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Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech on International Al-Quds Day, 2019

Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech on International Al-Quds Day, 2019
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Translated by Staff

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah Delivers Speech at International Quds Day Festival Hosted by the Party in the Ashura Arena 

Jamous-Beirut area 

In the name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Merciful. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon our Master and Prophet, the Seal of the Prophets, Abi al-Qassim Mohammad bin Abdullah and his good and pure household and his good and chosen companions and all the prophets and messengers.

Brothers and Sisters, dear guests, peace and Allah’s mercy and blessings be upon you.

I welcome you to this dear occasion and I thank you all for this great attendance to revive this jihadist, moral, humanitarian and faithful event that is linked to our religion, our faith, our jihad, our present, our future, our destiny, our pride, our dignity, our freedom and our sanctities.

Allah Almighty says in his glorious book: {In the name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Merciful. Praise be to Allah O you who have believed, fear Allah and speak words of appropriate justice. He will [then] amend for you your deeds and forgive you your sins. And whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger has certainly attained a great attainment.}

I ask Allah Almighty that we speak words of justice at this sensitive, difficult and fateful stage.

Today marks 40 year since the late Imam Khomeini founded International Quds Day. The Imam announced or called for the commemoration of this day in 1979. During the past 40 years, the enemies of al-Quds were hoping that this day would be lost, neglected or forgotten with time. They thought that this was the people’s habit. But year after year, we found that interest in this day was peaking among the people of the world and the nation despite attempts to portray it as an Iranian event or brand it with sectarian undertones or portray it as a Shiite commemoration. However, Imam Khomeini’s sincerity and honest intentions prevailed over all this deceit and conspiracies.

The sincerity and loyalty of everyone on this path that leads to regaining al-Quds and liberating it, God willing, prevailed over any siege. That is why today it has become more like al-Quds week. Many cities and countries saw commemorations yesterday evening. There are also commemorations today in our region, across the Middle East, West Africa, North Africa and other African states, in Indonesia, Malaysia, a number of European countries, in some American cities, Australia, and Latin America.

Many intellectual, political and religious currents are commemorating it. There is great attendance. There are those who will commemorate the occasion on Saturday and Sunday, especially in some European countries in accordance with licenses or permits they receive for public gatherings.

Hence, this occasion is becoming greater, praise be to Allah Almighty.

This event was expected to head in this direction in any case. In my address today, I will speak a little about the occasion. The main topic is related to Palestine, the ‘deal of the century’, our responsibility and our assessment of the status quo. From there, I will talk about the US war on Iran, which has been the topic of discussion for the past few weeks. It is said that they are related. This matter has been deflating in the past few days. I would also like to address the issue of the Arab summit in Makkah al-Mukarramah [Mecca].

I will end my address with a matter concerning Lebanon. It is related to the demarcation of the border. But on the sidelines, there is a sensitive file that is being exploited now. The issue of the demarcation of the border is being used to pressure the Lebanese people. It is a sensitive topic that is related to the resistance and “Israel”. I would like to talk about it tonight. This issue is already gaining momentum. If I don’t talk about it tonight, we might have to follow up in a few days because the media will address it. Let us write the original text. Those who want to write footnotes, comments and follow-ups, especially regarding the position towards this sensitive development, let them do it later. 

As for Quds Day, today we saw mass rallies in several countries in the world. The first thing we must pause at is the great million-man march in Iran. Last year we did not give it much attention. We considered it ordinary. But this year we will deliberate it. The whole world should. I watched Arab media and even the pro-resistance media and the media supporting the axis of resistance. They could not present the magnitude of what took place. But I followed Iranian media and Iranian channels, and I saw cities, a large number of cities that saw massive rallies. Who is the message directed at? Why do we have to deliberate this? Trump says that the Iranian people are protesting against the government of the Islamic Republic and the state every Friday. He also said that Iran would rush to call him. He will continue to wait. It is true they were preoccupied with the Jawshan al-Kabeer prayer as well as the Ab Hamza Thumaly prayer. Now, al-Qadr nights are over. But he has to wait for the sajda to end. Who is this message for? The message is for all those who are betting on this great nation getting tired, weary and becoming weak. It is for all those who say that this people is no longer rallying on the anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution or to protect the Islamic regime in Iran. They are rallying for Quds Day, the Palestinian, Arab and Islamic cause. It is an affair that is related to foreign policy. These people take to the streets in their millions for hours while fasting. I saw on television all the officials of the Islamic Republic, leaders and senior officials taking part in the marches. I saw a number of Qom’s senior religious authorities and senior citizens in their 80s and 90s marching with the people.

In any case, this is a message; first of all to the Americans, second to all the governments in the region, and thirdly to anyone watching, betting or waiting.

Similar to last year, we must take note of the size of the large rallies in Yemen, in Sana'a and a number of other Yemeni cities. There was an extensive public presence. Yemeni leaders gave great addresses regarding Palestine, al-Quds and the confrontation with “Israel” and America. Through their presence on the street and on the battlefield, they firmly imposed themselves on the regional equation and the whole conflict in the region.

What happened in other countries is still evolving. We have a long list. In Palestine [the commemoration of al-Quds Day] is natural. There are martyrs in Gaza. The list includes al-Quds, Turkey, Iraq, Syria, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria, Ghana, Indonesia, Belgium, the United States, Russia, Oman, Tunisia, Algeria, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Senegal. This is a list that the guys were able to put together. Of course tomorrow the scene will be clearer. I must also draw attention to the popular rallies that took place last night and today in Bahraini villages, towns and cities. They were held under the slogan: No to the deal of the century and towards al-Quds.

Unfortunately, the first practical step [to the ‘deal of the century’] was intended to be launched from Bahrain. Bahraini scholars, the people of Bahrain and the political forces in Bahrain took to the streets to confirm that there is no legitimacy for what is being held on their land. They also confirmed that Bahrain, its people, its scholars, its political factions, its present and past are not responsible for this failure, this surrender and submission by the regime to the American will.

Following this introduction related to the occasion, we begin with our research. On Quds Day, the main challenge facing Palestine and al-Quds today is the ‘deal of the century’ or Trump’s deal. Today, the slogan was unanimous throughout the world: Towards al-Quds and No to the Deal of the Century or Trump’s deal. This is the threat that al-Quds, Palestine and the Palestinian cause are facing today.

Let us start talking about our duty and then analyzing the facts. Our duty is confronting the ‘deal of the century’. It is a religious, humane, moral, national, jihadist and revolutionary obligation. Why? Because it is simply a invalid deal. It is a deal that surrenders Palestinian, Arab and Islamic rights. It is a deal that surrenders the holy places. A person doesn’t need to reason about this. By all standards it is a false deal, a historic and shameful deal. It is a historic crime, by all standards. It should also be confronted. Everyone should challenge it.

The taklif [religious obligation] is clear. The answer is clear. The responsibility is clear. The question remains, can we confront this deal? Can we obstruct it? Can we force its failure? Yes, of course, God willing. I will only talk about some of the facts because there is not enough time to talk about all of them. These facts will confirm our path.

Today, the American administration, the Trump administration along with the Zionist entity and some Arab regimes, some of which are serious and some of which are not, are working day and night to implement this deal and make it succeed. On the other hand, there is a very strong axis, embraced by many including public opinion in the region, the Arab and Islamic worlds as well as the rest of the world. This axis is preventing this deal from being materialized. There is a conflict between these two visions. Should we take this path and exhaust ourselves in vain knowing that their path is a mirage? No, not at all. We should have hope, clarity and vision. Here, I am not only talking as Lebanese people, but as Palestinians, Lebanese, Syrians, Iraqis, Iranians, Yemenis, Arabs and Muslims and everyone supporting the Palestinian cause and the rights of the Palestinian people. We should have unwavering hope that we can achieve this objective and prevent this historic crime from being committed in our region and on our land.

Brothers and sisters, the central point in the American and Zionist project has always been the existence of the State of “Israel”, the strengthening of the State of “Israel” and the establishment of the State of “Israel”. It is also focused on normalizing “Israel’s” existence within the region so as to be the center of political, security and economic life. This means, in turn, putting an end to the Palestinian cause and liquidating it.

It seeks to end any talk about al-Quds and the 1948 territories, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian refugees or an independent Palestinian state, regardless of its size. This must be excluded from the process. This has always been the objective. Now, we do not want to talk history because we have a lot to talk about tonight. But I would like to skip to the final stage. It is not the stage we are currently in. The final stage before 2011 is the period between 2000 and 2011. During that period, there was an American attempt to liquidate the Palestinian cause but in a way that gives the Palestinians something, the crumbs. After the victory of the resistance in Lebanon in 2000 and following the intifada of al-Aqsa in Palestine and the emergence of a resistance movement, the Americans attempted to regain the initiative and took advantage of the September 11 attacks. They occupied Afghanistan and Iraq. They reached the Syrian border. They threatened Lebanon and Iran. They prepared a project to eliminate all the resistance movements and countries starting with Palestine and Lebanon in 2006.

Had they succeeded, they would have been able to continue to Syria and isolate Iran. We all remember, especially the Lebanese people. We did not forget Condoleezza Rice coming to Lebanon and speaking about the birth of a new Middle East, a new Middle East that sought to inaugurate the State of "Israel" as a normal, real and strong state in the region. It would give the Palestinians some crumbs, and erase any presence of resistance movements or states.

This project failed, completely. We will now talk about the current stage. After 2011 the US administration faced real popular revolutions. In the absence of clear positions, a unified leadership and clear projects, the US was able to absorb these popular revolutions with the help of some Arab regimes. It was able to divert these revolutions from their natural course, eliminate them, hijack them and redirect them the way they did in Syria.

During this stage, from 2011 until now, the Americans and all those who were on board with the so-called Arab Spring wanted to take a rotten fruit from it. This rotten fruit is Trump’s deal, the deal of the current century. What did they bet on? They bet that throughout these years, in a moment of weakness or worry and due to the earthquakes that hit several of our countries and societies, they can impose their deal on the Arabs Muslims. That is what has been happening since 2011 until today. We cannot deny that our societies, countries and people in the region, including states, armies, governments and economies faced a great deal of hardship, exhaustion and depletion. They also suffered due to hatred, dispersion, sectarianism, religion and nationalism. This is true. They thought that with Trump, his personality, his rhetoric, threats and intimidations as well as the onslaught or the media intimidation, everyone would be tired. They thought that everyone would be busy. No one would ask about the other. The peoples, governments, regimes and armies of the region would be preoccupied with their own affairs and would not ask about Palestine or al-Quds.

So, now is the right moment. It is the supposedly the right strategic environment for Trump, Netanyahu and some Arab regimes to impose this deal and settlement, do away with the Palestinian cause and devote themselves to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Thus came the ‘deal of the century’, which we are focused on confronting. Each one of us must confront it from his own position. This American-“Israeli” diagnosis as well as the diagnosis of some regimes is wrong. This is proof that they did not read history and do not understand it. They are not familiar with the people in the region or their religious, cultural and intellectual characteristics. They are not familiar with their values and concepts. Some are not familiar with them because they are foreigners. Others are estranged from them because they are imposed on them. That is why they made a mistake in their diagnosis. Let us take a quick and simple look at the matter. Let us consider our situation in the axis of resistance and its course and state facts without any exaggerations. Any one of you or any one watching is free to say whether Sayyed is exaggerating or not. Today, I can claim that the axis of resistance is stronger than ever. Contrary to the weakness some are talking about, there is factual evidence:

1- I start from Gaza, Palestine and the Palestinian resistance. During the peak of its strength, what was the Palestinian resistance’s greatest achievement? In Lebanon and south of Lebanon in the 1970s, it had weapons and numbers. It had capabilities and missiles. But the most intense thing the resistance was capable of doing was launching an operation along the border or along the old borderline. It was also able to infiltrate through the border or move groups into Palestinian territory. Later it became very difficult and uncomfortable. It possessed Katyusha rockets, which means it could strike targets 19 or 20 kilometers away. Is there anything that has not been said? Tel Aviv was safe from the reach of Palestinian rockets. Ashkelon and Be'er Sheva were also safe. They were all far. And no one was thinking of targeting them. I will only mention models and not a full presentation.

Yesterday we were listening to several of the brotherly leaders in the Palestinian resistance factions in Gaza, who were speaking through a live broadcast and talking about their capabilities and what they did in previous and recent rounds of fighting. They clearly said they hit Tel Aviv, and are able to hit Tel Aviv with a high number of rockets. Today Gaza is capable of striking Tel Aviv and targets beyond Tel Aviv. It is also capable of reaching many of the Zionist settlements.

Since when did the Palestinian resistance have such capabilities? One plus one is two. We are not talking about slogans.

Today, the missile capabilities of the Palestinians are developing. There is also a new capability that has entered the equation, which are the drone, as we have seen in the previous round of fighting. This cannot be countered. Proof of this is what happened in Saudi Arabia’s Yanbu.
The tens of thousands of fighters in Gaza posses extensive military capabilities and are capable of capturing very large swaths of Palestinian territory in the vicinity of the Gaza Strip in case of major war in the region.

Since when did the Palestinian resistance possess such capabilities? Yesterday, we also heard some leaders of these Jihadist factions saying: "We are approaching an equation that: if you bomb Gaza, we will bomb Tel Aviv.” This is a significant and great development in the equation of the conflict.

2- Regarding Lebanon, there is no reason for me to explain and there is no debate. There is no doubt that there has never been a time in Lebanon when “Israel” was confronted with this level of strength, numbers, development, capabilities, preparedness and readiness. There is no comparison between now and 1982. In 1948, there was nothing of this sort in Lebanon. “Israel” fears this resistance today. The “Israeli” officials talk daily about the state of deterrence, reinforcing deterrence, deploying a large part of the “Israeli” army to defensive positions in the north of occupied Palestine, and about the missile capabilities of the resistance, etc. Enough talk about Lebanon.

3- Syria overcame what was planned for it. It defeated those who were brought to destroy Syria and the Syrian army. Those forces would have gone to Lebanon and Iraq next. Then they would head to Iran to fight and eventually the whole region. There was cooperation and coordination with “Israel”. Every day, new information emerges about the level of “Israeli” cooperation with armed groups in southern Syria. Those also fell and collapsed. They are breathing their last breaths. Daesh, the Takfiris, the remnants of the Nusra and the Syrian political opposition factions that promised reconciliation with “Israel”, some of which made promises on television to give up the Golan to “Israel” are now sitting in hotels and houses. We no longer see their grim faces on television because they have nothing to say. Thus, Syria has overcome. It is still in its positions, in the axis of resistance and the resistance front. It will regain its strength, as it is courageous and steadfast.

4- Even after 2011 and the US withdrawal from Iraq, all American attempts to recapture Iraq and seize control over it at a political and security level failed. The game of using Daesh as a pretext for American forces to return to Iraq has already been exposed. Iraq’s official position in the regional equation is different today. I will comment on it when I address the Arab summit. Its position at the popular level and at the level of jihad, including the Palestinian cause as well as regional matters, is different.
5- Yemen: The rising force after nearly five years. The forces in Yemen, the popular, political, jihadist and military forces are rising. The Saudi regime along with all the mercenaries who came from all over the world, with full support from the US, Britain and France along with their arms factories failed to impose their will or surrender on the Yemeni people. What is the purpose of all these summits? Why was the Arab summit in Makkah held during the last ten days of the holy month of Ramadan when the people are fasting? Where was it held? In Makkah!  Why would King Salman call for an Arab summit, an Islamic summit and a Gulf summit? In a more popular expression, “O Arab, O khaleejis [People associated with the Gulf Cooperation Council states], O Muslims, help me.” You ask me what is behind this invitation? Now, when I talk about the war in the region, I will get back to it. Why? Because the drones of the Yemeni army and the popular committees in Yemen were able to overcome all the American, “Israeli” and British technologies. They reached their targets accurately and struck oil facilities. Trump was not able to protect them. Even though they bought billions of dollars worth of planes, missiles and radars, they were not able to protect themselves. This is just an example. That is why all the summits that have been held so far are a Saudi call for help. These summits express the inability and failure in the face of the Yemeni people, army, popular committees, Ansarullah and the smart, courageous and heroic young men.
This force is developing. It is becoming greater. I would like to address those who condemned the drone campaign against oil facilities in Saudi Arabia and tell them to review themselves morally, humanely and conscientiously. You are condemning a strike on oil pipes, and you have been silent for four years where an Arab, Muslim and oppressed people are being killed day and night and its children, men and women slaughtered. You were as quiet as graves and swallowed your tongues. But when an oil pipe in Saudi Arabia was hit, you raced and competed in getting closer to Al Saud. Look at yourselves in the mirror. Grade your morality and humanity. In any case, these condemnations and summits will not be able to protect the invaders, the tyrants and the armies of aggression from the wrath of the men of God. Because God is with them. God is with them in Yemen. He was, still is and will remain with them because they are the people of faith, wisdom and sacrifice. This is Yemen today. It is a main part of the axis of resistance. It rejects the ‘deal of the century’. Despite the bombings and massacres, the people in Yemen are taking to the streets to say no to the ‘deal of the century’ and express solidarity with the Palestinian people and al-Quds.

6- The people and forces in our region, which have expressed and are expressing their rejection to the ‘deal of the century’ are also among the elements of strength. One of the most important elements of strength in our current situation is Iran, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the great regional power, the first regional power, with its own strength. It is the real power. It is the force that has been fighting since the start of the revolution. It persevered for eight years while the whole world besieged it. When some talk about regional powers today, they point to Saudi Arabia. The leader of the other axis is Mr. Trump. What does he say about the great regional power, Saudi Arabia? If your planes fly in the sky without us, it will never land. If we do not protect you, you will not last two weeks. If we did not defend you, in one week you will be learning Persian [Farsi]. How will they learn Farsi in two weeks, I do not understand! They do not even know how to speak Arabic! These forces are called regional forces but they do not have their own capabilities. Their survival and apparent power depend on America, the West, the CIA, intelligence services, fleets and American military bases. That is the truth.

Iran is a real state, a promising and rising state. It is progressing at the forefront of this axis. Well, this is our axis. These are very great elements of strength. They are unprecedented. Neither the resistance in Lebanon nor the resistance in Palestine or Iran was as powerful as they are today. Neither Yemen nor Iraq were in a position they are in today. Syria will be stronger within this axis, God willing.
Let us move to the second front. What are the most important elements in the second front? The ones who want to impose the ‘deal of the century’. The following are the most important elements:

1- “Israel”: I am not saying that “Israel” is weak. This is unrealistic. “Israel” is a big country. “Israel” is an army for which a state has been created. But in 2019, “Israel” is weaker than ever. It is less powerful than ever before, if we want to be more precise. But how is it weaker or less powerful than ever before? “Israeli” political and military leaders have been saying that “Israel” has not been able to resolve one battle for years. Its prestige and control have declined. Who is afraid of “Israel” today? Lebanon? The Palestinian people, the people of the region? This was broken in 2000 and in the years that followed. They all acknowledge that the strength of its ground forces declined. Most of it moved into a defensive position.

Its home front is more vulnerable to missiles and resistance forces than ever before. Today, “Israel”, the Zionist entity is afraid of rockets from Gaza, from Lebanon and from Syria. It claims that there are missiles from Iraq, Iran and possibly Yemen. When was the “Israeli” home front so exposed? Even at the peak of Arab strength, they fought along the border. But the fighting today is deep inside the home front.

The corruption in “Israel” among its rulers, judges and generals is unprecedented. There are deep internal divisions at the social and political level. The final scene is about the elections. Netanyahu failed to form a government. There are new elections, loss of leadership and the urgent need for direct American support.

Today the generals in “Israel” say in any future war we want the Americans to be here with us. When was “Israel” like that? One of the declared objectives of the US fleets in the region is to protect the State of “Israel” from the axis of resistance. When did “Israel” need American fleets to protect it from the resistance!!
2- We turn to the most important element in the other axis which is the leader of the axis, America. What is Trump doing? Trump is waging psychological warfare and putting tremendous moral pressure on the world. But America is no longer what it used to be twenty, thirty, four or fifty years ago. America sent its armies to the region and left defeated and broken. It left Lebanon, Iraq and Somalia defeated. It is still attacking Afghanistan and Yemen. Brothers and sisters, tell me what were America’s projects in the previous stage. Did it succeed in accomplishing them?  

Of course, we were in the position of defense and thwarted these projects. All of us did. Study the American society and economy. His Eminence Imam Khamenei spoke a few days ago about an official report issued by the US Department of Agriculture. The report stated there are 40 or 41 million Americans on the verge of famine or malnutrition. This is America that wants to take over the world. With this economic situation, can this America withstand? Now, if oil prices jump to $ 150 and $ 200, what would become of Trump? Do you know what would become of him? In Congress, in court and in prison. This is America. This is its size and the truth about it. What is America’s position in the world today? What about the world’s respect for it? Even its European and non-European allies. There are confrontations across the world, with China and Russia, even with Europe and Latin America, Venezuela, Iran, North Korea and the ‘deal of the century’. He is defying an entire nation. The most important thing now in the US administration is not to launch new wars. He speaks frankly when he says venturing into any new war means financial and human losses. Pay attention and go back to his statement. You will find that he say financial then human losses. What is most important to Trump? Financial then human. Thus, what has been the American strategy since Trump came? Sanctions then economic warfare but not sending the military to fight. This takes me to my next point, which I will discuss in brief. He was the one who criticized all his predecessors when they sent the US army to the region to fight on behalf of countries in the region. He criticized them when they spent 7 trillion dollars in the region uselessly. This is his way of thinking, his culture, his mentality and his calculations. Is he a man of war? Is he a war commander? No, he bets on the economic issue.

3- Their satellite states in the region are confused, frightened, worried and distressed. The Takfiris they wagered on are living their last days, God willing. The Saudi regime and its mercenaries failed in the face of the people of Yemen. These regimes that depend on America are not able to protect themselves. They ask the US to protect them. Some Arab regimes are worried. Jordan today is worried about the ‘deal of the century’. It fears that the deal of the century might turn Jordan into an alternative homeland for the Palestinians and end the Hashemite throne. Thus, every once in a while they stir up political, economic and security problems. Regardless of Egypt’s declared position on the ‘deal of the century’, it is worried about the deal’s future. It does not even know its position or regional role should the ‘deal of the century’ be implemented. The deal is composed of three pillars: the US, the “Israelis” and Saudi Arabia. The rest will be followers. 

Brothers and sisters, this is a double-edged sword. One side is pointed at us and the other is pointed at them. They are preoccupied with themselves. Most Arab and Islamic countries are preoccupied with their own affairs. I am trying to look at the cup half full. This can be positive. It is a negative. Do you know why it can be a positive? Because if these regimes were not preoccupied with their own affairs, they would have sided with the Americans or the “Israelis”. They would not have sided wit the Palestinians. That is why I see it as a positive point in the general sense. Based on the aforementioned readings, today the axis of resistance, the resistance front, those rejecting Trump’s deal of shame are stronger and are capable of confronting this deal.

Today, they are focusing on the most important point of strength in this axis. Here I move to the next point. Iran is the point of strength. There is no doubt. It is the central location in this axis. It helped Iraq when it was attacked by Daesh as it was nearing Karbala and Baghdad. It supported the Syrian leadership and army during a difficult period. It stood alongside the resistance in Lebanon and the resistance in Palestine. Its position is clear and firm. Today, the focus is on Iran. This is what they are saying. This is not my own analysis. Trump and Pompeo say that blockading Iran, sanctioning it and pressuring it will weaken the axis and will cause it to collapse and fade. They wait for every end of the month to see if Hezbollah will pay salaries or not. Is this true or not?  

All eyes are on Iran. What were the brethren in Gaza saying yesterday? They said that their people abandoned them while Iran stood with them. Iran supported us with weapons and money. This is the truth. So they went to Iran. All pressure is on Iran. Since day one, all these regimes declared enmity towards the Islamic Republic. The first day when Imam Khomeini triumphed, they started planning and scheming against the Islamic Republic. Over the past 40 years, Iran’s image was being distorted. False accusations were issued against Iran. There were attempts to isolate Iran and incite against it. Iranians were referred to as Majus. We all remember the slogan of Saddam Hussein’s battle with Iran: Persians and Majus. Of course he could not use the terms Sunnis and Shiites like Al Saud do since a big part of the Iraqi people and army were Shiites. So, he called them Majus. Then after him came those who transformed it into Sunnis and the Shiites. Then they came up with the Safavids, the Alawites and Arab Shiasim, economic sanctions reaching until threatening wars. Lately, there were intimidations of wars and speculations whether there will or will not be a war. This is what will talk about.

There are speculations whether there will be a war between America and Iran. We are talking about a different region. There were those who were strongly pushing for a war. The American administration and Trump do not want a war. Here, we are talking prior to Trump’s latest speech. Bolton is clearly pushing for a war. Bolton the liar, who looks like some cartoons said yesterday that our goal is to overthrow the Iranian regime. But months before during a summit held to discuss the Iranian hypocrites, he told them that God willing we will celebrate the 2019 in Tehran. This was not said 20 years ago. It was said a few months ago. Bolton, Bin Salman, Netanyahu and Gulf states were pushing for a war. If you watch the Gulf media, you would think that Trump works for al-Arabia. Now he will wage a war. A war is imminent. He will send fleets. It is as if Trump is watching al-Arabia channel and will do what it tells him. I will start from a speech by His Eminence Leader Sayyed Khamenei. He has been leading this nation for 30 years. He knows all the strategies, details as well as the strengths and weakness. He said there will be no war, no war and no negotiations. No negotiations on the part of the Iranians and no war against us both.  Why won’t there be a war? This is our analysis. I don’ t want to say that the following reasons are what made the Leader say that there will be no war. This is our analysis. First, Iran’s strength. If Iran were weak, a war would have been launched a long time ago.  The hatred, conspiracies and collusion of the Arabs, the Gulf, the Americans, the “Israelis” and the Zionists against Iran would have caused a war against Iran if it were weak. Iran is strong and capable with its people, armed forces, regime, leader, religious authorities and scholars. It, first and foremost, puts its trust in Allah, believes in Him and believes in His promise. Iran is strong. That is why it is feared. This is first. Trump does not want to declare war on people do not last a week or two and whose planes do not find a runway to land. Here, we are talking about real strength. This is first.

The second reason, let the world to hear me well, is that Mr. Trump, his administration and his intelligence apparatuses know very well that the war against Iran will not remain confined to Iran’s borders. Any war on Iran would mean the whole region will be set ablaze. All US forces and interests in the region will be annihilated. All those who conspired and schemed [with it] will pay the price; first “Israel” and then Al Saud. Mr. Trump knows that when the region is set ablaze – he does not care about people and who lives or dies – the prices of oil barrels will be $ 200, $ 300, or $ 400. He will lose in the elections. This is the equation of strength. When His Eminence the Leader says there will be no war, this means Iran will not initiate a war with anyone. It never initiated a war against anyone. If America wanted to wage a war against Iran, it should take into account the magnitude of the material and human losses that it would incur in such a war. This is what prevents a war. The rest want Trump to fight and defend them. Trump doe not work for you. You work for him. You are his tools in his project. He is not a tool in your projects, ambitions and hatred. His calculations are different from yours. He is interested in the millions and billions of dollars and oil. These are his calculations which are different than yours. 

Let us lighten up the atmosphere a little bit. Let us presume that America wants to wage war on Iran. Let us also assume that Iran was not able to resist America God forbid. Also, let us assume that Iran was defeated. How will Trump collect the remaining hundreds of billions of dollars from the Gulf States?

Now Trump is exploiting and utilizing everything for the sake of money. He has no interest in having dialogue or an understanding between Iran and the Gulf states or have them sing a non-aggression treaty. He has no interest. He is interested in frightening the Gulf States with Iran to milk them until nothing is left. Isn’t this correct? If he waged a war, what will be the reason for him to sell missiles, planes and tanks? What will be the reason for him to send fleets and build bases in the region? There will no longer be a reason for this. This is stupidity. There are fools.

Trump's priority is to launch an economic war against Iran. He is waging an economic war against China. Venezuela is to his side. It is not Iran. His priority is waging an economic war against Venezuela. His priority is to launch an economic war against North Korea.

In any case, I want to present a strong indicator or indications that the war hypothesis has moved away. First, Trump himself said in a television interview we do not want a military war with Iran. Our war with Iran is an economic warfare because a military war will lead to more human and financial losses. He categorically denied that there were plans to send 120,000 US troops and officers to the region. The 120,000 troops became 5,000. The 5,000 became 1,500, and 1,500 became 900. Then they extended the mission of the 600 troops present in the area here. Are these facts or not?

Brothers and sisters, Trump basically wants to leave the region. He made problems just to leave Syria. But the CIA, the Pentagon, the Congress, “Israel”, Saudi Arabia and the UAE told him that if you wanted to leave Syria, take a look at the UAE. It is in Damascus. Saudi Arabia will go to Damascus. Damascus will return. This strengthens Iran. So, he agreed to leave 200 troops in Syria.

The other indicator is the summits. As I said earlier, summits. Here, we talk about the Arab summits. The summit in which people were invited hastily. Why? There are two clear reasons that are present in the data.
The first reason: I remember at the start of the aggression against Yemen, the Leader said a phrase. He said: these young Yemeni men will defeat these people. And they were defeated. The first reason is what I mentioned earlier. Saudi Arabia saw that there is no solution in the face of the missiles and drones of the Yemeni army and the popular committees. They [the Saudis] say that these are Houthi missiles. The Yanbu strike is proof. There was a total technical, military and security failure. It was a massive failure and great achievement for our Yemeni brethren. Thus, the Houthis and Iran were mentioned in most of the items in the statement issued by the Arab summit.

The second reason: the Saudi regime and its friends knew with certainty that there will be no American war on Iran. They dreamed and paid money but without any results. They incited, but to no avail. Trump will not fight on your behalf. Maybe that was what you were betting on. They had this bet. Is there anything else they can do? Is there anything else Al Saud can do? Who will wage a war on Iran? You have seen the tweets by Saudi Arabia. You were defeated in Yemen by young men who are not army and do not have great capabilities. They are isolated, besieged, hungry and sick. You have failed, have been defeated and broken. And you want to wage a war on Iran! Will they employ Netanyahu to wage a war on Iran on their behalf? Let him save himself first. All their bets, money and hopes hung during the past few weeks on Trump and provoking Trump, Pompeo and Bolton to wage a war on Iran and get rid of Iran once and for all. This is over.

Thus, these summits – as I have said earlier – came as a call for help from the Arab and Islamic worlds as well as from the people in the Gulf. The reason Saudi Arabia called for these three summits is to ask for backing from the Gulf countries it destroyed. Who created problems for the Gulf Cooperation Council? The Saudis. They want support form the GCC which they divided and the Arabs they shattered. Did they have any Arab country agreeing with another Arab country? Until now, there are civil wars in Arab countries. Look for Saudi fingerprints in them. There are also Arab countries on the brink of a civil war. Look for Saudi fingerprints there. The Saudis destroyed the Arabs and spread sedition among Muslims. They want support from Pakistan. They spread the Takfiri ideology there, which gave rise to the Taliban. The Taliban created thousands of problems for the Pakistani army and people. Now, the Saudis are turning back to all these for help.

First, regarding this summit, this is its background. It is a call for help and a plea. It is like: we are in the month of Ramadan, our dear loved ones please [help us]. This is the result of helplessness and the failure of their gambits. The other axis is not at all in a position of strength, but rather in a position of weakness, frustration and confusion. This is the truth.

Second, regarding the statement: The entire statement is made up of ten items, which are all about Iran. They also talk about the Houthis. Since it is International Quds Day, the last two lines in the end of the statement are about the Palestinian cause, the Arabs’ central cause. The summit confirmed its adherence to the resolutions of the Arab Summit 29 in Dhahran, the Quds Summit as well as the resolutions of the 30th Arab summit in Tunisia. That is it. They did not even write two lines on Palestine. It was a line and a half. This is how much Palestine means to he Arab summit! In the Gulf summit, there is a funny part. The fourth item in the GCC’s gulf summit emphasizes the strength and cohesion of the GCC and unity among its members to confront these threats. They themselves are blockading Qatar – the people and the state. The blockade has been in place for a year and a half. Who are you kidding? There are people who are not aware they are becoming stupid. Others are mocking them and belittling them. 

Regarding the Arab summit: It is our duty to commend the position of Iraq and the Iraqi President at the Arab summit. It was a distinct, courageous and excellent position. If only the rest of the Arab presidents, kings and princes spoke the same language. He did not say that we want to fight Saudi Arabia and the UAE. His words were well balanced. Be moderate like him. What do you lack? If this summit was about the failure, incompetence and frustration and commercial exploitation of the United States, they would have turned to a conciliatory language with Iran. A few days ago, Iran sent its delegates to say we are ready for dialogue with the Gulf States and ready to hold non-aggression agreements with the Gulf countries. If they were speaking a language of dialogue, openness and harmony, their money, security, safety and interests would have remained intact. Their dignity, which is humiliated by Trump day and night, would have also remained intact.

We as a Lebanese party that is part of the Lebanese government consider the position of the official Lebanese delegation at the Arab summit to be inconsistent with the ministerial statement and contrary to the commitments of the Lebanese government. In the light of this ministerial statement, it was given confidence by the parliament. Where is the self-distancing? That was the commitment of the government. That is our national interest. As for us, put us aside the way it always was during the other summits. Thus, we reject and condemn this position. It is unacceptable and does not represent Lebanon. It represents the people or the party that those people belong to. This cannot be the official position, which issues ten items condemning Iran and a line and a half talking about Palestine and then exploits the whole situation in favor of an axis. The Future Movement can issue a statement to support the great summit in Makkah al-Mukarramah. That is its right, its natural right. That does not bother us since we have different positions. We have said that the political forces do not distance themselves. We are the first people who do not distance themselves. But we agreed that the Lebanese government should distance itself. The Lebanese state should distance itself. What happened in Makkah was contrary to the commitments and national interests. 

I turn to the last point. This point is sensitive and we cannot afford to delay it.  Regarding the demarcation of the border, as a resistance – I said on more than one occasion – that we do not have a problem, and we stand behind the state. Whatever happens along the border, we stand behind the state regardless of whether it is wrong or right. Regarding the maritime and border demarcation, we also stand behind the state. This is not a compliment. Some of the brothers told me that I am giving a compliment. I told them no. I am not giving anyone a compliment when I say ‘yes, the resistance trusts the Lebanese officials who adhere to this file and are committed to attaining Lebanon’s full rights on land, sea and with respect to water, gas and oil. We trust him. That is why we do not interfere with this matter. Let us leave this on a positive note and move to something else.

What did the Americans – Mr. Satterfield do? The Americans are smart when it comes to exploitation? Lebanon needs border demarcation, especially the maritime border for oil and gas. Lebanon needs calm to get loans from Cedar [CEDRE], which are mostly loans rather than aid. I hope that all the Lebanese will hear me well. The Americans wanted to take advantage of the negotiations over the demarcation of the maritime and land borders to deal with a side issue that is entirely in “Israel's” favor. “Israel” has been unable to resolve it for years. This is the issue of the precision rockets and manufacturing precision rockets. For more than two years, ambassadors, embassies, foreign security apparatuses, even those who put us on the list of terrorist organizations have been contacting us. They were all asking us the following questions and conveying the following messages: You have precision rockets. “Israel” does not tolerate this. When “Israel” finds out that somewhere there are precision rockets, it will bomb them. We have been receiving this for more than two years.

The second issue is that you have factories for manufacturing precision rockets in Lebanon. For “Israel”, this is a red line. It can’t tolerate this. When “Israel” finds out that at a certain location there is precision rockets factory, it will bomb it. We hid this from the people for two years in order not to disturb their state of mind and for us to tackle things behind the scenes. But due to what happened this week I have to speak out. I assume that this issue will be published in the media since the discussions regarding this issue are spreading. So I want to make a public statement and I want to absolve the Lebanese officials the responsibility of conveying messages or answering questions. I would like to present these answers myself and for the Americans, the “Israelis” and others to hear the reason for this talk.

Regarding the first point, the issue of the precision rockets: We are honest people. We do not lie. You can tell me, for example, that you can hide the truth without lying, to say half-truths. But we do not lie. So when they asked us, we told them all yes, we have precision rockets. If you remember, on the tenth [of Muharram or Ashura], I clearly announced that we possess precision rockets that reach all the required targets in the Zionist entity. Today on Quds Day, on the 40th anniversary since the launching of Quds Day, I repeat and say to the whole world that yes, in Lebanon we have enough precision rockets that are capable of changing the face of the region and the equation. But this is not new. We said this two years ago during Ashura. Anyone who asked us, we told them yes, we have precision rockets. All those who conveyed messages to us, we told them there is no problem. This talk dates a year, two years or three years back. The “Israelis” were informed. When we were being intimidated and told that ‘the “Israelis” considers this [Hezbollah possessing precision rockets] a red line. It will not accept this and will bomb them, our answer was clear. I publicly announced it. I said it on al-Mayadeen and during a live broadcast. 

And now I will reiterate this point. Back then, we told them that we (Hezbollah) will respond to any “Israeli” attack against any target of the resistance in Lebanon quickly, directly and forcefully. That is why they have not bombed for a year, two or three. He even tells the UN that there are rockets in al-Ahed [football] field and near the airport. He urged the UN to contact the Lebanese state and ask them to go and check themselves if there were rockets. They do not bomb our rockets because we are strong and because we will respond with the same measure if not twofold. We are done with the issue of the missiles. That is we have precision rockets. What is the second point? It is that we have factories to manufacture precision missiles. A few months ago, one of the Lebanese officials came to tell me something the Americans told him. So I told him that this is wrong information. We do not have precision-missile factories in Lebanon. Then he asked me another time if the Iranians have. 

I told him the Iranians do not have factories for any kind of rockets. So far there are no factories for precision rockets in Lebanon. But the Americans insist that there are [factories]. They want to take advantage and work on the maritime demarcation. They pointed to a location where there allegedly is a factory for manufacturing precision rockets. Another Lebanese official sent me asking. I told him it is not true. At that location, we have a camp, facilities and military equipment, but there are no precision-rocket factories. Where am I getting at? In the context of this talk, several threats were made to address this issue. These facilities should be destroyed and bulldozed. My dear, who are you talking to? What world are you in? This is not an option for us. Apart from that, we, Hezbollah, are more honest that the Americans, the “Israelis” and their allies. I tell you there are no precision-rocket factories. 

And if there were factories, I would have told you tonight on television that there are factories. I will tell you the proof of what I am saying in a bit. I will talk now about my problem with the issue and then conclude. My problem is discussing this issue with the Americans or agreeing that the Americans raise this issue with us. In my opinion, this door should be shut. It is none of their business. The Americans have no business if there were precision-missile factories in Lebanon or not. “Israeli” – beside us – manufactures missiles, planes, tanks, nuclear weapons and chemical weapons. Let them question it. It is our right. This is what I want to add. It is our right to have weapons to defend our countries, and it is our right to manufacture any weapons. There are means to possessing weapons. You either buy it or someone gives it to you or you manufacture it. Now in Gaza, what are they doing? They are manufacturing [weapons]. In Yemen what are they doing? They are manufacturing [weapons].

But the Saudi mentality is unable to comprehend that the Yemeni people are clever enough to manufacture rockets and drones. What do they do in Iran? They manufacture. It is our right to manufacture. I am saying it is not permissible for the Americans to discuss with us this right. This is first. Whether there are or there are no factories, what do you want from us? I am telling, there are no factories. Now there isn’t any. But you do not have the right to discuss with me whether or not there is a factory. We are wntitled to possess weapons to protect our country, be it bought, a gift or manufactured. This is first.

Second: If the Americans want to keep this file open, I tell you and announce to you, we have the full capacity to manufacture and to get manufacturing machines, and we will set up factories to manufacture precision rockets in Lebanon. I say tonight if the Americans want to keep this file open, let the whole world take note. We will build factories in Lebanon to manufacture precision rockets. So far, we have not set up a factory. But by doing so, they are convincing us. In addition, in the government they are talking a lot about supporting the Lebanese industry. Today, the most important market in the world is the arms trade. And I am serious. We can make precision rockets, sell to the world and support the Lebanese treasury as well. Therefore, I wish that Mr. Satterfield behave himself and carry out his designated task as he is offering to help. I do not know whom he is helping. You know the Americans are not usually mediators. Their job is to exert pressure to accomplish “Israel’s” interest. May God help the Lebanese officials regarding these negotiations. He should close this file. There is no need for him to get upset. This is our natural right and we are adhering to it. Threats do not work with us. It’s a two or three year old threat. I said it and I do not want to repeat.

Dear brothers, on Quds Day and on the 40th year of Quds Day, our axis is strong. Our front is strong. It is true that in the past years we have made a lot of sacrifices, but we have emerged with the blessing of the martyrs' blood and the sacrifices more powerful and more present. With all strength, determination, faith and certainty, I tell you all, we can defeat the ‘deal of the century’ with the Palestinian people in the lead. When the Palestinians are unanimous in taking the position of a king – as I previously referred to them when discussing the subject of the ‘deal of the century’ in the Bahrain conference – no one can impose anything on us, on the Palestinians and the region. When the Syrian people refuse to give up the Golan, it will not become “Israeli” even if Trump adjusted the map. Let them do whatever they want and say whatever they want. If we remained in all the fields, empowered by our rights, and first and foremost dependent on Allah Almighty, confident in his promise and believe in Him, in our people, in future generations, in our minds and in our wills, the future will be for al-Quds and not for Trump and his minions. 

Peace be upon the soul of the great Imam Khomeini who founded this day. Many happy returns. May Allah Almighty grant you victory and may He bless you.