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Espionage to be Continued: ‘Israel’ Directing Lebanon’s SMS!

Espionage to be Continued: ‘Israel’ Directing Lebanon’s SMS!
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By Staff, Al-Akhbar Newspaper

A report published by Lebanese al-Akhbar Newspaper on Thursday stated that the company managing the short message service [SMS] in 'touch', one of the mobile operators in Lebanon, since three years carries out most of its researches in the ‘Israeli’ entity.

It is discovered by tracking “Mavenir” company that it finances around 50% of those researches. The company has access to the very sensitive ss7 IP, which contains very dangerous gaps that give access to any account on the network, which is related to the ‘victim’s’ phone number, spying on them, using their bank accounts or even their social media platforms.

Mavenir has been founded some three years ago, according to the al-Akhbar report by Hadeel Farfour. The name seems familiar to those who work within the field of communication. It is related to an international company that operates in the field of technology, which has previously worked in the Middle East and Africa.

However, this same company, which operates and manages the SMS department at ‘touch’ since 2017, is clearly the ‘Israeli’ Comverse Company, and that the international ‘Mavenir’ Company has died since 2015 when it was bought by MiTEL.

Relatively, Mavenir’s President and CEO Pardeep Kohli declared in July 2017 that ‘Israel’ is the Silicon Valley 2 until forever, in reference to the ‘Israeli’ superiority on the levels of technology, researches and digital development.

According to Kohli, “The company invests some 4.3% of its GDP in researches in development,” claiming that “it seeks to take advantage of the ‘Israeli’ talents to make a global innovation for this generation.”