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Honduras Recognizes Al-Quds as “Israel’s” Capital

Honduras Recognizes Al-Quds as “Israel’s” Capital
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By Staff, Agencies

Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez will travel to the “Israeli” entity on Friday to inaugurate a "diplomatic office" in al-Quds [Jerusalem], recognizing the holy city as the so-called capital of “Israel”.

The diplomatic office in the disputed city will be an extension of Honduras' Tel Aviv-based embassy.

"For me it's the recognition that Jerusalem [al-Quds] is the capital of ‘Israel’," Hernandez said on Tuesday.

The foreign ministry said in a statement that the “Israeli” entity had proposed that Honduras move its embassy to al-Quds, which is being "analyzed and evaluated in the international and national context."

US President Donald Trump sparked a deterioration in relations between Washington and the Palestinian authorities last year when the United States moved its embassy to al-Quds.

Guatemala and Paraguay followed suit while Brazil said it was studying the possibility. Paraguay reversed its decision after just four months.

Moving an embassy to al-Quds is highly contentious. The “Israeli’ entity claims all of al-Quds as its so-called capital.

Traditionally, most diplomatic missions in the “Israeli” entity have been in Tel Aviv as countries maintained a neutral stance over the status of al-Quds.