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Hizbullah Denounces Syrian Takfiris’ Beheading of Palestinian Boy

Hizbullah Denounces Syrian Takfiris’ Beheading of Palestinian Boy
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Local Editor

Hizbullah issued the following statement:

Hizbullah Denounces Syrian Takfiris’ Beheading of Palestinian Boy

Hizbullah condemns the hideous crime committed by the terrorist Nurredin Zinki group of the so-called "moderate opposition" in Syria, backed by the US and Saudi Arabia.

The terrorist group publically decapitated the young Palestinian boy after abducting him from Handarat refugee camp in northern Aleppo.

This disgusting crime is a continuation of the war on the oppressed Palestinian people, which targets youth and children, women and elderly everywhere.

This war is instigated by the Zionist enemy in the Occupied Palestine and continued by the entity's terrorist mercenaries in other parts of the world, especially in Syria.

The fact that the terrorists of Nurredin Zinki group photographed and boasted their heinous crime indicate that terrorism is the hallmark of the groups operating in Syria under the umbrella of the opposition.

Furthermore, the attempts of some regional and international regimes to clear these movements from the taint of criminality and pin responsibility on Daesh alone are fruitless.

By filming their hideous practices, these terrorists are exposing themselves.

This wrongfully slain child who was slaughtered before the whole world, is a blot on the conscience of both: the terrorists and all those who stay silence on crimes and try to justify them; as it is a stain of infamy on all those who offer the terrorists moral and material support and political cover.

These cover ups and justifications exacerbate the innocent bloodshed in our region plagued with these monsters.

Source: Hizbullah Media Relations, Translated and Edited by website team