at this nation through the existence and continuation of the occupation.

Another message is to reaffirm the nation's religious, historic and legitimate responsibility from the depth of prayer and fasting, from the responsibility towards al-Quds, Palestine and the people of Palestine.

Among the meanings confirmed by QID too is that al-Quds and Palestine from the sea to the river belong to the Palestinian people, to the Arabs and Muslims, and no one else has the mandate to abandon a grain of soil, a wall or a stone in this Holy Land; because its soil is sacred, its stones are sacred, its neighbourhoods, olives trees and everything there is holy and sacred.
No one has the right whatsoever to abandon what is sacred.

These sanctities should be returned to their rightful owners fully intact.

Among other meanings emphasized on the QID as well, is the concept the Imam sought to correct, which is the suspicion that 'Israel' governs the world, this is not true. Or that the 'Israel' we fight governs the United States, this is not true either.

Of course, we do not deny the influence of the Zionist lobby, but the proper understanding is that 'Israel' is a functional entity created by Britain and its regional allies to perform a specific function, a package later inherited by the successive U.S. administrations.

'Israel' here is a functional entity that performs a mission as part of the American-Western colonial project which aims to control our countries and resources, to tear up, subdue, humiliate and colonise.

'Israel's' function is the spearhead of this project.

When we carry this understanding we can very well comprehend that the liberation of our land and sanctities does not come through pleading to the Americans, to the Westerners, to those who created and established 'Israel', nor to those who employ it to divide our region again as part of a new Middle East - a project toppled by the Lebanese in July 2006 war.

This understanding reveals that the restoration of the land and sanctities, the liberation of man in Palestine and the region comes from the will and determination of the resistance and the sacrifices of the peoples of this region that can impose its will on this functional entity and on those employees.

Among other meanings to be emphasized on QID is that 'Israel' is not the enemy of the Palestinian people alone but the enemy of Lebanon, the Arab peoples and the Muslim peoples.

This 'Israel' is a cancerous tumour, its nature and purpose is to annihilate anyone and anything round it, hence, this sense, position, and knowledge of its nature must remain present in order not to prevent any deviation on our path under any circumstances.

Today as in the past, from the position of resistance and from experience, we would like to confirm on QID that the only way to return the land and the sanctities is through resistance, by the Palestinian, Lebanese and peoples of the region.

This matter was and still is possible, and I could say that is more possible today than ever before; Today, the dreams of the Zionists are over and our dreams have started to materialise.

Today we are not in the position of dreaming, but in the position of realising the dream, experiences of which we have witnessed in multiple arenas.

After year 2000 and the historic victory in southern Lebanon, al-Aqsa intifada began as a grand experience and an historic golden opportunity to achieve such hopes. Unfortunately, and quite frankly the nation did not stand along side the Palestinian people as it should.

Today, this opportunity still exists, particularly when the horizon for any settlement it appears deadlocked more than ever before.

The Palestinian people are still at the heart of the plight, in the middle of suffering.

Every day Palestinians are being killed in the West Bank, besieged Gaza is suffering from hunger and terrorism, yet the Palestinian people's will and gun have not fallen.

With all the coming possibilities on the Palestinian and regional levels, the Palestinian people insist on withstanding, resisting, defying and insisting on their legitimate rights.

Though the Palestinians may differ on some issues, they are in unanimous agreement on not relinquishing al-Quds; and the entire nation ought to shoulder responsibility towards this stand, position and people.

No one asked the Arab governments to send their armies to fight 'Israel', during the July war we did not ask anyone for such help, but there are other forms of support today the nation can provide providing but does not.

The Arab Palestinian families in East al-Quds (East-Jerusalem) are under the ugliest form of ethnic cleansing, deportation and expulsion under various pretexts.

These families must be supported to stay in al-Quds. The simple act of Arab, Palestinian, Muslim and Christian families staying there is in itself an act of resistance, even the noblest of resistance forms that must supported.

Arabs with thousands of billions of dollars can support the steadfastness of these families in al-Quds to prevent its judaisation.

The West Bank as well, whether we are notice or not, a programmed displacement is taking place through difficult security and living conditions. This difficult situation must be confronted by supporting the steadfastness and the survival of the Palestinians in the West Bank.

Gaza is still trapped under siege and is starved; they can do with a helping hand.

The nation's responsibility is to break the blockade on Gaza, and it is able to do so. Today the Palestinian people look to this wide nation to help them break the siege, regrettably only some foreign men and women responded by riding boats and risking the seas to deliver some supplies to Gaza.

While we appreciate, respect, honor and stand in front of the boldness and courage of these blockage busters.

I feel extremely embarrassed when I see them do that, while the nation of one billion and several hundreds of millions of Muslims watches the people of the Gaza Strip die of starvation.

Some of the duties of this responsibility is media and political support, the constant reminder of the suffering of the Palestinian people, supporting their right of return and aid them on obtaining their legitimate rights.

Unfortunately the nation fulfills only a small part of these duties, of which are efforts that need to be exerted by the governments and the active forces of this nation to extinguish sedition among Palestinians, unite their voices, and make serious reconciliatory efforts in their midst.

Some Arabs, unfortunately, benefited from the internal Palestinian conflict, by using it as an excuse to ignore and turn their backs to it, withdrawing their hands away from the Palestinian people and the Palestinian issue.

Nobility, Arabism and Islam were never thus!

I think that in view of the ongoing developments, and the fit and high humanitarian potential of the Palestinian people, if the nation lives up to its responsibility, retrieving al-Quds and Palestine will not be far off; in fact it will happen shortly in the near future.

QID this year coincides with an important set of developments.

The fall of the last of July war leaders, Ehud Olmert, knowing, that he was logically and naturally supposed to have fallen after the Winograd report.

But the 'Israeli' press and information talked about direct American intervention to prevent Olmert's fall at that moment, because this will have gone down in the records of victories made by Lebanon and its resistance in the July War...but it was planned for him to come down at this time.

Among other developments after July war is 'Israel's' suffering of deficiency in its leadership today, on political or military levels.

Among other developments still, is the fall of the last symbol of the 2006 July War, PM Ehud Olmert. He admitted the end of the dream of ‘Greater ‘'Israel'', which had been preceded by Netanyahu's admission in 2000, to the death of Zionism among 'Israeli' youths.

Among other developments is the crisis of the 'Israeli' options in the face of the Iranian nuclear file and the 'Israeli' confusion in this matter.

Among those developments is the crisis of confidence that has arisen among the people of this entity regarding the future of that entity, which is a natural outcome for the crisis of confidence in political leadership, military command and the army. The last opinion polls published in 'Israel' say that two thirds of the 'Israeli' people consider themselves existing in an area they call "dirty".

Why call it dirty?...Because the 'Israelis' explain it as a place where they no longer feel safe.

The Zionists came to Palestine, when they were promised a land of milk and honey, with security, safety and protection, promised to be a regional first country, to control and dominate the region, to be the authoritarian, tyrant and oppressive nation, one that kills but is does not get killed, captures prisoners but is not taken prisoner, injures and but is not injured, insults but does not get insulted, assaults without being confronted, but today, after these years of resistance, Intifada and the new life that has sprouted in this nation, it is natural for two-thirds of the people of this entity to feel that it is no longer the promised region they came here for.

Among these developments is the blocked horizon to any political settlement with the Palestinians.

What happened Annapolis was worse than pre-Annapolis.

This is on Zionist enemy level.

Among the significant regional developments, is the phase reached by the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine, one that has overcome all dangers that threaten its existence, a phase that has ended.

No longer is there anything that threatens the resistance's existence in Lebanon or in Palestine, we have gone beyond this stage.

Among other developments is the resilient States in the region, in particular Syria and Iran, overcoming all plots of isolation to prove their effective regional and international presence.

Among other developments, is the failure and stumbling (if the term failure is not liked, because some people call it being hasty), the stumbling of the American project at regional level, and in more than one arena and country!

These factors, increase the capacity and impact of the peoples and governments of the region on events in our vicinity and regionally.

Internationally, international tensions after the Georgian war, which marked a defeat of the American-'Israeli' axis, and the serious financial crisis faced by the United States today, makes it clear that the world is moving towards a multi-polar system politically, militarily, financially and economically.

These changes are also in the interests of the peoples and Governments of our region.

In these changes on the level of the enemy entity, we see many doors of hope in the region and the world, opening towards a future where the interests of the people in the region along with the region itself, are moving away from the influence of the arrogant colonial policies of imposition and domination, practiced by America, in 'Israel's' interest.

Brothers and sisters, until the dust of the current phase settles to expose what's hidden, is more steadfastness in our stands, what is required now is to strengthen our positions, because the future will witness great many triumphs, God willing.

At this point I begin the talk on Lebanon, of which I talk about two parts, a Palestinian part and one Lebanese.

Regarding the Palestinian part:

The responsibility of the Lebanese state, government, people and political forces lies in the struggle and continue to work with the Palestinian brothers to return to their home.

It is not enough in Lebanon to reject naturalizing the Palestinians, but we should be part of the Arab and international struggle to achieve the right of return of the Palestinians to their homes, houses, properties and their land.

Second: Yes, Lebanon categorically rejects the naturalization of the Palestinians. This topic was discussed before the July war at the national dialogue table. Our political team proposed a constitutional amendment in the Lebanese Constitution that stipulates parliamentary consensus on any decision to naturalise the Palestinians in Lebanon; the other political team rejected the proposal back then.

We saw a number of MPs from that other political side in the media recently, presenting a proposal for a constitutional amendment that require unanimous parliamentary approval regarding any naturalization of Palestinians in Lebanon; good...thank God.

Today I announce our full support for any amendment of the constitution that forbids naturalization, an American-‘'Israeli'' project financed by the Arabs.

We reject naturalization in the context of our resistance against the Zionist project, in the context of our resistance to uphold righteousness, and of not abandoning righteousness and of giving the rights to their rightful owners.

It is Lebanon's responsibility to improve the situation in the refugee camps, to avoid any security clashes, it is also the responsibility of Palestinian factions to make every effort in this regard, and in any case, 'Israel' is in Lebanon in various forms and colors, always trying to stir strife between the Palestinians in the camps, and seditions among the Lebanese on the entire national scene.

Among Lebanon's responsibilities towards the Palestinian side, is to concern themselves on the humanitarian and service levels with the Palestinian camps in Lebanon, which live under harsh and difficult conditions, no human being can imagine.

To conclude the Palestinian part, I hail the wise and correct decision adopted by all the Palestinian factions in Lebanon to remain neutral toward Lebanese divisions and disputes. This position is good, wise and in the interest of the Palestinians and the Lebanese as well.

Regarding the Lebanese part:

Dear brothers and sisters,

In Lebanon we always look forward to, and this fact I speak not only in media speeches and communications, but also in internal partisan speeches and communications, and I repeat it, reiterate and say: 'what we aspire to is a nation that is strong, sound, healthy and safe.

We say to our brothers and sisters in all our internal literature, even as recent as a few days ago we said it to the families of our martyrs, 'we do not want to dominate Lebanon, nor do we want to take control of power in Lebanon, we believe that Lebanon's interest and our interests in Lebanon lay in all considerations being together, work together, strive together, build together and face challenges together; of course, if anyone abandons the duty to face up the challenges and dangers, like the 'Israeli' aggression for example, it does not mean we would too.

But this is our ambition, to be together at all posts, in all arenas, on all files and in all projects.

This is what we aspire to and look forward to.

On this principle, we have resisted and fought the enemy of Lebanon and our enemy, and continue to be in this position.

Based on this principle we went to the national dialogue, and we will go again so that there is a convergence of the Lebanese to build the real strength of Lebanon... this is what we aspire to.

Newspapers and the media spoke of 'Israeli' opposition to the US decision to offer certain military aid to Lebanon.

'Can we build a strong national army, capable of defending the land of Lebanon, Lebanon's sovereignty and the people of Lebanon in this way?'

Is it reasonable for anyone to wait (I am not saying that anyone is waiting, this is just an example) for permission from America or 'Israel' to arm our national army, and equip it with what it takes to carry out its fundamental national responsibilities? This is not possible at all.

Regarding the issue of resistance, which caused them inconvenience, simply because it does not ask for anyone's permission to obtain weapons, regardless whether quantity or quality, and because it conceals its weapons from foes and friends alike, because concealment of its weapon is part of its strength; nor is it afraid of anyone's approval or anger when it stands to fulfill its duty on this level, or when it prepares for or gets ready to fight.

At the level of national unity cabinet, we need a courageous decision, which says 'we want to equip our National Lebanese Army and prepare it to defend our country's sovereignty and every grain of its soil without requiring permission from anyone.

We can form a Ministerial group, to source out finances and markets.

The State has the legitimate and legal right to buy weapons for its army, even from black market the way the resistance does.

Should we have to wait for Condoleezza Rice to give us permission, we will only acquire Rio Trucks, cars and cheap light tanks, but for weapons capable of confronting the Zionist enemy?

No, never.

National strength and capability cannot be built on outside permission, but by national will and determination.

Based on this same principal, one of wanting a strong, safe, capable and healthy homeland, we have always said we were cautious in preserving peace, stability, civil peace and co-existence, hence I say to some editorial writers, do not search for problems in the support base for the reconciliations we are doing, you will find none whatsoever there, because they have never heard us use a speech of cancelation. And other people's interpretations are of no concern to us.

We have always talked of national unity and demanded dialogue during our sit-in when we were demanding national unity; we were calling for dialogue, for meeting, and for joined forces. Even after the July war, when I stood on Sept. 22nd and said 'come together, regardless of all that happened, let us put our hands together to build and protect Lebanon.'

A support base that has only heard such rhetoric, when it sees the hands and people joining and meeting together in an attempt to heal the wounds, they will only consider what is happening to be in complete harmony with its objectives, culture, and ideals and aspirations.

It was against this backdrop that we went to the reconciliations.

Reconciliation is not a decision made by one side alone, nor can it be this way, reconciliation is a decision made by two sides.

When both sides independently reached the decision, reconciliations unfolded.

We are serious, real, and cautious in all reconciliations that aim to create a positive atmosphere. Details are not important. We are ready to comfort all Lebanese in all Lebanese regions, especially in our cherished capital city of Beirut.

Reconciliations do not mean new political alliances. We assure this and so do they. Their aim is to create a positive and calming climate, to cease the escalation and sectarian and confessional incitement, and provide a healthy atmosphere to treat the many existing issues in Lebanon, to also pave the way for a democratic 2009 parliamentary elections, which will be the deciding factor.

Yes... we reconcile and accept that the judge between us is to be the coming parliamentary elections. These elections are the ones we have long been looking to. We have called for 'resorting to the polls' since our first sit-in in Beirut centre.

But back then some responded by saying that 'polls were unprecedented practice and that no such thing as polls in Lebanon!'

In these elections people will make their choices.

It concerns us all to provide a positive atmosphere for a healthy and honorable political competition that leads to parliamentary elections that produce a new cabinet.

I do not want to speak ahead of time, but the brothers and I are not the kind that drop promises or change commitments.

And now I say this to you, if the opposition wins a majority, Hizbullah will be committed to a national unity cabinet that makes others partners in the decision making process.

We do not want to deny anyone a voice, we must learn from past events of past decades, from the last century until now, that Lebanon cannot be ruled on a majority/minority principle, this principle is not suitable to resolve issues.

...Every now and then someone theorizes about Lebanon being a special case country, whether it is or not, Lebanon's issues and files cannot be treated with the mentality of majority/minority but with the mentality of cooperation, co-ordination, in solidarity, collaboration, and national integration between all the main nationalist forces that represent the different confessions and groups.

Should we opt out for idealistic choices, and deepen our existing crisis? We say let us turn to the elections and to the people instead.

Parliamentary blocs will be formed; a majority and a minority will be formed. However, special case Lebanon, might be ruled by a majority, but, in this way its, conflicts will never be resolved, the challenges and dangers it faces cannot be dealt with in such a mentality.

The accomplished reconciliations and convened meetings currently held and those to be held in the coming days and nights, God willing, will further sooth the climate to give the current government and political forces some space.

The country can then have a period of calm that allows for dealing with some of the files and issues and facilitate the simultaneous arrival of the school year and winter for the Lebanese.
Unfortunately there no longer exist poor and rich areas; poverty is a shared feature that covers more than two thirds of the Lebanese people. How do we face our difficult living and social issues, and the many cases of families unable to afford basic living standards?

Let the country breath a little, wind down from speeches and debates on this topic, and so long as there is a national dialogue table, a national unity government and a Parliament that is convening, cease the tense political language for a while. Let this country take a chance to relax, rethink and revise matters. An electoral law will soon be adopted and elections will occur on time.

Naturally, when we talk about the Lebanese aspect, our eyes always go to the South and the border with our beloved Palestine, to our hills and mountains, through which we smell the essence of Palestine and the aroma of the sacred Quds, to reaffirm on QID that here in the resistance, as well as our brothers in the Lebanese Army will not turn close our eyes to any challenge over there, no matter the internal pre-occupations, challenges and difficulties.

Today we heard some 'Israeli' analysts report from the enemy chief of staff, that he does not anticipate a war with Lebanon this or the coming year!
This is fine with us, but what is the reason and secret behind this sudden change of heart, particularly when only two or three days ago, Barak, Mofaz, Livni and others in 'Israel' were thundering with threats?!
I always said that the resistance project is not one of war, we are clear even about liberating
Palestine... we say that our duty as Lebanese is to support the Palestinian people's resistance.

Today the Palestinian people have enough men and human power, patience, nationalist, religious and ethical values, additional to characteristics that qualify them for this accomplishment, but we must all provide them with various types of support and backing.

The resistance project is not one of classical warfare, but when Lebanon is attacked, it will not idly stand with folded arms.

The last amendment Ehud Barak made in the last few days was that he increased the number of battalions he is threatening to invade Lebanon with from 5 battalions, as previously announced to 8.

He seems to have carefully weighed the situation and considering the geographic calculations of Aamel Mountain (South Lebanon) and the region saw that 5 battalions will face problems, and now started working on the basis of 8 battalions ...

You (attending audience) and I will again tell him, that these 8 battalions of yours (Barak's) will be obliterated in our hills, mountains, valleys, houses and at the feet of our mujahideen.

Talk of 8 battalions is better than 5. According to military theory, geography, the nature of the field and the scope of the intended accomplishment...How I see it, is that if 'Israel' commits this error, and I have said this in a previous speech, it will lead to its own eradication.

Because... imagine how the destruction of 5 'Israeli' army battalions will impact 'Israel'?

There will no longer be an army or any confidence, in other words there will not be a State, consequently with the available means, and our Palestinian brothers will have the decisive role in battle, God willing.

This is in reference to 5 battalions ....but if Barak asks me whether he should use 5 or 8 battalions; I will suggest he brings 9!

He knows and so do you, foes and friends alike know that this talk is not a speech coming from Arab defeatism days, but a promise and commitment made from the days of triumph.

While people were busy with internal crisis, and internal conflicts, there were men in Hizbullah who have not slept since the end of the July war, the most prominent of whom is the commander martyr Hajj Imad Moghnieh (God bless his soul), and still they are working until now, in order to achieve this promise.

On QID, when we possess the determination, resolve and spirituality, we possess the ability and power...when we grow strong in a world that only respects the strong, the doors to honour are opened, and degradation and disgrace abandon us.

Our dignities and sanctities return to us, thus we look at al-Quds, and feel that in Lebanon, Palestine, and the Islamic and Arabic worlds, are now closer than ever before to the "Baitul-Maqdis" (The Noble, Sanctuary House), al-Aqsa Mosque, the prophet's passage, and the nativity church, God willing our generation will be the one to witness the return of the nation to its beloved Quds, where no 'Israel', no Zionists, no occupation and nor degradation exist.

God's blessings and peace be upon you all.