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Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech after Trump’s recognition of “Israeli” sovereignty over the Syrian Golan Heights

Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech after Trump’s recognition of “Israeli” sovereignty over the Syrian Golan Heights
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Translated by Staff - Hezbollah Media Relations

Speech delivered by Hezbollah’s Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah via video link, addressing a visit by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Lebanon and Donald Trump’s recognition of “Israeli” sovereignty over the Golan Heights.


In the name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Merciful. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon our Master and Prophet, the Seal of the Prophets, Abi al-Qassim Mohammad bin Abdullah and his good and pure household and his good and chosen companions and all the prophets and messengers.

Peace and Allah's mercy and blessings be upon you all.

I would like to begin by acknowledging some of the occasions and holidays that fall on this time of the year and during which greetings are extended to both Muslims and the Christians. For example, Muslims will mark a precious and dear anniversary in a few days time. It is the anniversary of the Isra and Miraj. There is also the auspicious Eid Al-Mabath Al-Nabawi [the commencement of the Prophetic mission]. We also congratulate all the Muslims on the occasion of the holy month of Rajab and greet the Christians on the Feast of the Annunciation. We, as Muslims and Christians, both glorify and regard Sayyeda Mariam and Prophet Isa as great.

Muslims are also celebrating the beginning of the Hijri solar year these days. We extend our greetings and congratulations to the Iranian people and the Kurdish brothers in more than one country as well as some people in central Asia.

On the other hand, there are also occasions for condolences. In a few days, the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Musa al-Kadhim, peace be upon him, will come. It is a very important and very great occasion in Iraq. On this occasion I also extend our condolences to the Iraqi people, to our dear people in Iraq, the [religious] authority, the leadership, the government, the parliament, the parties, the armed forces, the Hashd al-Shaabi [Popular Mobilization Units] and the resistance factions for the disaster and the tragedy that took place in Mosul and what happened to the passengers of the ferry there. We ask Allah Almighty to have mercy on those who died in this accident, help their families and relatives, heal their wounded and reveal the fate of the missing.

We must also pay great tribute and appreciation to the steadfastness of our people in the Gaza Strip in the face of the aggression yesterday and today as well as the steadfastness of the resistance in Gaza and the different factions in Gaza as they confront this aggression with all valor and courage. I also extend my greetings to the people of the West Bank and to those martyred in the West Bank over the last few days, especially to the brave martyr and hero, to the man, despite his young age, the martyred Mujahid Omar Abu Leila as well as to the Palestinian detainees, who have fought fierce and tough confrontations during the past few days.

I must also pay tribute to the great people of Yemen. We salute the heroism of the great Yemeni people, the army, the popular committees, the brothers in Ansarullah and all those who stand with them and by their side, by their leadership, by their heroes, by their fighters on the frontlines as the fifth year of the aggression begins. Their huge mass demonstrations today in Sana'a, in Saada and in a number of Yemeni cities are an expression of this steadfastness, this will and this great Yemeni faith.

Dear brothers and sisters, today's address was mainly aimed at tackling the visit of US Secretary of State Pompeo to Lebanon, the statements he made and the meetings he held as well as the stances the Lebanese officials and political forces demanded. But I would like to begin with the most important developments, the American recognition of “Israeli” sovereignty over the Golan and thus the annexation of the Golan Heights to the “Israeli” entity.

We have all seen Trump sign in the presence of the enemy’s Prime Minister, Netanyahu. Of course this is a very important and pivotal event in the history of the Arab-“Israeli” conflict. It is one of the threats to our rights, our lands, our sanctities and the future of our region and our nation. Statements of condemnation and denunciation are no longer useful. I would like to begin with some of the implications of this American recognition. Trump’s recognition and the rush to the official signing have implications. This is, first of all, an act of contempt and disregard for the Arab and Islamic worlds, and the reason is simple. There is unanimity in the Arab world, in the Islamic world, within governments, states, among people and everyone – we are speaking about hundreds of millions of Arabs. We are speaking of one billion and five hundred million Muslims. We are speaking of dozens of Arab and Islamic countries. Many of them met Trump a while ago. All of those unanimously agree that the Golan is an Arab Syrian land occupied by the “Israelis”. He disregarded them all. He was not concerned about the fact that they all refuse, get upset, are humiliated. He was not concerned about his convictions not conforming to theirs or if this makes them look bad in front of their people. All these had no value, no place and no consideration in Trump's calculations when he made his decision. This is a unanimous point regardless of the disagreements between some countries and the leadership in Syria or the current state in Syria.

Thus, this is how Trump acted. Many of these Arab and Islamic countries are either America’s allies or America’s friends. They are not enemies or adversaries, yet he acted this way. Trump’s disregard for all is only for “Israel’s” sake. After the issue of Al-Quds, everyone in the Arab and Muslim worlds, including countries, governments and people should know what their true value is in the United States and with the Trump administration, in particular.

Second, the United States and the Trump administration disregarded the so-called international law, international resolutions, international institutions, the international community and international consensus. The whole world unanimously agrees, before Trump’s recognition, that the Golan is an occupied Syrian Arab land and rejects the “Israeli” occupation of the Golan. Yet, it did not lift a finger. We don’t disagree on that. However, it did not recognize [Trump’s decision]. The only one that broke this unanimous decision is President Trump and the US administration for “Israel’s” sake. This confirms to us the US administration, from a position of tyranny, pride and arrogance, does not recognize the United Nations, the UN Security Council, international law, international resolutions and the international community. It just uses these terms and institutions to serve its policies and interests. However, when these institutions, resolutions and laws fail to serve the American project and interests, they just simply bypass and disregard them.

This also confirms that international resolutions and the so-called international community and international institutions are unable to protect any of the rights of the people, including territorial sovereignty, and regaining occupied territories, as in the case of the Golan and the issue of al-Quds. They are helpless and cannot do anything except condemn and denounce, as we hear today from the countries of the world, from the Secretary-General of the United Nations and from international institutions in the face of American tyranny, arrogance and oppression. This is also a lesson and an important implication that we must make use of in light of this event.

Third, one of the implications of what happened yesterday, of course, confirms the following ideology and conviction. We only say this to those who want to discuss or have hesitations about the fact that the absolute priority of America and successive US governments, especially the current government is “Israel”. No other interest in the region is respected when it conflicts with “Israel’s” power, superiority and expansion. No one’s dignity, laws, values and considerations – not even America’s friends and allies – are respected when the goal is to strengthen “Israel” as well as protecting and supporting it. Everything is based on this absolute priority.  The absolute supporter of “Israel” cannot be a sponsor of the so-called peace process or an honest mediator for the so-called peace process. Today he is dealing a deadly blow, not a hard one, a fatal blow to the so-called peace process in the region, which is based on land for peace. He is taking the land and plundering it, taking the holy places and then demanding peace and normalization when he illegally stole the occupied Syrian territory and gave it to “Israel”, as he did in al-Quds months ago.

In response to this decision, I would also like to say a number of things. The aforementioned implications are sufficient and can be based in politics, thought, awareness and culture.

Commenting on this decision, I would like to shed light on several things:

First: When the entire world allows (US President Donald) Trump to declare al-Quds “Israel’s” eternal capital, especially when the Arab and Islamic world remains silent and shows a weak position, this opens the door for violations by the US and by Trump. This means that if al-Quds – the most sacred and most precious holy sites for Muslims, Christians, Arabs and others in the region – was violated and given to “Israel”, what is left then? The rest of the Arab lands are sacred, but they are not as holy as al-Quds in terms of religion, history and morality.

What encouraged Trump yesterday to make his decision on the Golan, is the position of the Arab and Islamic world regarding the issue of al-Quds. Therefore, I tell this to the Muslim and Arab people and primarily to our Palestinian brothers. We must expect that it is a matter of time before Trump says he recognizes “Israeli” sovereignty over the West Bank, considering that this is an “Israeli” and a Zionist demand. [The “Israelis”] consider the land as a Promised Land, which they claim to be Judea and Samaria. The West Bank, which is coming under massive attacks by settlers, is not considered holy in Jewish and Zionist beliefs. A time might come when he might say that the West Bank is part of “Israel” and tells you ‘Oh, Palestinian people, your Palestine is Gaza. We will negotiate in the deal of the century with, for example, the Egyptian state to give you a piece of land from the Sinai. We might buy it or swap it for Arab money, but not “Israeli” or American money.’ This is the deal of the century. That is it. 

After the Golan, we have to expect that at any time, any day, any hour Trump will declare to both the Arab and Islamic world that he recognizes “Israeli” sovereignty over the West Bank. The second thing is the real response from the Arab world. I say the Arab world because there is something related to the Arab League. We have always said that there is something. There is something that can be done, but it needs a little courage. The response to the issue of al-Quds could have been what I will be calling for with regard to the issue of the Golan. After a short period of time, there will be an Arab summit in Tunisia. We are not telling you to launch a war or declare a war on “Israel”. Nothing of that sort. There is something called the Arab Peace Initiative. It is practically dead. The “Israelis” do not recognize it. Despite that, it has a certain political and moral value. At the very least, if there remains any dignity, honor, conscience and chivalry in the Arab world and Arab countries, the Tunis Summit should announce the withdrawal of the Arab Peace Initiative endorsed at the Beirut Summit in 2002 from the table and go back to square one. This is the simplest political response. It has political and moral values. Because they did not respond at the time of the al-Quds issue, the Golan was next. The West Bank will follow.

The last and final point on this matter. Those who are in doubt, hesitant and confused about the bets and choices must be convinced that the only response to this matter – the issue of al-Quds a few months ago and the Golan yesterday – and the only choice for the Syrians to recover the Golan, for the Lebanese to recover the Shebaa Farms, the Kfar Chouba Hills, the Lebanese part of Ghajar land and their full right to the water, gas and oil resources, and for the Palestinians to get their legitimate rights is resistance, resistance, resistance. At a time when the resistance has achieved numerous victories – the resistance and the axis of resistance are strong and not weak during this time. At a time when the US is imposing its will using threats and intimidation, during this time it is drowning in failure, defeat and disappointment in a lot of arenas. As for the international resolutions, international institutions and the international community, they have no value at all in the face of logic of force and the exercise of power utilized by Trump, the US and those who preceded Trump.

I move to the Lebanese issue and return to Pompeo’s visit. In the past few days after holding meetings and making visits, we have all seen the Secretary of Sate of the most powerful country in the world come to the Lebanese foreign ministry and hold a press conference in the presence of Lebanon’s minister of foreign affairs. We also saw the Secretary of Sate reading a written text. There was no improvisation. He was reading it word for word. Now, we are talking about the appearance. We will talk about the content in which Hezbollah was mentioned. I saw on some media outlets that it was mentioned 26 times, 21, 22. In any case, every side has the text. I asked the brothers to count it. It turned out that Hezbollah was mentioned 18 times in a few minutes. It is noteworthy that Iran was mentioned 19 times. Hezbollah was mentioned 18 times and Iran 19 times in sharp language. He refused to answer any questions from the press at the foreign ministry. As if he was delivering a notice and then left. In appearance, anyone can read it as a form of arrogance or weakness. The press and journalists could have asked him a round of question that might have been embarrassing or strong. But he fled. He fled from logic, reason and the Lebanese press.

Well, in appearance, Hezbollah is part of Lebanon. What is Lebanon’s size and position in the international equation? We are happy that the Secretary of State of the most powerful, arrogant country in the world considers Hezbollah his enemy, adversary, problem and complex. Iran is a powerful country in the region. He mentioned Hezbollah 18 times within minutes. Perhaps the only focus of all the meetings he held with government and party officials was Hezbollah. This does not frighten us, but rather makes us happy. Even yesterday, when Trump signed the Golan declaration and spoke about the reasons, he also mentioned Hezbollah. It also pleases us that the US administration is angry with us to this extent. In our ideology, the US administration is the Great Satan. When the Great Satan is angry with us, this indicates that Allah Almighty is pleased with us. We belong to a school that says when the Great Satan is pleased with us, this means there is a problem in our position, and we have to reconsider our stances, religious and national commitments and our identity. Pompeo’s remarks about Hezbollah in internal meetings and in public gave us confidence and enhanced our belief and awareness that we are on the right path and the right ideological, intellectual, religious, national affiliation.

This is in appearance. Regarding the content, I did not find in the text Pompeo read, of course we got the text that was later published by the American Embassy in Beirut, one single true and right sentence, not one true and right sentence. By right it means matching reality. The only things in the text are deductions from the backgrounds of stances when reading between the lines and through slips of the pen, explaining the reason he is angry and why the Lebanese should confront Hezbollah.

Before I talk about some of the conditions to refute them, we must be aware that this is not just a matter of someone coming to Lebanon and delivering a speech and then leaving. I am against this simplification. I call for being well aware that America is fighting a battle in this region, in all the fields and arenas, for “Israel’s” benefit. Among these arenas is Lebanon. We must think carefully. I have to point out that from the beginning he spoke about stability, prosperity, the Lebanese people, etc. If you notice, he never mentioned “Israel”. He said that Hezbollah has been Lebanon’s problem for the past 34 years. He said 34 years but he did not mention that Lebanon has a problem called “Israel”. There is no aggressive entity near Lebanon called “Israel”. There is no entity called “Israel” that invaded Lebanon several times, committed massacres in Lebanon, detained tens of thousands of Lebanese men and women and imprisoned them in jails and detention centers in Ansar, Al-Khiam and Atilit and in the occupation’s prisons in occupied Palestine. These were not mentioned. “Israel” violates Lebanon's air and maritime sovereignty every day. “Israel” builds walls even inside Lebanese territory, and the world does not lift a finger. “Israel” is preventing Lebanon from taking advantage of its resources at sea. “Israel” threatens to destroy Lebanon every day. It does not pose a problem for Lebanon. Pompeo believes that Lebanon’s only problem, which the Lebanese have to confront and have the courage to confront, is Hezbollah. We will start from this big lie, is this true? I am addressing the Lebanese people and all Lebanese officials. Is this true?

Even to those who consider Hezbollah a problem, is Hezbollah the only problem in Lebanon as presented by Mr. Pompeo? Well, if we delve into the text, we will dissect each item, God willing, in a quick manner in accordance with the time available. Following the introduction, he says ‘But we have to confront the facts.’ Everything he said about the facts is a lie. ‘But we have to confront the facts. Hezbollah stands in the way of the Lebanese people’s dreams.’ This is the first item. I put them into items. Is it true, Oh, Lebanese, that Hezbollah is standing as an obstacle in the way of the Lebanese people’s dreams? The Lebanese people dream of liberating the rest of their occupied land. The Lebanese people dream continued internal security and peace that exists. They dream of not being violated. The Lebanese people dream of not being attacked and their sovereignty, resources, water and land also not being attacked. The Lebanese people dream of a state without corruption, looting and financial waste. They dream of a strong and just state capable of defending them. They dream of a state that is capable of providing them with a dignified and a decent life. They dream of a state capable of preserving, defending their interests and protecting their interests. These are the simplest dreams of the Lebanese people. Is Hezbollah an obstacle in the way of these dreams? Or is Hezbollah part of the forces in Lebanon that have hopes to fulfill these dreams? The ones posing as obstacles on the way of achieving the Lebanese people’s dreams are “Israel” and those supporting “Israel”. Leading them is Mr. Pompeo. Whoever prevents Lebanon from taking advantage of its resources, whoever imposes sanctions on Lebanese banks and threatens to impose further sanctions on Lebanon, whoever prevents the return of the Syrian refugees to their homeland, whoever prevents the return of the Palestinian refugees to their homeland, those are the ones preventing the Lebanese people from achieving their dreams.

Two, he says, ‘for 34 years, Hezbollah has put the Lebanese people at risk with unilateral, unaccountable decisions on war and peace, and life and death.’ He is talking about the resistance. He is talking about 34 years. He is not only talking about Syria. He put this in an item, including Syria, Iraq and Yemen. He is talking about the resistance, not only Hezbollah. Hezbollah was part of it. It then became an integral part of it. Pompeo is condemning this resistance. He is saying, ‘Hezbollah has put the Lebanese people at risk.’ To Mr. Pompeo and his friends, the one who put the Lebanese people at risk, not for the past 34 years but since 1948, is “Israel”, which is sponsored, supported and protected by America. This is what put the Lebanese people at risk. Meanwhile, the resistance, in which Hezbollah is a part of, drove these dangers away from the Lebanese people for the 34 years – as you are saying. It is the one that regained the land and expelled the occupation from Lebanon. You wanted to devote “Israeli” influence, “Israeli” control and “Israeli” occupation over Lebanon though the May 17 agreement that you sponsored. Thus, “Israel” put Lebanon and the Lebanese people at risk and not Hezbollah, which was and still is part of the resistance.

Three, he says, ‘whether through political promises’. You will discover what I am saying. There is not one single true sentence. ‘Whether through political promises’ – what he means are his false promises – ‘or outright intimidation of voters. Hezbollah sits inside the national assembly or other state institutions and pretends to support the state.’ He is replying to the Lebanese officials who told him that Hezbollah is represented in Parliament and in the government. He is challenging the credibility of this representation to say that Hezbollah got parliamentary representation by intimidating voters and false political promises. We are making false political promises! Let us set this aside. We intimidate the voters! This is something that no one in Lebanon has claimed before. There are a number of people who represent themselves. We have not need for them. But in Lebanon, where is there intimidation against voters? This is an election that was held before everyone. This means that he is ignorant of what is going on in Lebanon, and these data were presented to him by traitors if they were presented to him by Lebanese. Or their apparatuses collected false information.

Four, he says, ‘meanwhile, Hezbollah defies the state and the people of Lebanon’. As if we are mercenaries who came from I don’t know where. ‘Hezbollah defies the state and the people of Lebanon through a terrorist wing committed to spreading destruction.’ Where is Hezbollah spreading destruction?! Where?! Who is spreading destruction in the region? You are, Mr. Pompeo, your fathers, grandfathers, administrations, state and army. You are spreading destruction. We do not want to talk about the past, about Vietnam and Japan. We are talking about Afghanistan, the occupation of Afghanistan, the occupation of Iraq, the entry into Syria, the bombings, the massacres, the tens of thousands that you have killed over the years, your support for “Israel” and for all the crimes it is committing by you, your aggression against Yemen and your threat of destruction and war on Venezuela and Russia and other countries of the world. You are spreading destruction and not us.

Five, he says, ‘Hezbollah’s armed campaigns are squarely opposed to the interests of the Lebanese people. How does the expanding of – expending of resources and lives of those constituents in Yemen, Iraq, and Syria help the citizens of south Lebanon, Beirut, or the Bekaa Valley?’ Of course, there is an accurate remark here. Since this is a written text and he is not improvising, he did not say ‘help the citizens of Lebanon’. He said, help the citizens of south Lebanon, Beirut, or the Bekaa Valley’. This [part of the] speech is specifically addressing the environment of Hezbollah, more specifically the Shiites in Lebanon. This is a sign of foolishness. In this environment as well as the general Lebanese atmosphere, everyone knows – this has been told to Mr. Pompeo in internal sessions – that Hezbollah fight in Syria was a contributing factor. We are not claiming anything. We always speak of our normal size. We were a part of a combat system that stood in the face of the destructive American, Takfiri, and “Israeli” project in Syria. This project’s features are being revealed more clearly day after day. The last of its features was revealed yesterday. We went there to defend Syria and Lebanon. It was not only to protect the citizens of the Bekaa, the South and Beirut, but also to protect all the Lebanese people, all the Lebanese regions, all the Lebanese cities and all the Lebanese. All the Lebanese know very well what the fate of Lebanon and the Lebanese people would have been if Daesh and Jabhat al-Nusra took control of Syria.

Six, ‘how does stockpiling tens of thousands of rockets and missiles on Lebanese territory for use against “Israel” make this country stronger?’ You are telling this to the Lebanese people who are being attacked by “Israel” since it was created. It attacks Lebanon’s borders, army, security forces, and the gendarmerie stations at the border, its border villages, its skies and its sea. It carries out security operations in the Lebanese depth. Today, you are telling this to the people, who have seen first hand that the resistance is part of the golden equation – the army, the people, and the resistance.  They have witnessed that the resistance was able to impose a deterrent in the face of “Israel”, its aggressiveness, and “Israel’s” violations. Lebanon is enjoying peace and security. “Israel” thinks carefully before it decides to attack Lebanon, bomb, kill, or enter a village, a military site, or a post of the security forces. Mr. Pompeo this is due to whose blessings? It is as a result of the resistance’s strength, including the resistance’s missiles. The same missiles you are preventing the Lebanese army from obtaining. And you are telling the Lebanese people about this problem. This is the clearest example, this is what makes the country strong and not your guarantees, pledges and your deceitful promises.

Seven, “they see peace, prosperity, and independence for Lebanon as a fundamental threat to their political interest and their hegemonic ambitions.” Here, he is talking about Hezbollah and Iran. These are also lies. These are facts! Regarding the prosperity of Lebanon, its security and safety, we are an integral part in creating Lebanon’s internal security and safety equation. Can anyone refute this saying? Yes, we are a very big military force, regionally and locally. But are we the ones disrupting peace in Lebanon, the internal peace, the internal security, the internal stability, and the conditions of Lebanese prosperity? When we call for combating corruption are we hitting Lebanon’s road to prosperity or impeding Lebanon’s prosperity? To Hezbollah, Iran –unlike you – does not interfere in Lebanese affairs. Iran offers to help Lebanon with the electricity problem, the roads, the tunnels and solve the traffic crisis as well as several files that stand in the way of Lebanon’s stability, prosperity and peace. On the contrary, Mr. Pompeo, we are very much keen on safeguarding the stability, internal peace and prosperity. We do not ask for anything in return because we are part of the Lebanese people, whose national interest is internal peace, security, stability and prosperity. Iran is with us in this.

Eight, “Iran’s global criminal networks – its drug smuggling, its attempts to launder money through the international system, and its interference with customs and other trade controls – place Lebanon under the microscope of international law enforcement.” I did not know that Iran interferes in the customs in Lebanon. Go ahead. You are saying that Iran is using Lebanon, the Lebanese banks and the Lebanese border to smuggle drugs. Prove it. There is money laundering. Prove it. This is contrary to reality, and there are not evidences. Sometimes it might be a fact, but you do not have proof. This is baseless and you don’t have a proof either. This is a series of slanders, lies and trivial accusations that have no meaning at all.

Nine, all these are consecutive. There is no correct sentence. “Hezbollah robs the Lebanese state of resources that rightfully belong to its people.” We stole?! In any case, there are people in Lebanon, who are accused. The judiciary will be the one that will rule. They are accused of corruption, looting, stealing money and benefiting from all the loans and debts. There are people [being accused.] But so far, no one has claimed that Hezbollah did this.  I said this in a speech a while ago; those who are claiming sue us at the Lebanese judiciary, if anyone has this sort of conviction or proof. We are among the people who are very keen and believe that the state’s money is respected. It is forbidden, religiously speaking. It is not admissible for anyone to break the law and take advantage of one cent or one lira of the Lebanese state’s money.

Ten, “The Lebanese people should no longer be made to suffer for the political and military ambitions of an outlaw nation and its terrorist affiliate. It will take courage for the nation of Lebanon to stand up to Hezbollah’s criminality, terror, and threats.” The biggest criminal in the world, the biggest terrorist in the world, the greatest threatener of countries and to the people in the world is saying that Hezbollah is a criminal, terrorist and threatens. But where does the importance of this item lie? Incitement. He is calling on the Lebanese people to do what? To confront Hezbollah, that is: ‘O, Lebanese people, it is required from you to stand in the face of Hezbollah. “It will take effort to ensure full respect and independence for the Lebanese Armed Forces and other national security interests.” I do not want to delve into this topic because it is a little bit sensitive. Put aside how the Americans are dealing with this topic. But in any case, this talk reveals the true purpose behind the visit [Pompeo’s visit], which is to incite the Lebanese people against each other. What is required? What is required is for the Lebanese people to shed each other’s blood so that Mr. Trump and Mr. Pompeo are pleased with us. The Americans are very frustrated when they saw that the countries in the region that they wanted to destroy. They destroyed Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, etc. They are destroying Gaza every day. But Lebanon is safe, stable, harmonious and coexisting.

Despite all their political rifts and sometimes their high rhetoric against each other, the Lebanese round the corners.  They are keen to live with each other and to preserve the safety of their country and to steer their country away from regional conflicts and not translate them into internal conflicts. Mr. Pompeo is not pleased with that. Therefore, he will try. This reminds us of what happened more than a year ago when an ally of Mr. Pompeo detained Lebanon’s Prime Minister in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi minister incited the Lebanese people to launch a civil war in Lebanon. They are eying a civil war. Who is keen on the stability, prosperity, peace and security in Lebanon; the one who avoids internal conflicts, or who incites the Lebanese people and drives them to internal and bloody conflicts, civil war and internal strife? It is clearly the Americans. And in whose interest is it? In the interests of “Israel”.

Eleven, “We support their return to Syria in a secure and voluntary manner as soon as conditions allow.” Listen to the liar. This is not true, absolutely incorrect. A small example, there is a camp in Syria along the border near Jordan, Iraq and Syria. It is called the area of al-Tanf. The Americans are present there. There are armed factions around them. Near them is the Rukban camp. There are tens of thousands of displaced Syrians. The people at the camp want to return to their cities. The Syrian government agreed not only on that, but more than that. Those who do not want to return to the government-controlled areas but want to head to Syria’s north, to the areas controlled by the opposition, the Syrian government will guarantee a safe transport. Who is preventing the displaced Syrians in Rukban camp from returning to their towns or villages or to go to northern Syria, where parts of it are under opposition control? The Americans, Mr. Pompeo.

As for the displaced in Lebanon, this alone needs a long talk in the coming days, God willing. He also says A fair question: What did Hezbollah and Iran contribute?” Everything the resistance did in Lebanon, including the liberation of the land, Lebanon’s victory and imposing Lebanon’s existence in the regional international equation. Mr. Pompeo does not see these. Mr. Pompeo, if it were not for the presence of Hezbollah in Lebanon, you would not be visiting Lebanon, looking at it, recognizing it and you would not be considering that your visit to Lebanon is a waste of your time. “They contributed coffins of young Lebanese returning from Syria and ever more Iranian weapons.” His problem with us is that we were part of those who fought in Syria and thwarted the American project. Yes, the American project in Syria. This is his problem with us. If young Lebanese men went to Syria to fight alongside the so-called opposition and returned in coffins, Mr. Pompeo would have no objections to the principle.

Twelve, “Qasem Soleimani and Hezbollah’s other Iranian backers continues to undermine Lebanon’s legitimate security institutions and jeopardize the safety and security of the Lebanese people.” Hajj Qasem, our dear and beloved brother, is wronged. Our brothers in Iran are wronged. Where can you see Iran and Hajj Qasem Soleiamani undermining the security and safety of the Lebanese people? Iran and Hajj Qasem, Mr. Pompeo, have the greatest credit in helping us maintain the safety and security of the Lebanese people. When we fought Daesh, which was created by Obama and Hillary Clinton’s America as admitted by your president, Iran was the one that helped us. It helped Syria. It helped Iraq. Qasem Soleiamani was the one who helped us and stood by our side. He gave Iranian weapons. We fought all the terrorist and Takfiri groups that you created and supported using Iranian weapons. Using Iranian weapons, we liberated our land from the Zionist occupation you are supporting. It is easy to see any country playing the role of the force of good here in Lebanon. America and Iran. Did America play the role of the good force in Lebanon? In what way? In supporting “Israel” for decades, in supporting the Takfiri groups that, if they were to enter Lebanon, they would have committed horrible deeds; in imposing sanctions, in threatening to help “Israel” to prevent us from attaining our rights to our regional waters. What good did your country play? Then he continues and says somewhere about undermining Lebanon’s legitimate institutions. Who? Iran is the one that offered free weapons to the Lebanese army, without anything in return. You are preventing the army. You make it clear to Lebanon that you are offering aid of a certain nature to the Lebanese army that has nothing to do with deterring “Israel”. Finally. I want to conclude because time is running out. “And undercuts opportunities for peace between “Israel” and the Palestinians.” His problem is with Iran and Hezbollah. There is someone serious in the region. He is still on the issue of the Palestinian. There are us and others. But we are one of those. We pose as an obstacle in the face of the deal of the century, an obstacle in the face of liquidating the Palestinian cause. Iran strongly stands behind the Palestinian people, whether it be in international forums, in political positions, in intellectual positions, in ideological positions, in financial support, on the field, and frankly in arms as well. This is at a time when America is working to stifle the Palestinian people and starving the Palestinian people, including the subject of UNRWA, cutting aid, shutting down the offices of the Liberation Organization, etc. All this is so that the Palestinian people submit, despair and accept the crumbs. You find Iran standing by the Palestinian people. This is the real problem that Iran is standing beside the Palestinian people whose cause the Trump administration wants to liquidate. He wants to force the Palestinians to sign on the liquidation of their cause, to accept the non-return of the Palestinian refugees, to recognize al-Quds as the eternal capital of “Israel”, to give up their land and accept crumbs. This is Mr. Pompeo’s problem with Iran. It is not about drugs and the nonsense. This will have to suffice because if we continue talking about this, it will go on for hours.

The truth is that I did not find a single honest or true sentence in everything this man said. In any case, it is more important that we conclude. Now, God willing, the subject of Yemen, and other topics. Soon in the next few days, I will deliver and address. We will take our time and give it its right. Anyways, he came to incite the Lebanese against each other, including media and political incitement as well as intimidating the Lebanese people. Now, I do not know whether in internal meetings he threatened that “Israel” would wage a war. That is what we were told about the internal meetings. There is no talk of such thing. There is just what was written in the media. Someone said that he threatened that “Israel” will launch a war. Other people said no, he informed “Israel” that it is forbidden from launching a war. It is contradictory. But in any case, what is preventing “Israel” from launching a war on Lebanon are the unity of the Lebanese position, the golden equation and the resistance’s ability to confront. You saw yesterday and before yesterday the state of panic, fear, and terror that took over the entity when a missile, launched from Gaza, which has been besieged for many years, landed in northern Tel Aviv. This entity is weaker than a spider’s web. If Mr. Pompeo was threatening, let him not threaten us or ask for gratitude that he told the “Israelis” not to launch a war against Lebanon. The Lebanese are the ones preventing the “Israelis” from launching a war on Lebanon. The Americans are ready to cover up anything that “Israel” is doing if it is to its advantage.

Here, it is our duty to thank His Excellency General Michel Aoun and to Speaker Nabih Berri for their positions and what they told to the Secretary of State of the Great Satan and what the media reported regarding what they said. Of course, what they said was identical to what was said in the media. This is expected from His Eminence and the Speaker. Also the thanks is extended to His Excellency the Foreign Minister for his position and stance. He was standing. This has big moral and political implications. Pompeo was also standing in front of the press. He was addressing Pompeo and telling him exactly what both leaders, General Aoun and Speaker Berri, told him. These are appreciated, expected and normal positions from friends, allies, and people keen on the strength and sovereignty of Lebanon. In any case, they chose this option. They are not only allies to this choice.

I also thank all the political forces, figures, media personnel, elites and the people who expressed their rejection using all means of expression, including the media, in written articles and in social networking sites. Some young people and parties who demonstrated in front of the US Embassy, thank you for your noble and honorable position. Also thanks to the forces that we do not expect to defend us and praise us, in public or in secret. When these political forces and figures do not respond to calls of incitement but instead speak rationally and with reason about the truth in Lebanon and choose the national Lebanese interest over the American incitement, then we also extend thanks to their public and secret positions. All of us, the Lebanese people, should benefit from past experiences. The United States does not care about Lebanon’s interest. Everything that is happening is proof of that, especially this administration. The proof is what happened yesterday with the Golan and before that al-Quds. America does not care about Lebanon as a country, nor does it care about the interest of a certain party in Lebanon. Its only concern is “Israel”. Any bet made on the United States is a bad bet. You should not make the same mistake twice. The Lebanese people and the political forces in Lebanon, especially those who placed bets on America, have made the same mistake dozens of times.

We are all witnesses to how America deals with its allies and friends as well as its tools. It humiliates them, despises them, milks them, drains their financial resources and looks down on them the way Mr. Trump looks down on the rulers of the Gulf and Saudi and many other countries. It causes sedition between them to take money from one and sell weapons to another. It does not care about the Lebanese people at all. It is not concerned about the Lebanese people at all. It is concerned about “Israel” not because “Israel” is a US ally but because “Israel” is America. Someone might say that “Israel” is America’s ally and how loyal it is to an ally. It is loyal to itself. “Israel” is a part of America. It is part of the American project. It is part of the American hegemony.

“Israel” is an advanced, arrogant, US military base in our region. Therefore, in the face of this visit and its repercussions, we, as Lebanese, are called upon to preserve our civil peace, our coexistence, to organizing our differences, maintain calm in our internal arenas and cooperate to build a strong and capable state that is able to protect the interests of the Lebanese people, ensure free and decent living for the Lebanese families and benefit from its natural resources. We should also be able to overcome our differences or as we, Lebanese, usually do it by rounding the corners. We should not allow small or big devils to be in the details to trigger a civil war or internal strife.

According to us, Hezbollah, after this experience, we are more convinced, first, of our path and of our choices. We are more committed to our civil peace, coexistence, our support for the state, state institutions, the Lebanese army, the security force, the national unity, cooperation among the Lebanese people despite the differences and contradictions regarding the regional situation. We will be as we always have more careful for this peace, security, stability and prosperity. As we have done in the past, we will employ all our friendships and all our relations for the benefit of Lebanon and not at the expense of Lebanon. This visit, which many expected to be the beginning of a dangerous stage in Lebanon, is done, I believe. It has been, to a large degree if not fully, surpassed due to the awareness, wisdom and courage of the Lebanese officials and political forces. As for the sanctions, let him carry on with them. Wasn’t he the one who said he wanted to continue with peaceful means? There is no problem. As long as injustice is especially on us, we will face this injustice. We will organize our affairs and manage our situations in a way that will keep us strong and steadfast. And we will remain strong and steadfast with the help of Allah Almighty. But certainly when injustice starts to befall our country and our people, we must think of another position.

Peace and Allah's mercy and blessings be upon you all.