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Hezbollah Slams Targeting Egypt’s Churches: To Find Real Coalition against Terrorists, Sponsors

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Local Editor

Hezbollah issued a statement denouncing the gruesome crime committed by terrorist Daesh organization targeting number of churches in the Egyptian cities of Tanta and Alexandria, and leaving dozens of innocent civilians martyred and injured. Hezbollah also offered deep condolences to the families of the victims, hoping the wounded would get well soon.

Hezbollah Slams Targeting Egypt's Churches: To Find Real Coalition against Terrorists, Sponsors

In its statement, Hezbollah noted that: "the continuous and escalating killing committed by criminal gangs covered with religion is one of the biggest crises our nation has been hit with, planned by major and regional powers that back terrorists and offer them political financial and media support. Such powers further draw the criminal targets represented by defragmenting our societies, implanting discord and disunity among its people who have been living for centuries as brothers sharing the wealth of these countries as well as the tasks to construct them and defend them."

The statement further noted: "Targeting believers in their churches in the morning of the feast represents all means of barbarism, and is evidence that those terrorist groups are devoid from any humane characteristic. The crime happened in parallel with the scheme to displace Christians from Sinai and other regions in Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. It also opens the door for discord, sectarianism and ethnic division in favor of the Zionist enemy."

Hezbollah's statement also stressed that: "We, in Hezbollah, stand by Egypt and its people in those painful moments, and we call on everybody to mind the big conspiracy targeting our nation, as well as uniting under a true coalition against terrorists and their regional and international sponsors."

Hezbollah Media Relations, Translated and edited by website team