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NATO Arms from US Found in Daesh Depot in Al-Mayadin

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Brigadier General of the Syrian Arab Army showed reporters the weapons they captured after the liberation of the Syrian city of al-Mayadin.

Captured NATO & US made Daesh arms

The largest Wahhabi Daesh [Arabic acronym for "ISIS" / "ISIL"] storehouse captured by the Syrian armed forces in the city of al-Mayadin, in the east of Syria, contained the latest examples of NATO weapons from the United States, Belgium and the United Kingdom, Brigadier General of the Syrian Arab Army Hasan Suheil told reporters.

"It will take us at least six days to take out all these trophies left here by Daesh fighters after their escape. There are a lot of weapons and various foreign made means of communication, "Suhail said.

Al-Mayadin was a logistics center with a well-organized system of warehouses and workshops. After its liberation, the Syrian military's trophies included small arms and anti-tank weapons, artillery pieces and shells, homemade mines, as well as tanks and armored personnel carriers previously seized by terrorists from the Iraqi army.

The Syrian military also showed journalists radar equipment, medical devices and a workshop for the production of drones with dozens of ready-made drones used by militants for reconnaissance and targeted bombing, all of which was captured on the al-Mayadin satellite communications system.

The bulk of the terrorist arsenal consists of weapons from NATO countries. In particular, a 155-mm howitzer manufactured in Britain was found in the Daesh storehouses.

Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team


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