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The Islamic Resistance Progresses Significantly in Qalamoun, Seizes New Altitudes

The Islamic Resistance Progresses Significantly in Qalamoun, Seizes New Altitudes
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The Islamic Resistance's Mujahidin and the Syrian army captured the strategic Moussa Hill, one of the highest hills in the Qalamoun Mountains.

The Islamic Resistance Progresses Significantly in Qalamoun, Seizes New Altitudes

Furthermore, they had also captured over 40 square kilometers of the Lebanese territory on the Lebanese mountain range to the East of Nahle outskirts extending from al-Akaba al-Baydaa in the South till Kornat Abed al-Hak in the North.

Being the highest hill, Moussa Hill on the Eastern Lebanese mountain range which is located at 2580 meters above sea level is strategic and important.

Accordingly, Moussa Hill oversees various locations; it oversees Flita and al-Maarah and their outskirts from the East, the Lebanese al-Khashaat Heights from the West, al-Barouh Height from the South and the Lebanese Arsal outskirts from the North.

Nonetheless, the Mujahidin and the Syrian soldiers had taken over al-Harf Heights, also known as Ashajaratayn, in addition to Dahr al-Hawa, Dhour Baos and the entire strategic Lebanese al-Khashaat Heights to the East of Nehle outskirts overseeing various crossing from the North; as it oversees a large part of Arsal outskirts.

They had also seized over 50% of Ras al-Maarah outskirts continuing their operation in the strategic al-Barouh Heights.

Moreover, the Mujahidin and the Syrian forces had seized the strategic Akabat al-Faskh Hill to the West of Ras al-Maarah outskirt causing deaths and injuries among the militants as well as the destruction of their tents and two of their armored vehicles.

In a like manner, the strategic southern al-Faskh Hill oversees the crossings utilized by the militants which lead to the Lebanese Arsal outskirts.

Meanwhile, the Resistance fighters secured al-Fatla crossing connecting Arsal outskirts to Ras al-Maarah outskirts being the main pathway for the armed militants into Arsal and its outskirts.

They had also captured in an earlier time other strategic areas between the Lebanese Nahle outskirts and Ras al-Maarah outskirts; these highlands, according to field source information to al-Ahed news, were considered the focal center of the Takfiri groups and points of their attacks and missile launches upon the Lebanese territories.

Source: al-Ahed News, Translated and edited by website team


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Victory for the Hezbollah! Honorable you are!