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Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech on the Wounded Resistance Fighters’ Day 

Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech on the Wounded Resistance Fighters’ Day 
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Translated by Staff

The speech of Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah commemorating Wounded Resistance Fighters’ Day hosted by the party’s Foundation for the Wounded in Beirut, Bekaa and Southern Lebanon 10-4-2019

In the name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Merciful. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon our Master and Prophet, the Seal of the Prophets, Abi al-Qassim Mohammad bin Abdullah and his good and pure household and his good and chosen companions and all the prophets and messengers.

Gentlemen the scholars, brothers and sisters, peace and Allah's mercy and blessings be upon you all.

After welcoming all of you, let me begin by congratulating you on this occasion and the anniversaries and events of the coming days.

First, the month of Shaban is a blessed month. It is the month of the Great Messenger of Allah, the greatest prophet of Allah, the Seal of the Prophets, the Master of the Messengers, may Allah bless him and his household. It is an introduction to the month of Ramadan, the month of worship, obedience, prayer and supplication. It also includes a host of great and revered occasions.

It is remarkable how the month of Shaban embraces the birth anniversary of the main and fundamental figures in the incident of Karbala. The fate of Islam and the fate of the Ummah [the Islamic community] hung on this incident that took place in 61 AH.

To remind people and to get blessings, we recall that the third of Shaban is the anniversary of the birth of the master of martyrs Abu Abdullah al-Hussein (peace be upon him).

By the way, after the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, this day was chosen to mark the [Islamic Revolutionary] Guard Corps Day. We will talk a little bit about the IRGC today. 

The 4th of Shaban is the birthday of Abi al-Fadl al-Abbas (peace be upon him) and a day to honor the wounded resistance fighters. It is your day, the wounded, those who were injured, bled and offered parts of their bodies for this path.

Shaban 3, 4 AH is the birthday of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him). Shaban 4, 26 AH is the birthday of al-Abbas (peace be upon him) and Shaban 5, 28 AH is the birthday of Imam Ali ibn al-Hussein Zayn al-Abidin (peace be upon). This occasion [Shaban 5] also marks Prisoners’ Day, the day for the detainees who were freed or are still incarcerated. There are still many prisoners behind bars.

Today in Palestine there are hundreds of prisoners who went on hunger strike as a result of inhumane acts by the prison administration there.

On the 7th of Shaban, the battle of Khaybar, the signs of Khaybar, the great victory in Khaybar and the great marvels of Khybar took place.

Shaban 11, 42 AH is the birthday of Ali al-Akbar (peace be upon him). We must find a day for it, the day of the youth, the day for young people. Let the guys study this, God willing.

The 15th of Shaban is the birthday of Imam al-Hujjah ibn al-Hassan al-Askari al-Mahdi, may Allah's peace and blessings be upon him. His birthday marks the Day of the Oppressed because, God willing, this land will be filled with justice after it has been filled with injustice by the hands of this promised imam.

Today we will talk about the occasion, the day of the wounded, which falls on the birthday of Abu al-Fadl al-Abbas (peace be upon him). I will first talk about the occasion. From there, I move on to some important events taking place in our region. Then, I will conclude by tackling some points related to Lebanon.

First regarding the occasion, which is the birth of al-Abbas, Abu al-Fadl al-Abbas (peace be upon him) and choosing this day as a day to honor the wounded resistance fighters. As a matter of fact, Abu al-Fadl al-Abbas stands for those young men in our history and in our culture. He embodies those young men because al-Abbas (PBUH) was in his thirties. He also symbolizes those men and those leaders because al-Abbas was from the elite and the best, from the first class of leaders and among the well-known and respected figures during that period.

He was a believer [Momin] and obedient to his imam. Let me quickly mention the attributes of al-Abbas.

He was not neutral. You know at the beginning of Imam Hussein’s (PBUH) movement, there were some people who followed Yazid. Other people were neutral. A lot of them were neutral at the beginning of the Husseini movement and during its final days when they were offered safety. There are people who take part at the beginning of the battle, but they get tired in the end. They might get bored. They might lose patience. Their wounds or pains, hunger, poverty, the siege, temptation or being offered safety might make them leave the battle. They might not join the ranks of the enemy, but they stand on the sidelines.

In the battle between right and wrong, in the battle for the defense of the sanctities, in the battle to defend the oppressed, there is no place for neutrality.

He stood alone. This is a great sight, one man in the face of thousands. After the martyrdom of al-Hussein’s (PBUH) companions and household, the only men left were Imam Hussein and Abu al-Fadl al-Abbas. Imam Zayn al-Abidin was in the tent. His health condition did not allow him to fight. 

Al-Abbas stood alone with the spirit of his father in him. The sight of the enemy’s army, even if it stretched across the entirety of the land, did not intimidate him.

Al-Abbas took a courageous stance. Here, we learn how to stand firm, courageously, resolutely, firmly and without hesitation, fear or anxiety even when one of us is alone – and we are not alone – or when our people are alone.

He was also the one who instigated, advanced, broke through and attacked.

Al-Abbas embodies the greatest brotherly scene during the water-drinking incident. Al-Abbas was not hindered by his wounds in his pursuit of his goal nor in exerting maximum effort to support his imam, his religion and his just cause.

History portrays him as a person whose right hand was cut off, so he took the sword with his left hand. When his left hand was cut off, he took the waterskin with what was left of his hands until an arrow ripped out his eyes with blood. He was then struck on the head and fell to the ground.

Until his last breath, al-Abbas did not hesitate and did not stop until he was martyred and killed, satisfied and grateful.
This man, this young man, this great leader, this icon in everything that he symbolizes, and everything I mentioned that symbolizes him, is our role model, and in particular the role model of our wounded. That is why his birthday was chosen as a day to honor the wounded.

Dear brothers and sisters, the wounded, you should be proud of this day and the person who was born on this day. You should also take pride and be honored that the leader, guardian and imam you follow in this era and time is one of you. By this I mean His Eminence the Imam and leader Sayyed Khamenei. He too is one of the wounded. He carries scars from his wounds – the result of a well-known assassination attempt on his life in one of Tehran’s mosques. He is proud to be one of you and one among this holy gathering.

Brothers and sisters, you did not stand neutral in the resistance’s battle against the Zionist occupation. You did not stand neutral when your people, your homeland and your sanctities faced threats. On the contrary, you were always present and took the initiative, truthfully and morally, until the end.

The proof is that among you are wounded fighters from the resistance in 1982 and 2000. Among you are wounded from the great war and the great victory in 2006 as well as before and after 2006. There are many among you who were wounded in the battles against the last conspiracy that hit the region, which was spearheaded by takfiris and terrorists.

You carried on until the end and you achieved victory. You, brothers and sisters, today are living witnesses as the martyrs are witnesses with their blood and their families. You are living martyrs and living witnesses to the achievements we are blessed with in Lebanon, from the victories to security and internal peace, to deterrent force and stability. All these are thanks to your sacrifices, your blood, and your wounds. You are the beacon of victory as the title of this celebration states.

These achievements and victories in Lebanon are not because of the Americans or their blessing, allies or tools.

On the contrary, we see American imprints at the grave of every martyr, military or civilian in Lebanon, in your wounds, in your eyes and in your severed hands, in your severed legs and in your injured organs. We have been killed and wounded and our villages, cities and towns in Lebanon have been massacred because of the “Israeli” aggression, American support, American weapons and American cover. However, what victory, achievements and security and peace we have were secured by our men, women, children, martyrs, prisoners and wounded. These evil terrorists, murderers and conspirators have no right to come to Lebanon or from outside Lebanon and address us as if they are the ones who gave us stability, safety and peace and say that these are a red line! When did you [the US] consider these a red line and you were always the ones supporting the aggression and pushing the enemy toward terrorism? Today, if this enemy does not dare to attack, it is not because of your red lines. It is rather because of our red blood, our wounds, our steadfastness and our resoluteness. Our people must know this. 

The people and the world are seeing you today as you revive this meaning and understanding which is: your wounds, your blood, the blood of your martyr brethren, the sweat of your Mujahideen brethren, the suffering of your brethren in captivity and the cells and the patience and tolerance of your families, people, daughters and sons are the ones providing Lebanon and the region with this security, stability and dignity. Today you are the living witnesses to the essence of this resistance, the truth about this resistance. When the world looks at you, at your families, at your faces, at your wounds, are you terrorists? Are you a terrorist movement? Are you a terrorist group? Where were you wounded? Where did parts of your bodies fall? On what land? In which battle? In the face of which enemy?

Let us look in all religious laws and all international laws to for your true classification, for your resistance and your jihad. Then come the Americans who are the origin of terrorism, the head of terrorism and the reality of terrorism and the essence of terrorism. America, brothers and sisters, does not support terrorism. This American administration is a state and is a terrorist administration. It has a terrorist mind. Its culture is of a terrorist nature. Its practices are of a terrorist nature. You and all of us and all the honorable people in the region are standing in the face of this terrorism. In this modern age, this terrorism’s greatest manifestations are the grave historic massacre of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, stretching into to the events that have been taking place over the past decade until today. The Americans officially admitted that their army and many of the region’s armies have killed tens of thousands of civilians under the pretext of danger. 

This state practices terrorism and supports terrorism. The United States humiliates a whole nation, a nation of 1.5 billion Muslims and Arabs, for the sake of terrorist “Israel” and also creates terrorist groups and provides them with all facilities. Then it labels and classifies the defenders of the homeland, the lands, the sanctities, dignity, honor, blood, security, stability, the future and future dreams of being terrorists. This is the pinnacle of insolence and stupidity.

And today, there is another chapter in America’s pinnacle of insolence and stupidity. Insolence because the US is the terrorist, the spearhead of terrorism, the supporter of terrorism and the basis of terrorism, and then it classifies the honorable resistance fighters as terrorists. This is insolence! This classification is stupidity. I will tell you in a bit why it is a stupidity. It classifies the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organization and places it on the list of terrorist organizations. Of course, this is unprecedented. Saying that Hezbollah, the [Islamic] Jihad Movement, Hamas, our brethren in the Iraqi factions, Ansarullah in Yemen, etc. are terrorist organizations is fine. These are organizations, movements, parties and so on. But to place such a label on a legitimate and official military institution of a recognized state and a member of the United Nations, which is the Islamic Republic of Iran, is of course unprecedented. It is something new! The IRGC is a great jihadist organization. Today, when a decision like this is taken against this institution and injustice befalls it, all the free and honorable people of the world and the Ummah, in particular, will be moved.

We, today, denounce and condemn this American decision by Trump and the US administration. We clearly declare that we stand with our brothers and loved ones in the IRGC. As part of the people of the region and as part of the resistance movements in the region, we declare that thanks to our brethren in the IRGC, Islam, the Ummah, the sanctities, the people of the region, the Islamic Republic, the Islamic Republic’s system, the great and honorable Iranian people, our sanctities in the region, and our dignity have been defended. They not only provided material and moral support for the armies and resistance movements in the region that fought the terrorists and the Zionists, we also find them leading along the frontlines. The IRGC sacrificed the best of their leaders, officers and Mujahideen. A large number of martyrs and wounded, who we are also marking their day today, fell outside Iran defending the sanctities, dignity and honor and confronting the American-Zionist hegemony project in our country and against people. Therefore, it is our duty to stand with them and beside them and express these positions.

When we see Trump today placing the IRGC on the terror list, in my opinion this is a natural move by the great Satan. Let us delve a little bit into the analysis and take a position. In my opinion, this is a natural move by this great Satan. We will talk about it the same way we did when Pompeo came to Lebanon and the same way when they place any resistance movement, person, institution, entity or group on the terror list. What is happening is a reaction. We have to understand this subject. This is not an American action. It is an American reaction. Why is it an American reaction? Allow me to make two points:

The first point entails us to understand what is happening. I believe this is an American reaction to the defeat and to the disappointment. The Americans had broad hopes over the last few years in the region. They supported regimes as well as takfiri and terrorist groups. They were looking forward to realizing a very big project in the region. They wanted to reformulate the Middle East. Everything that happened was in this context. Also, their tools in the region helped them. But our people, some armies, some resistance movements, factions and some political forces stood in the face of this project and simply defeated it.

Today, brothers and sisters, we do not feel weak. The Americans blacklisting the IRGC is a proof of its strength. It is not a proof of its weakness. When they place us on the terror list, this is proof of our strength and not weakness. Why then would they place us on the terror list? Why impose sanctions? Why blockade? If we were weak, not influential at the local and regional level and unable to confront their projects, they would not waste their time with us. They will deal with us the same way they do with many in our Arab and Islamic world. They have no names. They are not mentioned. No action is taken against them because they are not influential and because they are out of the equation.
Hence, what is happening, I believe, is a natural occurrence, and we should look at it as something natural.

In the past, they blacklisted resistance movements and resistance factions. Today, they made an unprecedented move blacklisting the IRGC because it is central, in both support and influence. We must recognize and say the truth as it is. Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is central to the equations in the region. It is in first place. It is the strongest, the most important and the most influential. It is related to all these arenas and provides support. Ultimately, after blacklisting us all, including the resistance factions and movements, the Americans wanted to reach the faction or the fundamental and central force represented by the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps. This expresses Trump’s disappointment and the Americans’ disappointment toward the hundreds of thousands they brought to the region and supported with tens of tons of weapons and ammunition as well as hundreds of billions of dollars. The result was failure, defeat and disappointment.

This is the first point that must be clear to us.

The second point is the message of this day. I wanted to convey today this position and this message. Dear brothers and sisters, I tell you and tell the Americans a well as all those who are backing the American measures. It is clear that the list will expand. There will be more sanctions and intimidations. Even in Lebanon, some of our friends and allies are being intimidated. Even though what has been said appears to be mere intimidations. I will return to this in the end when I discuss the Lebanese part. What I want to say today is that it is true that it has been sufficient up to this point to condemn, denounce, be patient and manage the situation in the face of the terrorist lists and the sanctions. But this does not mean we do not have important, fundamental and powerful cards to play. Here, I am not talking about Hezbollah. I am talking about the entire resistance axis, including its countries, armies, people and resistance movements and factions. If someone wanted to describe the path of the resistance, it might have narrowed. We possess a lot of powerful cards as well as elements of strength. But so far, we have not engaged in any reaction. We are still approaching what the Americans are doing as a reaction to its disappointment and defeat. They are resorting to these measures to confront us, weaken us and limit our victories, achievements and advances. But what I want to say today, on this great and blessed day, is that this is not a constant and permanent policy. If the Americans take certain measures, steps and actions they will be countered. Who says they will remain without a response or reaction from the powerful cards the resistance fighters and the resistance axis in the region has? Who is assuming that? I tell them do not assume that. You are mistaken.

When any faction or resistance movement or part of the resistance axis feels, or when we feel, that there is a serious situation threatening us, threatening our people, threatening our homeland and threatening our main causes, who says that we will only condemn, denounce and deplore. It is not only our natural right, because we are here on the defensive, but also our moral, religious and humanitarian duty to confront all those whose actions can threaten our people, our countries, our resistance and the achievements and victories secured with the blood of our martyrs, our wounded, our prisoners, our families, our Mujahideen and our resistance fighters.

But, of course, our options are open. But calmly and coolly and in a timely manner, and when the action needs a reaction, there will be a perfectly appropriate and inevitable reaction. Here, I am talking about all the arenas and fields that America thinks it can abuse. It is not like that. The field is not empty. I would like to stress this point. I do not need to emphasize that what I am saying is credible, but this is our history, this is our past, this is our present, these are our facts, this is our resistance, these are our victories, this is our steadfastness, these are our sacrifices and these are our positions. They all support and prove this subject.

By the way, since we are talking about the IRGC, there are matters in the region I would also like to talk about, including the floods that took place in a number of Iranian provinces. Of course the part about the rain and this abundance of water is a blessing and good. But the floods have effects and consequences. We express our deepest sympathy to the beloved and honorable Iranian people and brethren. We note and believe that what the Iranians are doing today is a humanitarian and moral model. Today in Iran, officials, the armed forces, government departments and all the segments of the Iranian people cooperate and are all present in the field, in the water and in dangerous places. They support each other. They aid each other. We saw examples. This is transforming threat into opportunity. Usually some people do not want such scenes to be shown. A few days ago on television, a sheikh – or in the Arabic expression a religious scholar – a Shiite sheikh with his Shiite turban, was shown carrying an old Sunni sheikh on his back and transporting him from one place to another because the latter was unable to pass due to the flooding. This is an Iranian scene being shown to the Islamic world where America and Saudi Arabia are working to cause Sunni-Shiite sedition. In another example, some women were unable to climb walls. So, one of the IRGC officers, labeled by Trump as terrorists, knelt on the ground to allow an old lady to step on his back so she can pass. He was a colonel and a brigadier general in the IRGC. These are wonderful humane scenes. 

On the other hand, there is the American brutality. The one who is lecturing about humanity, human values and human rights is preventing aid from reaching the Iranian people. We do not want to help from other countries. The Iranians abroad want to transfer money to their families inside Iran, but they can’t. They are not allowed to because of the US sanctions. He is insisting. Take a look at his stupidity and bad luck. On the day that the IRGC, along with the armed forces, the rest of the government agencies and the Iranian people, deployed its senior and low-level officers and members across all the provinces and shows a great humanitarian epic, this foolish man chooses at this timing decides to include the IRGC on the list of terrorist organizations. This is stupidity. 

 We, of course, issued a statement expressing our condolences. We express our condolences to the leader of the Ummah and the imam of the Ummah, Imam Khamenei, to the honorable officials of the Islamic Republic, to the dear Iranian people and the noble families. We ask Allah Almighty to heal the wounded and the sick quickly and help them overcome this ordeal, God willing.

I would also like to speak about the occasions in the coming days. We entered the fifth year of the American-Saudi aggression, add to it the British-“Israeli” [aggression], against the people of Yemen, the land of Yemen and everything in Yemen. Four years have passed and the situation is the same. Four years have passed and there are two scenes. There is the scene of aggression, massacres, killings and terrorism that took place today, yesterday, and before yesterday against schools and schoolchildren. Condemnations and denunciations, although useless, is still needed from this silent world. Armies, mercenaries, enormous capabilities, the media, and accusations were employed in the aggression. On the other hand, the oppressed and besieged people have been fighting and resisting for over four years.
I do not want to repeat today what I have always said about the war on Yemen. Rather I would like to add something that might be new. After four years and the beginning of the fifth year, the brothers in Yemen, the people in Yemen and the sisters in Yemen are all steadfast, patient and persevering. They even became stronger. I do not want to analyze how the Saudi regime and its allies started and where they are. I would like to underscore one point. We in the region who are concerned with the “Israeli” issue, the Palestinian cause and the occupied Arab lands as well as the people of the Gulf States, the governments and people of the Gulf States, should know the following. What is the point?
When the so-called Operation “Decisive Storm” began, there was a big gambit that Mohammed bin Salman and the Saudi leadership could resolve the battle in a matter of weeks, or a month or two. The problem is an estimation error in more than one place. If he was able to [defeat the Yemenis], if the Yemenis were defeated. For example, in 2006 when we asked had Hezbollah been defeated, what would have happened in Lebanon? In Palestine? In Syria? In the region? The Palestinian cause? What would have happened in Iraq? That is during the presence of US forces, what would have happened if “Israel” won the July 2006 war?

Today, we ask the same question. What would happen if Mohammed bin Salman and the Saudi-American aggression wins in Yemen within weeks or months? This is the question. First, let us know: the contrast shows the goodness of the opposite. Let us see. First, the first to pay the price for the victory of bin Salman in Yemen is Palestine, the Palestinian people, al-Quds, the sanctities and the Palestinian cause. Because this man and this Saudi regime is deeply entrenched with the US administration when it comes to liquidating the Palestinian cause and settling the Palestinian cause in favor of “Israel. Of course, they need an Arab cover. We have always said this. They need Arab support and an Arab angle. Mohammad bin Salman, the great historic leader, the new conqueror and the inspirational leadership – there are some scholars in Saudi Arabia who say that he is inspired and supported by Allah Almighty – is a failure and is defeated. What if he won? Mohammad bin Salman and the Saudi regime will present this victory in a misleading and exaggerated way of course. This man will be presented as a leader to both the Arab and Islamic nations. Saudi Arabia will be presented as a leader to both the Arab and Islamic worlds. From this position in addition to the approval of the custodian of the two holy mosques, he will force the Palestinians to sign. There is a solution. This is the first point, so I don’t take up much time. The idea is clear.

The defeat of the Saudi regime and Mohammed bin Salman at the hands of the army and the popular committees in Yemen, by the oppressed, suffering, estranged and besieged Yemeni men, women and children is today protecting al-Quds, Palestine, the Palestinian cause and all Arab lands still under occupation and gifted to the “Israeli” and the Zionists by Trump. This is the first point.

Second, he has not achieved any historical conquests, or historical victories, or historical leadership. We all know what the governments in the Gulf States and the people in Gulf countries suffer from. Later, someone will say that this is not true. O, Brother, you do not dare speak. Allow us to speak a little bit on your behalf.  They suffer from arrogance, superiority and domination from the elder sister, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. All this and he is no a historical leader or the inspirational conqueror, inspired and supported by God. What then will happen to the Gulf States and the governments in Gulf States if Mohammed bin Salman won in Yemen? What will happen to the people of the Gulf in the face of this arrogant, superior and dominant leadership?

That is why I want to add today and in the first weeks of the fifth year that those oppressed people in Yemen are also fighting and defending to preserve what dignity, freedom and space is left for the governments and people of the Gulf States in the face of a new conqueror, a new master and a new tyrant. In addition, these Yemenis are defending their homeland, their sovereignty, their dignity, their existence, their blood, their honor as well as their past, present and future.

Day after day, with the beginning of the fifth year, the divine argument is prevailing over all Arabs, Muslims as well as the world's free and honorable people, who must intervene to rise up and speak in the face of this arrogance and this determination by the US administration and by Trump personally to continue the war and aggression against Yemen. This silence must end. Anyone who can make an effort or raise a voice to lift injustice from this people should proceed with this position or this work.

Before delving into the Lebanese issue, I would like to mention a final occasion. It is one of the most important occasions. During these days is the martyrdom anniversary of the Imam, the marja’[religious reference], the thinker and the great leader, martyr Imam, Grand Ayatollah Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr and his sister, the Mujahida and honorable, Sayyeda Bint Al-Huda (may Allah bless them). It is my duty to say that all of us, whether we belong to martyr al-Sadr ‘s school of thought or his path or to some of martyr al-Sadr’s students, I believe that today we are the sons of Islam and the scholars of Islam. This generation that believes in Islam and raises Islam as a banner as well as the Arabs, Muslims and humanity are concerned to reintroduce this extraordinary and historical figure to the world, to our people and to our present generations. Martyred Imam Sayyed Mohammad Baqir al-Sadr was a great thinker, an Islamic thinker. I would like to tell you that we are concerned. Muslims and all the Islamic movements benefited from martyr al-Sadr’s (may Allah have mercy on him) thought. At the intellectual level, the books and intellectual works that martyr al-Sadr gave to our economies, philosophies, usury-free banking in Islam provided the Islamic movement as well as Muslim scholars of all sects and all directions with a vast intellectual wealth that enabled them to face the challenges decades ago. 

Imam al-Sadr was an intellectual jurist and religious authority able to provide solutions at the level of Islam for many contemporary issues. When some people wanted to establish an interest-free bank – since in the present time the bank is a central location in any economic process – they went to martyr Sayyed Mohammed Baqir al-Sadr. He wrote Al-Bank al-la Ribawi fi al-Islam (Usury-free Banking in Islam). Within a few days during the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, he wrote a preliminary jurisprudence basis of the constitution of an Islamic state and an Islamic system. It was highly beneficial in setting the constitution of the Islamic Republic [of Iran]. This thinker did not only provide services for the Muslims’ school of thought. While some philosophers in this world understood his ‘Al-Usus al-Mantiqiyyah lil-Istiqra' (Logical Foundations of Induction)’, other parts of the book are still unknown and will be discovered in decades to come.

In any case, the martyred Imam was a great Islamic and humanitarian thinker. The martyred Imam was a creative marja’. The martyred Imam was a self-sacrificing leader who sacrificed for the sake of his people, for the sake of Iraq and for the sake of the nation. Martyred Imam Sayyed Mohammad Baqir al-Sadr’s high and distinct morals remind us of the morals of the prophets. His great humility reminds us of the Messenger of Allah’s (PBUH) humbleness. His sincere loyalty reminds us of his position towards Imam Khomeini’s leadership and the marja'iyya when the Islamic Revolution in Iran triumphed, even though he was the leadership and the marja'iyya. We learn from the martyred Imam. Today, we are most in need in Lebanon, Iraq, Iran and anywhere in the Arab and Islamic world to learn from this great martyred Imam the lesson of being loyal and overcoming one’s self, overcoming personal accounts, overcoming protocols, overcoming formations and overcoming everything for the sake of Islam, the Ummah, the people, for dignity and for sanctities. This is the greatest he has given.

And one of the greatest lessons martyred Imam Sayyed Mohammed Baqir al-Sadr, may God be pleased with him, taught us is to refuse surrender, humiliation, submission and neutrality. This is what we must explain and offer to the whole Ummah. I am one of the people who admit and believe that there is a very obvious dereliction for this great Islamic figure.

I will conclude by talking briefly about Lebanon, including the existing spirit of cooperation between the Lebanese political forces in the government and outside the government in addressing the existing challenges and files. We should stress on this spirit regardless of the difference or the tensions here and there. The general spirit related to the national files and causes must always be that of cooperation. The other thing following the elections is that Benjamin Netanyahu will likely form a new Zionist right-wing government, even though it does not make any difference to us. We did not interfere a lot in the subject of the elections and talk about it. Of course, Hezbollah could have been influential at some point in the elections. But we considered that this matter did not concern us and “it’s all the same to us”. In any case, ahead of us is a new stage of unprecedented cooperation between Trump and Netanyahu. You saw how Trump offered enormous gifts before the elections, including al-Quds, the Golan, before that the nuclear deal, and the IRGC. Netanyahu thanked him for fulfilling his demands. It is a request from Netanyahu.

There is no doubt that we will face great challenges related to our maritime and land borders amid this complete US adoption. This file is still open. The concern that some Lebanese official expressed regarding the fate of the Shebaa Farms and the Kfar Shuba Hills is accurate. But ultimately the issue is not related to Trump's decision or what the “Israelis” want. The issue depends on our national will. If our national will, as Lebanese, says this is our land, this part of our land and a part of our sovereignty, it will, thus, be restored and must be restored.

Due to the new developments and after Pompeo’s visit and return, we must not assume that the American pressure towards sedition in Lebanon and inciting the Lebanese people against each other is over. This is simplification. Yes, his visit did not produce the desired results. But America’s provocative policies are ongoing. During Pompeo’s announcement in Washington regarding the blacklisting of the IRGC, he addresses the Lebanese saying that “America was not going to tolerate the continued rise of Hezbollah inside of the country.” This is a testament to what I said earlier. He is implying that we are strong. He is saying that we are rising. We are not descending or in a state of weakness and retreat. This rise is worrying Mr. Trump, Pompeo and the US administration. That is why he is saying that they cannot be silent. What do you want to do? Do whatever you want. 

But he insists on inciting the Lebanese people against each other and frightening them. Here, when I pointed to the intimidations, so far there is no [concrete] information on them. There is, however, talk about including Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, the brothers in the Amal movement, our friends in the Free Patriotic Movement or some allies and friends on the terror list or the list of sanctions. So far, there is no concrete information. On the contrary, official Lebanese sources denied that there are data of this kind. But in some Lebanese media there is an exaggeration of this subject. Sometimes people feel that there are Lebanese in Washington working towards this direction. But so far, these are just intimidations. In any case, I have said that if the issue extends to our friends and allies, this means that it is extending to include our country and our people. This brings us back to the position that I spoke about in the middle of the speech. But in any case, the Lebanese people should know that their interests lie in cooperation, in what they expressed, in communication and in not giving into all these American provocations. The American incitement and interference, brothers and sisters, have ruined countries around us. Keep this in mind. Dear generous and honorable Lebanese people, I ask of you and I wish that when you see Trump, Pompeo or any American or “Israeli” official on the news, recollect and remember the towns, villages, cities and countries the American and “Israeli” intervention, conspiracy and money destroyed from 2011 until today. There is at least some money from the Gulf.  Remember before your eyes the millions of displaced people as well as the tens and hundreds of thousands of dead and wounded in our Arab and Islamic world. Today, they are plunging new countries into wars. In Libya, God knows. Sudan, Algeria, Yemen, where are they heading? There is American insistence by Trump to continue the aggression and war. This is America. You have to choose. Will you keep your country in the circle of security, stability, peace, coexistence, internal peace and the positive consequences that result from that peace? Or will you listen to some mercenaries and traitors who follow Trump, Pompeo and the likes – who have no problem in destroying this country and dragging it into a civil war or internal strife. The Lebanese, here, should decide their choices. On an occasion like this that is related to the resistance, I must join brother Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri’s voice when he explained the truth to the world’s parliamentarians in Doha and raised his voice loudly, courageously and unmatched. He, then, indicated to everyone the way to salvation is through unity and the resistance. He was not only talking about Lebanon. He spoke about everything that concerns our region, including Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Bahrain, the Gulf countries, northern Africa and Palestine. The path is through unity and the resistance. In Lebanon, the oath is unity and resistance. If we wanted Lebanon to stay strong, victorious, free, sovereign – regardless of its internal problems – and flourishing or in the hope that it will flourish and address its crises, unity and resistance [is the path].

On this occasion, I turn to my wounded brothers and sisters and thank them for their great patience, their steadfastness, their faith and their high spirit – expressed in their presence today, over the years, in all occasions, along the frontlines, in the squares, in celebrations and in every occasion where a position is expressed. I would like to thank their honorable families, dear mothers who bore the burden of their young children's wounds, to the honorable wives who also bore this burden. I would like to pay special tribute to the sisters who married wounded fighters and dedicated their lives to them. I tell them your honorable life in the service of these wounded resistance fighters who made sacrifices is the greatest you can do to be near to Allah Almighty in this life. 
I also extend thanks and appreciation to the management of the Foundation for the Wounded, its director general and the brothers and sisters working in this institution for their dedication, sincerity and great services.

I must also thank our people in Lebanon who, despite all the difficult circumstances of the past, provided help and always embraced the resistance. They also helped Yemen. Today, too, there are associations and institutions that set up accounts to raise funds and donations for the brothers in Iran. It is true Iran is a great, big and powerful country and may not need our help or contribution. But this contribution from the people, which we support and encourage, is an expression of loyalty towards the dear and honorable Iranian people, who have always stood by our side in all adversities.
I would also like to thank all those who responded to my previous speech regarding the subject of sanctions and the financial blockade on the resistance. To the children, the girls and boys who took out their savings and sent me their money. I thank them individually. Later, we will see how we can send them gifts, letters or copies of the Quran.
Thanks to the honorable families who called. I would like to conclude with this scene, to tell the supporters of the resistance, the environment of the resistance and the Lebanese people, rest assured regarding the future of this resistance. I would like to tell Trump, Netanyahu, the people with them, the mercenaries and those who follow the enemy: wait for your new disappointment as in all your disappointments.

I will give two examples. They both happened to me personally. After the address, I told the brothers that things did not go that far. One of the brothers called and told me, ‘I own a house’. He has a private business and Allah has blessed him. ‘My son owns a house. Sayyed at any moment you think you need money for this resistance, all I need is a signal from you and I will sell these houses and send the money to you. We offer our homes for this resistance to continue.’ Of course, this is a natural and expected reaction. This is how people behaved during the July war. But there are actions that did not occur to me. It might occur to you that a person might say ‘I will send this pure gold to you. We well sell the house and send you the money.’ But what one person sent me did not occur to me. It might not be appropriate now to mention the name. He said ‘Sayyed, I do not have a house, I do not have properties, my financial capability is humble. But the moment I feel that the resistance is in real financial trouble, I am ready to sell my kidney. My son will sell his kidney. My wife will sell her kidney. We will present the earnings of these kidneys to the resistance for it to carry on.’ 

These are our people. These are our supporters. This is our environment. These are our families. These have been like this for hundreds of years and dozens of years on the journey of this resistance. 

Therefore, on this solemn and great occasion, on the day of sacrifices, the day of determination, the day of steadfastness, the day of loyalty, the day of unconditional sacrifice of everything, on the day of Abu Al-Fadl Al-Abbas (peace be upon him), on the day of the wounded resistance fighter, I tell you with all confidence, certainty, dependence on God Almighty and knowing your loyalty, steadfastness, patience, determination, generosity and sacrifices, this battle will end in victory. More disappointment, failure and shame are awaiting Trump, Netanyahu and those who are in their camp. More victory, triumphs, glory and dignity await our people, our resistance and our axis.

Many Happy Return. Peace and Allah's mercy and blessings be upon you all.