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Trump Claims US Strikes against Syrian Army ‘Lawful’

Trump Claims US Strikes against Syrian Army ‘Lawful’
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Local Editor

It is not surprising the US President Donald Trump can claim that the United States conducted "lawful" strikes against the Syrian army "as part of the US-led coalition's military campaign against Daesh" [the Arabic acronym for terrorist ‘ISIS/ISIL' group].

Trump Claims US Strikes against Syrian Army ‘Lawful’

Trump wrote in a letter to the US Congress on Monday that since the last periodic update report, US Armed Forces participating in the anti-Daesh campaign in Syria have undertaken "a limited number of strikes against Syrian government forces".

"These strikes were lawful measures to counter immediate threats to United States and partner forces engaged in that campaign," Trump went on in his letter.

Comprised of more than 70 members, the US-led coalition conducted airstrikes, ground-based and rocket-propelled artillery fire in Syria and Iraq. The strikes in Iraq were conducted in support of the Iraqi government, but those in Syria were neither authorized by the UN Security Council nor the Syrian government.

According to the latest figures, at least 801 civilians have been ‘unintentionally' killed by the coalition's strikes in Syria and Iraq as of November.

Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team