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UAE Participates in Military Drills with ’Israeli’ Air Force!

UAE Participates in Military Drills with ’Israeli’ Air Force!
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"If you're not shy, do whatever you want"

This is an Arabic proverb that is much applicable on some Arab regimes and Kingdoms.

UAE Participates in Military Drills with ’Israeli’ Air Force!

Neglecting the Palestinian blood being slaughtered by the "Israeli" apartheid entity's air force, The United Arab Emirates Air Force began a joint exercise on Monday in Greece that included dozens of aircraft from foreign armies, including that of Tel Aviv.

An official report for the Greek air force noted that the air forces of "Israel", the United States, the United Arab Emirates and Italy participated in the exercise.

The Iniohos 2017 exercise is due to be wrapped up next Thursday.

The American army reported that it had dispatched 12 F-16C airplanes and close to 220 crew members to participate in the exercise. The joint exercise, according to a US army report, is strengthening ties among the participating sides, maintain[ing] joint readiness and interoperability," the news release stated.

According to Haaretz "Israeli" daily, his is not the first time that the "Israel" Air Force has cooperated with that of UAE. Last year, "Israeli" pilots participated in the Red Flag training exercise in the United States in which pilots from Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates and Spain also participated.

In the past, a senior officer described the cooperation between the sides as strategic and noted that they have common interests, both military and economic.

Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team